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Sharpie 15661PP King Size Permanent Marker, Chisel Tip, Black, 4-Count

  • Sharpie 15661PP King Size Permanent Marker, Chisel Tip, Black, 4-Count

Sharpie 15661PP King Size Permanent Marker, Chisel Tip, Black, 4-Count

NZ$ 118.00 NZ$ 71.00 Save: NZ$ 47.00
NZ$ 71.00 NZ$ 118.00 You save: NZ$ 47.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Felt chisel tip draws highly visible, extra-wide lines on corrugate, wood, metal, foil, stone, plastic and leather. Also works on wet or oily surfaces.
  • Large ink supply for long-lasting, heavy-duty use.
  • Water-resistant, non-toxic ink.
  • Contains 4 markers.
  • 4.87 inches long by 2.25 inches wide by 3.06 inches high. 0.5 pounds. Made in the USA.
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Customer Reviews

Good, dark, ink coverageThese do what I wanted them for. That is, I want to be able to redact bar codes on packaging so that I can reuse amazon and other cardboard shipping cartons for my eBay sales. I took a photo and uploaded it here to show that this pretty much works. These output a good amount of ink and have good opacity.Based on reviews that complained of dead pens in the batch, I tried out all four immediately upon receipt and found that all four were equally good.My only issue with these so far is that the description claims they have a metal barrel body, but it is actually plastic with an aluminum metallic color.Overall, happy with these. 4Chisel tip is standard-size (not a large tip) and is a bit fragile.Barrel is fat, but the chisel tip is not. I expected a large, durable chisel tip. Instead, the chisel tip is no larger than a typical Marks-a-Lot, and -- surprisingly -- no more durable, and possibly actually more fragile. Perhaps the marker will last if I'm careful with it. But this is not the marker I want for making yard-sale signs and the like, where filling in large letters or drawings is much faster with a large tip.Bottom line: don't expect this to function differently from a standard large permanent marker. 2works good, lasts longI would buy sharpie markers from Dollartree but I go through them quickly. I work for Hallmark so we use them to check in boxes and when we have to discard cards we have to "make them unsalable" by marking across them. You can turn it 3 different ways for 3 different size tips. But it lasts a lot longer than regular permanent markers 5Great item for blotting address labels.Items mailed to me in those plastic bags have address labels attached that gum up my shredder. These markers are great for blotting those labels and prevent shredding needs. I highly recommend them. 5Sharpie King Size is what you need if you are looking for a do everything black marker.I bought the Sharpie Pro King Size for labeling boxes, equipment and crossing out shipping labels. I believe this Sharpie is the most versatile Sharpie when compared to the Pro Chisel and the Pro Magnum. You can write fine and thick with this marker on all surfaces.The King Size is a little bigger than your standard sized marker. It has a plastic top and an aluminum body which adds to the durability of the marker. If you were to step on this marker you may dent it but you won t likely break it like you would a plastic version. The only downfall is that the aluminum will get colder than the plastic if using in cold temperatures and it may get more slippery when wet or oily but that is just my thoughts on it as the finish is very smooth when dry. What I like is that if you were using this outside and dropped it you could easily see it because it is shiny.Because of how the Sharpie Pro King Size is designed you can stand it up on its end as it has a flat bottom. You can also write as thick as 1/4 of an inch or as thin as 1/16 of an inch if you are precise. The Pro King Size chisel tip looks like a standard felt tip marker unlike the Pro chisel tip that has a more refined and precise chisel tip. The ink is nice and dark. It covers up text and anything else well. I did have issues getting the ink to write on wet items but it did work best on wet porous materials than wet non-porous and wipe off any excess water on the item you wish to mark for best results. The ink dries quickly both on dry and wet applications. I even tried rubbing the ink off of glass and plastic and it holds up well to abuse.The Sharpie Pro King Size is my favorite sized chisel tip marker. It can be used to write notes or mark items in thick or thin text as well as blackout sensitive material. I was not happy with the performance on wet surfaces so I deducted a star. The size, shape and performance is what you expect from a permanent marker. If you need larger coverage I would suggest getting the Sharpie Pro Magnum.[Photos: #1 shows the thickest and thinnest writing that the Sharpie Pro King Size can perform, #2 is a comparisons of thickest writing between Sharpie Pro Chisel, Sharpie Pro King Size and Sharpie Pro Magnum, #3 is a size comparison between all three Sharpie Pro markers and #4 shows the size and shape differences between the three Sharpie Pro Markers writing tips (Left:Magnum; Middle:King Size; Right: Chisel Tip) 4Lasts long and marks really well on rough surfacesWe use markers in our tennis pro shop to mark our tennis balls. We found that if we don't mark them, they disappear from our baskets way too fast. If they are clearly marked, people know that the balls are ours, and they are less likely to pick them up and take them for themselves. We can also easily spot which ones are ours if they go onto another court. That being said, we end up marking a lot of balls. We used to use the regular Sharpies, and they would start running low on ink after one case of balls (24 cans x 3 balls per can = 72 balls), so we were replacing markers all the time. With these markers, not only are they much easier to use (the ink flows better, so you don't need to retrace as many times to get it thick enough to last, and it just feels much sturdier and solid in the hand), the ink is much clearer and adheres to the rough surface of a tennis ball really well. It's been several months, and we are still on our first marker! It's definitely worth the extra price to go with these markers. In the long run it ends up being cheaper with better quality. I will definitely keep ordering these markers in the future!! 5Fat markers but NOT heavy-duty-the tips broke down and didn't hold their shape!!I was really disappointed in these markers! I'm an artist and have used many different Sharpies for years and was excited to find these big ones. What a mistake! I used these markers for marking all my boxes when packing up my house for my big move. The chiseled tips broke down so quickly which made them sloppy when wanting to write clearly. I've never had sharpies work this poorly and especially that quickly like these did! The tips just became a mangled mess! These were truly a waste of money! I might've expected this with a an unknown brand but not a Sharpie!!!! Frankly, I wish I would've known that earlier because I would've return them if it was within the 30 days but that date was well past!! 1One of the essential items in a big move or relocationI am currently packing up all of my belongings prior to moving from Atlanta to Little Rock, Arkansas and it is a process that is made a bit easier by the use of these Sharpie markers. Packing is a five-step process: 1) Getting cardboard box, 2) preparing box with packing tape, 3) filling box with items to ship, 4) recording the contents of the box with this Sharpie Marker, and 5) sealing box with additional tape. I then add the box to the huge pile of boxes that have already accumulated. The great thing about these markers is that they provide a broad, thick line that even goes over tape, and yet don't come rub off later.After you have moved, as long as you keep the cap on tight, you have markers that you can later use for whatever purpose might arise. 5labeler type who needs to know what's been placed in which box to make my unpacking process easy as possibleI paired these with my packing boxes from UBoxes, and as an organizer, labeler type who needs to know what's been placed in which box to make my unpacking process easy as possible, this was IMPERATIVE. It's low odor, stays true (as in doesn't fade), and lasts long--as in I didn't have to keep replacing as I labeled, and believe me, I labeled plenty of boxes on my last move. If you're also interested in creating large posters (such as for school fundraisers, car washes as school fundraisers, or for display board for projects), then you'll find these extremely useful as well. 5Good Large Sharpie MarkersI got these Sharpies to black out addresses on boxes or envelopes for recycling, and to label cardboard boxes. They arrived fresh with plenty of ink. I find the wide tip easier to write on large boxes compared to a standard size Sharpie marker. Very happy with them. 5
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