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Silicone Chocolate Candy Molds [Heart, 28 Cup] - Non Stick, BPA Free, Reusable 100% Silicon & Dishwasher Safe Silicon - Kitchen Rubber Tray For Ice, Crayons, Fat Bombs and Soap Molds

  • Silicone Chocolate Candy Molds [Heart, 28 Cup] - Non Stick, BPA Free, Reusable 100% Silicon & Dishwasher Safe Silicon - Kitchen Rubber Tray For Ice, Crayons, Fat Bombs and Soap Molds
  • Silicone Chocolate Candy Molds [Heart, 28 Cup] - Non Stick, BPA Free, Reusable 100% Silicon & Dishwasher Safe Silicon - Kitchen Rubber Tray For Ice, Crayons, Fat Bombs and Soap Molds
  • Silicone Chocolate Candy Molds [Heart, 28 Cup] - Non Stick, BPA Free, Reusable 100% Silicon & Dishwasher Safe Silicon - Kitchen Rubber Tray For Ice, Crayons, Fat Bombs and Soap Molds

Silicone Chocolate Candy Molds [Heart, 28 Cup] - Non Stick, BPA Free, Reusable 100% Silicon & Dishwasher Safe Silicon - Kitchen Rubber Tray For Ice, Crayons, Fat Bombs and Soap Molds

NZ$ 120.00 NZ$ 72.00 Save: NZ$ 48.00
NZ$ 72.00 NZ$ 120.00 You save: NZ$ 48.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • ? PINCH TEST APPROVED Our 28 cup silicone chocolate heart mold is made out of the highest quality 100% pure European LFGB grade silicon which is BPA free silicone and has no additives & no plastic fillers. Our silicone candy mold never turns white, please be noted that LFGB surpasses FDA (US Standard).
  • ?PROFESSIONAL CANDY MOLDS - Our chocolate molds silicone decorative trays are made from high-grade materials. They are very flexible, waterproof, and have an easy-to-release surface. Our silicone candy molds fat bombs pattern are the best tool for making perfect, professional-looking sweets at home. All small silicon molds for the kitchen are 100% safe and designed to last for many years.
  • ?GREAT DESIGNS & VARIETY - Each silicone chocolate mold pack for candy-making comes with distinct shapes. Crisp detail and pretty designs allow you to make great looking candies for your next chocolate-lovers party. When you purchase one of our silicone candy mold packs, you get a set of amazing shapes.
  • ? CLEAN UP IS A BREEZE Each fat bomb molds silicone tray gives you the ability to make perfect chocolate candies with ease. Use unique fillings for the truffle mold to enjoy delicious candies. Clean-up is a snap - the special surface makes popping the candies out of the silicon chocolate molds mini tray very simple without leaving any yummy goodness behind. Just throw them in the dishwasher and enjoy your candies!
  • ? SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - No hassles and no back talk! We know we have a superior product and we think it's time you do too. For any reason you aren't satisfied all you have to do is let us know and we'll refund your money. We want you to be happy above all else and we will gladly go out of our way to make sure you are.
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Customer Reviews

Perfect size for custom chocolates I just used this product to create homemade chocolates for my 'Sweetie'. I have several silicon molds and I don't like the ones that are too thin or flimsy. This mold is sturdy, easy to use (the chocolates popped out perfectly!), and cleaned up well. I have been looking for a mold with fluted edges, so this was perfect for me. I got a coconut oil recipe on Pinterest that used honey or granular sugar for sweetener with unsweetened cocoa powder, but with this deeper mold (the size of a mini - Reese cup) I found that powdered sugar gave me a much better product than my usual mix. I added salted nuts by dropping them into each mold--- delicious! I can't see buying chocolates again. I'm looking forward to using the mold with chocolate and peanut butter, coconut oil with lemon zest, and all sorts of berry mixes. I can see this mold being great for custom ice cubes because it is so thick and sturdy. I am going to try freezing berries, lemon peels, and orange juice for mixed drinks....I highly recommend this product for my fellow Pinterest fans! 5Great molds! These are great! I bought to make various items and have used it to make my own diaper deodorizers and coconut oil chews. They work great! Easy to fill, easy to pop out! I would buy again and think they are the perfect size for what I need! I am planning to try to make chocolates, as well as homemade gummies! 5Perfect for making desserts. I'm a home confection maker and wanted to get some LARGE peanut butter cups for my clients ASAP. Got same day service and took receipt of product by 8pm. Started candy making.I'd estimate the cup to be about three ounces and when 2/3rds filled, produces a perfect PB cup. I'm also going to use this to make brownies and lemon bars with a signature look.Love the Freshware line!Two tips: like professional silicone bakeware for a commercial kitchen, the product is floppy without a pan/sheet/mat to support it. Place the pan on something rigid underneath before you fill it to prevent spillage.DO NOT SOAK SILICONE BAKEWARE IN SOAPY WATER! If you do, it'll pick up a soapy taste that's hard to get out. Hand wash after using with a sponge and mildly-scented (or unscented) dish soap and rinse immediately. If you do need to soak it for some reason, use plain water. 5Make sure to have a solid base before transferring.. I bought these to make keto fat bombs and the mold made them look awesome! It is everything I expected and great quality. The first batch I made, I didn t think to put a pan underneath so when I went to transfer the mold to the freezer the mold had no support so it got a little messy, but the second batch I just put a cookie sheet under it to solve that issue. I think if the manufacturer wanted to improve the product they could add a sturdy base that snaps on or something along those lines. That doesn t go against the product as is at all though, very good quality! 5Excellent I used these to make carob chocolate candies and it worked very well. They came out easily without breaking. After I poured batter into these molds I put in the freezer on a cooking sheet for about an hour and then they popped out easily without breaking. 5Versatile molds - great for coconut oil cups Love the size of these - about the size of a miniature Reese's peanut butter cup. I use these molds for coconut oil. I pour in melted oil, refrigerate, and pop them out. My dogs each get one per day - perfect solution, rather thank digging it out of the jar every day! 5I have bought two of these now since I love it so much and want to make more at ... I have bought two of these now since I love it so much and want to make more at a time. I have posted a picture of what they look like done. I like to put a mint flavored center in mine (coconut oil, agave syrup, peppermint oil). To do that, I just fill the cavities halfway, then set in the freezer for about 5-10 minutes, then add the peppermint layer, freeze again, then add the chocolate to fill to the top and freeze the rest of the way. They look so festive during the holiday season! 5Works Great! Ive used this mold so many times already for the keto fat bombs recipes. There is no spraying the mold first, the candies pop out so easily, clean up is fast, and the candies come out looking like little miniature Reese's cups. Definitely a great purchase for my ketogenic eating plan. 5Cute little molds for chocolates and more! These are nice for making sweet treats myself. I got these originally to make "fat bombs" while on the ketogenic diet. They are sort of small for that application but I've managed to find many other uses for them, go figure. ;)The molds themselves are very cute and make a wonderful, professional looking treat! My tip is to make sure to put them on something flat to transport them around while they are setting up. A flat pan or cutting board seems to work well for me. Tap this pan on the counter several times if making something like chocolate to get the bubbles out, if you don't the cute little shapes won't turn out as well!Cleaning the tiny cavities is sort of a pain. It could be the recipes I'm using since they usually have a high fat content and I'm not sure silicone and fat play that nice together, but it is a time consuming endevor. I don't have a dishwasher always available to me though, so if you do you'll probably have no worries on that front! 4Great for dairy free chocolates. We have learned that the Freshware brand is simply UH-mazeeeee-ing!! We only cook gluten, dairy, and egg free items due to allergies in the house. We've also learned the hard way that not all molds are created equal when cooking allergy free. The release factor, as I'll call it, varies from brand to brand. When we made dairy free (vegan) caramel filled chocolates for our cookbook, we were shocked, stunned, and amazed at how well the molds released, so I proceeded to come back to the internet, and but a bunch more from this brand. 5
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