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simplehuman trash can, 10 Liter, White

  • simplehuman trash can, 10 Liter, White
  • simplehuman trash can, 10 Liter, White

simplehuman trash can, 10 Liter, White

NZ$ 326.00 NZ$ 196.00 Save: NZ$ 130.00
NZ$ 196.00 NZ$ 326.00 You save: NZ$ 130.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 5-YEAR WARRANTY - We use the best materials and solid engineering so our products will last in tough environments like your home for years.
  • CODE R CUSTOM FIT LINERS Enhance your trash experience with extra-strong and durable trash bags that fit this can perfectly for a cleaner trash experience.
  • STRONG PEDAL - Engineered for a smooth and easy step steel accent gives stable operation for a "big can feel."
  • SPACE-EFFICIENT SLIM SHAPE Designed to make the most of tight spaces.
  • 7.7"W x 13"D x 13.5"H 25" with lid open
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Customer Reviews

Nice design, but small.I agree with the reviewer who wrote that this trash can is smaller than it appears in the photo. The exterior dimensions are given to be 7.7"W x 13"D x 13.5"H though it tapers from 7.7" at the front to about 6.0" at the back. The interior dimensions are 6.5W x 10"D x 12.625" H with a taper to 5.25" wide at the back. The result is that the capacity of the can is not what the given dimensions would suggest but rather is only about 60% of the implied capacity. My household generates very little kitchen trash and it fits nicely in the cabinet under my sink, so it works for me. But, if your household generates a lot of trash or you don't mind emptying the trash frequently, this is a nice little can and I recommend it. 4Beware: Description/Pictures Highly Misleading; Leave Out Critical Product Faults!!!BEWARE: The product description/pictures for this trash can carefully and deliberately leave out critical information and images.Originally bought and 4 star rated the simplehuman 6 liter/1.6 gal "trash can". It's attractive, inside as well as outside, with smooth, rounded surfaces AND a removable bucket that cleverly fits inside the "can" so you don't have to use plastic garbage bags. Just remove the bucket, dump the contents in the recycling/whatever and, if there's ever a mess, rise it with hot water in the sink. My only compliant is, at 1.6 gallons, its capacity is a tad small.Liking the brand, I bought this slightly larger model without carefully reading the product description first - my bad. I didn't realize that this product lacks a removable bucket and all the internal and external mechanical elements are readily visible. This, in turn, is why they ever so carefully explain and push the need to buy unique, and expensive, custom sized garbage bags. Bag sizes that you can only buy from simplehuman at a cost of almost 15 cents/bag or about $15 per 100!Last, since the metal rods and operating mechanisms that lift the lid are fully visible from the rear, you can only attractively position this product in a limited number of ways.Before buying this particular product make very sure that you have reviewed the product descriptions, pictures, and ratings. I would not but this again, but it's not worth the hassle to return. 1Great outdoor can!I purchased this for one purpose: dog poop. It is the perfect size for a week's worth & easy to dispose in the large trash each week. Now, because it's so handy, it actually gets emptied every week rather than putting it off. The top covers completely, keeping out any rain. It's small enough to be kept discreetly on the side of the house and there has been no smell when it's closed. I use the medium handle-tie bags from Target in it-for my purposes, I'm not trusting any leaky grocery bag!I really have no negatives...it's a great little can that makes a nasty chore much less difficult. The step-on works flawlessly, although it helps to have it placed on a hard, stable surface. Mine is in mulch so I just placed a flat fieldstone under it. 5very satisfied !I wanted to keep it simple and simplehuman allowed me to do just that with this sleek trash can. I find the trashcan only "tips over" a bit when you've just taken out the garbage and put in a new trashbag and there's no trash in yet to help weigh down the trashcan.. so really it tips only slightly when you're putting in the first few items of trash when the trashcan is empty (i.e. this is not really an issue at all). I love the stainless steel on the foot lever (makes me feel fancy and makes my kitchen look sleek!). Overall very happy with this purchase. If you need a small and tasteful trashcan (for any purpose, be it for bathroom or kitchen trash), look no further. 5A perfect productIn my new apartment the building recycles everything. So I needed to sort before taking it to the basement. I bought four of these bins and they are wonderful. Easy to clean, neat and stylish to look at. I want the larger one for my bio-trash but I wonder just how easy it is to find liners. I use the Simplehuman liners because they fit best. I have no problem with the four that I got. However, when sizing up the larger one which I intend to buy soon, finding liners appeared problematic. However, so far, its an amazing product. 5Tips forward when you press foot pedal.This size is not worth buying. It is too small to stay level when you press down on the foot pedal. The entire can tips forward when pressing the foot pedal to open because of the light weight. I expected more from Simplehuman since I have two other stainless cans from them and love them. However, this small plastic one is just a poor design. 2Needs bottom weightThis little can is perfect for what I needed. I just wanted a little trash can in my room that the kitties couldn't easily jump into for their own amusement. It is a very lightweight plastic, I am going to place small weights in the bottom, so I don't push it around when I am trying to push the foot pedal. Also, the fat kitty has learned how to scoot it around to get attention. BastardBut, if you are using it as a personal little trash can, it does exactly as it's supposed to. Easy to clean, easy to change out bags (Official Simple Human ones or not) 4Entire unit is so small, step pedal tips it forward every time - not stableI like the idea of step trash can, but this one is -so- light and small that it's impossible to step on the pedal without tipping the entire thing forward into your shinbone, which is awkward and weird. Perhaps I should put a brick in the bottom of it as an anchor, but as it is this can is exactly the opposite of the advertised "stable operation for big can feel". It almost feels more like a child's toy version of a wastebasket. I just don't see how this thing is very practical. If the step pedal was better engineered it would work better and be easier to use. Additionally, the very high cost of their custom garbage bags (almost $0.25 per bag) is a turn-off. 2Great bathroom trash canWe have a 5-year-old who still prefers to use baby wipes over toilet paper (actually, now I do too!), but the kind we get are not flushable (and reports vary on whether or not the "flushable" variety really are anyway), so we end up with poopy wipes in the bathroom trash can. Unfortunately, we also have a disgusting little dog who loves to fish poopy wipes out of the trash and take them all over the house to chew on (yuck).This little trash can is enough to keep her out of it. The rubber grips on the bottom keep it from sliding all over the tile when you try to use the foot pedal, and there's enough of a grip on the lid itself to open it if you're still sitting on the toilet right down next to it.We use grocery plastic bags to line it and they stay in just fine. The trash can is just the right size for that, and fits in some tight spaces between the vanity and toilet in our cramped bathrooms. The lid can even swing all the way open without getting stopped by our toilet paper holder. 5Put a rock in it *Almost all plastic so no hinges to rust. Perfect size to fir in our small bathroom. Yes, as some reviewers noted, it can tip over when steping down hard on the foot pedal. My solution, put a good weight rock in the bottom under the bag. Works great! 4
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