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Slim 25 Durable Telescoping Magnetic Grabber/Retrieving Magnet with Pocket Clip (07228)

  • Slim 25 Durable Telescoping Magnetic Grabber/Retrieving Magnet with Pocket Clip (07228)
  • Slim 25 Durable Telescoping Magnetic Grabber/Retrieving Magnet with Pocket Clip (07228)
  • Slim 25 Durable Telescoping Magnetic Grabber/Retrieving Magnet with Pocket Clip (07228)
  • Slim 25 Durable Telescoping Magnetic Grabber/Retrieving Magnet with Pocket Clip (07228)
  • Slim 25 Durable Telescoping Magnetic Grabber/Retrieving Magnet with Pocket Clip (07228)

Slim 25 Durable Telescoping Magnetic Grabber/Retrieving Magnet with Pocket Clip (07228)

NZ$ 110.00 NZ$ 66.00 Save: NZ$ 44.00
NZ$ 66.00 NZ$ 110.00 You save: NZ$ 44.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • VERSITLE: Helpful for retrieving objects in the home, shop, office or garage.
  • STRONG: Neodymium rare-earth magnet with 3-lb pull rating.
  • DURABLE: Designed for regular use without breaking including a sturdy aluminum extension wand and solid construction at stress points.
  • USEFUL: Simplify your work and your life for easy cleanup of paper clips, staples, batteries, needles, screws, hardware or any ferrous material.
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Customer Reviews

This magnet is the truthNice little strong magnet, works very well.5This is a terrific little magnetThis is a terrific little magnet! If you are a gear head, use it when you check engine oil levels. Especially in new engines, transmissions or whatever. Remove the dip stick and this little magnet goes down the same hole. If there's any metal filings floating around in the oil, some will come up on the end of the magnet. Other than that, the telescoping part seems well made and it does have the ability to pick up ferrous metal, exact weight I don't know. Works good for me and is exactly what I wanted! (Lot less expensive than Snap On's)5A lifesaver for any auto mechanic.You know that feeling of dread when you drop a screw over the engine bay and you just hear it plinking its way to the depths of hell? Yeah, you won't have to worry about that anymore if you get this tool. It's long and thin enough to grab any screw and all the 10 mm sockets you've lost over the years. The magnet on this sucker is pretty strong, I often use it to lift and lower spark plugs into their tubes, you can even screw them in a little with it. The physical function of this tool is simple, but the psychological benefits are immense.The tool itself is pretty durable, it's sturdy enough to preform its job, which is all I ask for. But will it survive being used to whack grass or be waved around like Harry Potter's wand? Probably not. I know some of you are going to do it. Don't say I didn't warn ya.5I bought this on a whim and had no idea ...I bought this on a whim and had no idea how much I would use it for. Recently I had to retrieve and expensive car turn light bulb from somewhere my fingers could not reach and it saved me quite a bit of money! It's definitely earned its place among my tools and has paid for itself several times over!5Great tool for tight spacesBought this after i really needed it. Had to walk my daughter thru retrieving a nut from the depths of an engine compartment. Two fondue forks taped together with sticky side out tape at the end did the trick to get into the narrow space and get the nut out. next time with this small tool we will be better prepared.5Small but very strong magnetThis is a small, but very strong magnet. I make adjustments to tooling at work, and use almost daily for cleaning weld spatter from bolt heads and retrieving shims and dropped tools. Won a bet with the maintenance guy that it would pick up my entire Allen pack when I knocked it into a cell. Even picked up my ratchet with socket attached.A piece of advice though, if you're going to keep this in a tool pouch on your belt, make sure you put the magnet down into the pocket. I left the magnet pointed up once, and it caught some tooling somewhere and pulled out of the pouch as I walked by. Had to order another one.5Perfect for my needsMy service dog is trained to pick things up. Sometimes, though, I need to be able to point directly to something in order for her to know what I am asking of her. This retracts nicely to a size slightly smaller than a pen.I also know a therapist who does EMDR and she asked me where I purchased mine... she said it was perfect for her uses and is much cheaper than the ones they sell for the purpose. She ordered several for her office and said that they were great.5Every tech should have this! I just picked up my SOG Folding pocket knife with this thing. It s durable, small enough for quick and easy retrieval of anything made of metal. Great tool for when you drop a small screw down in between the large faders on a recording console. 5Handy tool One day I was doing some work in my shower and my new drill bit fell down the shower drain into the trap and there is no other way to dismantle the trap which is more permanent in the way the shower was installed. This tool fished out the drill bit with ease. I know there will be a time when another project will come up and I'll drop a screw in the grass and can't see where it went. This tool will surely find it and save me a ton of frustrations. 5Powerful antenna magnetWe are pretty amazed with the power of this thing. We have picked some stuff that have looked much too heavy for such a slender device. Durability? No complaints here. We handed it off to a four-year-old boy who went to town finding objects for pickup. Over an hour later, the antenna showed no wear and ready for its next pickup. It will be helpful for the grownups to retrieve fallen metallic objects, and fun for kids to roam the house finding things to retrieve--- while learning about the concept of magnetism as the kids explore. It s easy to give this the five-star rating. If you found this review helpful, please click the 'Helpful' button below. Thank you! P.S., the telescoping part is nicely made and withstood the test of a young child repeatedly extending and condensing it with abandon.5Simple and compactThis compact tool head is only 7.5 mm in diameter so it fits into those difficult to get to spots. I use this for all the small stuff, like retrieving a fastener from the deep dark recesses of one of my car project engines. I don't know if it will hold 3 lbs but it's more than strong enough for these light tasks where the magnet diameter is most important.If you really want to lift heavier objects, I'd be more concerned about the fragility of the wand and try using a larger tool.BTW: packaging is great, you don't need tin snips to get the thing out of the blister-pack, which is always nice.5A great little find.Who knew something so small could be so useful. I've always had magnets in the workshop to pickup stray nails from the ground but these are bulky items that just aren't convenient to carry around. I came across this tiny magnet pointer while browsing for something else and got it on a whim. When I got it, I stuck it in my pocketbook and forgot about it, that is until the next day when I dropped my favorite staple puller behind the desk. I struggled for a moment trying to move the desk, trying to reach behind, trying to knock it into reach with a broom and then remembered the new little gadget I'd gotten. I whipped out my pointer, slipped it behind the desk and came back out with my staple puller in seconds. Not impressed? Ok then, I took it camping, again, with no purpose in mind, just because magnets are fun and sometimes handy but I really had no intent on using it for anything. Oh but then our meal was burning and we couldn't get the pan out of the heat.... trusty magnet pointer time. I was able to extend the tip into the heat and pull our dinner out while it was still salvageable. Now that's a useful tool! It might not seem like much, but this little tool stays in my pocketbook or backpack just like my knife does. You never know when you'll need it but you don't want to do with out it when you do.5
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