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Solder Sucker- desoldering pump

  • Solder Sucker- desoldering pump
  • Solder Sucker- desoldering pump

Solder Sucker- desoldering pump

NZ$ 116.00 NZ$ 70.00 Save: NZ$ 46.00
NZ$ 70.00 NZ$ 116.00 You save: NZ$ 46.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • For all your DIY / Maker de-soldering needs
  • Anti-static with replaceable nylon tip and durable aluminum housing
  • Best for removing solder from PCB through-hole solder joints
  • Ideal for use in labs, service shops, schools (STEM - steam), home and industry
  • Before there was the Maker movement, there was elenco and "learn by doing". elenco strives for quality with value to make their products available for everyone.
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Customer Reviews

Clean capacitor removalRemember when small stuff like this was just a quick trip to the mall or wherever the Radio Shack was? Now even with Prime you gotta wait a couple of days. Also I tried the big box Home stores. I guess the old timers were off, the kid helping me gave me that deer in the headlights response. Anyway....Just got into restoring vintage audio gear and I'm starting to realize just how valuable RS was. Most of the stuff I m working on is from the mid 70s Almost every board has a few leaky capacitors. This makes getting a clean desolder so much easier. Keeps the excess from running down the circuit board traces. 5Works Great and Self CleaningI was reluctant to purchase this item due to all the negative reviews. Since all the other solder suckers also have all these bad reviews, I decided to purchase this one and try it out.I am not certain what the bad reviews are about. There seems to be two complaints. I want to address those with my experience.1: Does not suck the solder off the board.I used this several times to repair a LCD monitor. It had no problems sucking the solder off the board. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the solder sucked off the solder point. After reading the bad reviews, I was expecting a lackluster job but it was cleaner than a solder braid.I can only surmise that the people who are having problems are not jamming the tip right up against the lead and the soldering iron tip. Don't worry about burning the teflon, it will be fine as long as you are not holding it against the soldering iron for several minutes.2: Device Jams from solderAgain, I was pleasantly surprised after a few solder joints were sucked clean, when I recharge the unit, it discharged a film of solder. Apparently this unit is self cleaning. Perhaps there was a problem with previous designs. My experience is that the solder is ejected when you recharge the unit.I think one of the problems that can cause this unit to jam is if you do not jam the tip right up against the lead, iron tip, and board. The solder is only partially sucked into the device so some of it gets stuck in the tip, jamming it.If this device is used properly, the solder is sucked clean off the board and then ejected after a few uses.Anyone out there wondering if they should buy this, I would highly recommend it. Test it out a few times before using and see how good the suction is. If it doesn't appear as if the suction is working then the unit, most likely, has a leak somewhere. Open it up and lube the rings and you should be good to go. Use silicon lube.This unit works 100x better than solder braid. Save yourself some aggravation and use this for board repairs.Felix 5Reliable & compact.Reliable, compact, cheap. I don't see any way to improve it. There exist some very large solder sucking equivalents for around $30; I have used them and they work the same except on heavy copper thermals where they perfrom slightly better because their large size allows a greater volume of air to be sucked. However I prefer these small units because the large ones cost a lot of bench space (about 12 inches long!) and this small solder sucker is easier to position accurately around components. 5Definitely does the trickGot this to help with the obvious issue -- my soldering isn't superb and I sometimes get a bit too much on my work. There are times too when I'm de-soldering a component and there's need to clean up the earlier traces and blobs. This is a simple mechanical plunger that does this very well. You depress the plunger against an internal spring until it latches; position the nib to best effect near the liquid solder; then press the black button to release the plunger and remove the solder. Pfft! no blob. The solder is dispersed inside the tube, which means, yeah, it gets all over the spring and the back of the plunger. This also cools the solder rapidly and you never feel any heat through the tube wall. Dispersing the solder all over may sound like a design flaw but it's really not. It's easy to clean, and you don't need to do it but once in a long while. By my calculations, if a solder blob is a 2mm sphere, the solder sucker could hold up to 500 blobs easily.Pros:* Very lightweight and easy to handle* Few moving parts and no electronics (read: simpler the better)* Replaceable gasket* Goes for hundreds of uses before emptying it is even at all a concernCons:* None, really, though the gasket is a bit at risk of being nicked or cut when you reassemble the device after its (very) occasional cleaning. This isn't a big deal, but just something to be aware of and gentle with.General thoughts:Glad I got it, and given that I don't do a ton of soldering, I don't think I'll need to upgrade this anytime soon. It's perfect for my needs with circuit boards and small components. 5Questionable DurabilityIf I had looked closer at the picture of the tool, I likely would have seen that the upper half of the body is plastic, not metal. Knowing that, I would not have purchased the product. The problem is that the plastic upper portion of the tool attaches to the metal lower half via shallow, fine threads. Each time the spring is released, the plunger slams into the top half of the tool, stressing the threads. With repeated use, the threads strip and the tool is no longer useful. Your frequency of use will determine if the durability of the tool is a problem for you. For me, based on experience with a similarly constructed tool, durability is a concern. The alternative is to buy a tool in which both halves are constructed of metal. The all metal tool I had lasted about 10 years before the plastic trigger button finally succumbed to the repeated shock of the plunger/spring.The tool is inexpensive enough that I will not return it, but I will be more cautious when I order its replacement. 3Breaks apart after each useLiterally falls apart after 2 uses...have to reassemble it each time.The first release of the plunger rips out half of the threads holding the piston to the main body (near the release button)The second release, the piston breaks free sending it along with the spring across the tableThe unit I received does not look like the one pictured. The main body is silver, and the back portion with the piston / plunger is blue. 1I just received the desolsering pump today. I was ...I just received the desolsering pump today. I was testing it to just see how it worked and it popped apart. I then try to fix the pump and find that i can't there is a spring inside that is completely bent. I just through this product in the trash because its no use anymore. I hope that this was just a defective product 1Must use tape to keep parts from flying apartPlastic top and bottom so does not stay on the device. Pops off and had to use electrical tape on both ends to prevent the top or bottom plastic from popping off the metal tubing. Cheaply made. Better off buying a completely metal device. 1Useless junkThis solder sucker is useless. When you pull the plunger down to cock it, it starts splitting in 2 at the threads. When you press the button to release the plunger it splits completely in half from the force and the spring goes flying across the room. Maybe a cool party trick, not useful for any actual work. 1Solder sucker for removing solder off printed circuit boards.When I went to use the solder sucker the end, where it was screwed on, fell off. I had to wrap electrical tape around it to hold it in place. The threads were bad that held the end on where you clean out the old solder. Rather than that, it worked ok. I think the company that is selling this item should send me a new one. 1
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