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Streamlight 75732 Stinger C4 LED Rechargeable Flashlight with NiCad Battery and 120V AC/DC 1-PiggyBack Holder, Black - 425 Lumens

  • Streamlight 75732 Stinger C4 LED Rechargeable Flashlight with NiCad Battery and 120V AC/DC 1-PiggyBack Holder, Black - 425 Lumens
  • Streamlight 75732 Stinger C4 LED Rechargeable Flashlight with NiCad Battery and 120V AC/DC 1-PiggyBack Holder, Black - 425 Lumens
  • Streamlight 75732 Stinger C4 LED Rechargeable Flashlight with NiCad Battery and 120V AC/DC 1-PiggyBack Holder, Black - 425 Lumens
  • Streamlight 75732 Stinger C4 LED Rechargeable Flashlight with NiCad Battery and 120V AC/DC 1-PiggyBack Holder, Black - 425 Lumens
  • Streamlight 75732 Stinger C4 LED Rechargeable Flashlight with NiCad Battery and 120V AC/DC 1-PiggyBack Holder, Black - 425 Lumens

Streamlight 75732 Stinger C4 LED Rechargeable Flashlight with NiCad Battery and 120V AC/DC 1-PiggyBack Holder, Black - 425 Lumens

NZ$ 504.00 NZ$ 303.00 Save: NZ$ 201.00
NZ$ 303.00 NZ$ 504.00 You save: NZ$ 201.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Anodized aluminum construction with non-slip rubberized comfort grip
  • Multi-function push-button switch - choose from high, medium, low or strobe
  • High for a high lumen, far-reaching beam: 425 lumens; 26,000 candela; 322m beam; runs 3 hours
  • Medium for bright light and longer run time: 200 lumens; 12,000 candela; 219m beam; runs 5.5 hour
  • Low provides a less intense beam and extended run time: 100 lumens;6,000 candela; 155m beam; runs 10 hours
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Customer Reviews

Doesn't hold a charge I lost an older version of the Stinger Streamlight, which they apparently don't make any longer. It was somewhat smaller and much more dependable than this one. I use it at night when I walk my dog and rarely when I'm looking in a dark cabinet to hook up electronics, e.g. The current version doesn't hold a charge and it's larger size makes it harder for me to use, especially when picking up dog droppings at night. I would not buy this again and do no recommend it. 1Nice and bright, has strobe feature This is my first time using a rechargeable flashlight. Charges last about a week if not used a whole lot, but has car charger and wall charger. I did receive one defective unit, and one that works perfect. Great to keep in car in case of emergencies and strobe feature comes in handy. 4RIP OFF! Tricked into receiving a car charger instead of a wall charger Why would Streamlight sell a rechargeable light without a FREAKING WALL CHARGER!!!! Says in the description that it comes with 12v charger..... a CAR CHARGER!!! They added a micro USB port to the mount so that you can use your old phone charger to give it a whopping 5v out of 12v needed to charge it. STREAMLIGHT, get it together! I bought your $100 flashlight, where's my wall charger? 2Great light for the professional mechanic or security guard. Great light for the professional mechanic and even for security purposes. This little light throws the beam pretty far and is great for large properties while scanning the premises. I am a medium and heavy duty truck mechanic. I have left this light on the tires many times and run it over a few times and this light is super durable. Takes a beating daily and still works since day one. This is my second light as I love the durability of Streamlight products. My first light still has original batteries (8years) and still work well. I did however had purchased the led/button and lens kit (available on Amazon) for my old light because the rubber button fell out but now works like new. 5Ships quickly! Came with the charger and the flashlight. When I ordered I thought it was just the flashlight. Good surprise! 5What you need to know before, you buy Ok , thus light is really good , built very well, as stremlights go, an just about the right side, it says in all the reviews, and i read them it only comes with a dc (car) charger, this is not so true , there is a micro usb right by where youd plug in you dc adapter to the piggyback charger, an guess what it works, to charge the light in your home, with any old android charger, you may have laying around, so yea i give this thing 5 stars. 5Best flashlight I ever owned but it's MIA so I never bot toeven use AC cord I hope it turns up in a car somewhere obscure as it was quite expensive. It was recommended by my pest control serviceman as being the brightest and best and company issued for that reason. I was so impressed I bought my own as things constantly fell into dark places and this light was the only one bright enough to cut through any dark places. Unfortunately, I only have the chargers (AC and DC) and can no longer find the flashlight even with the brightest I now can locate. The case was sturdy also and I bought connectors to secure it to a Molle vest for hiking. If there's a less expensive way to buy flashlight without any chargers, please let me know. Now putting my son and family through school as first career became totally unviable and can no longer afford such a quality flashlight or I'd buy another in a heartbeat. 5Not just for Police! I asked a Trooper what type of flashlight to buy, and this was recommended to us. I purchased it for my hubby and he LOVES it. We all look for it first, the difference between it and the cheap flashlights (of which we have approximately 10 at this time) is amazing. Just be sure and buy the right charger. It's amazing, will never go back to the other kind at this point. No wonder cops love'em!! 5Good product I needed a new flashlight for work and wanted to move away from my full size streamlight rechargeable. I owned a stinger 8 or so years ago but it had the xenon bulb and when the battery went bad I never replaced it. So this time I wanted to go with LED as the bulbs basically last forever and the xenon bulbs are expensive. All that said I wanted a good price and selection so I went to amazon. Unfortunately things got confusing from there. Amazon had so many stinger products with model numbers that had no corresponding reference on the Streamlight website so for my review instead of focusing on the light, lumens, body comp, etc, which had been covered before, I wanted to try to clear up the product numbers to make buying easier if you have already decided to buy a Stinger. (I spent hours trying to figure out what the model number meant because the pictures were basically worthless when deciding between certain models as well as included accessories)Basically what I determined is that the beginning three numbers tell what kind of light it is. 757 is the Stinger LED as shown on the Streamlight website. 758 is the Stinger DS LED and 75? anything else is the standard Stinger xenon bulb.The only anomaly is the DS HP, which follows no rhyme or reason but is easily distinguishable because of it's large lamp portion.So the difference?The Stinger LED has one on/off switch on the handle and an rubber anti-roll ring that can be placed on the flashlightThe Stinger LED DS had two fully functional on/off switches one on the body and one on the end. The light output is basically the same on both from what I can tell as are all other features.The Stinger LED HP had that large bulging portion that according to Steamlight gives it a long range targeting beam. Has only one on/off switchThe classic stinger has the xenon bulb.All Stingers that I know of will charge with the battery in the flashlight in the charger. Other accessories are available of with the one that caused me the most confusion being the "Piggyback" holder. It is basically an additional holder for a battery only that attaches to a regular charger. Don't be fooled by the "fast charger" thing. As far as I can tell all Stinger chargers will charge in "fast" mode as well as "regular" mode (even the piggyback)Now for accessories. Here it is to the best of my ability is the list for LED lights only. It is not exhaustive and is a guide onlyModel75710-LED flashlight only, no battery75711-LED with AC charger only75712-LED with DC only75713-LED flashlight only with battery75732-LED with AC, DC, and piggyback. Has only one cradle with the piggyback attached but has two different wires, one DC and on AC. Includes two batteries75735 AC ad DC chargers only indicates it has two cradles but unknown.75810-DS Flashlight only no battery75812 DS and DC charger only75813-DS with AC and DC charger75816-DS AC/DC with Piggyback75832-DS with AC/ DC charger and Piggyback75835 -DS with AC/ DC charger75836 DS with AC and piggyback charger75760-HP flashlight only with battery75761-HP with AC charger only75763-HP with AC and DC chargers75782-HP with AC, DC, and Piggyback75856-HP with AC, DC, and Piggyback75860-HP only with battery75861-HP with AC charger75862-HP with DC charger only75863-HP with AC and DC charger75882-HP with unknown75885-HP with AC and DC chargerI bought the 75732 because I did not need the end cap. I don't have any knowledge of how many batteries or charger cradles (other then the one I bought) are included with each model because it does not say on the web pages as far as I can tell. I think that in the end you should assume you get one battery and one charging cradle with two cords AC and DC then if you get more it is a bonus.Hope this review helps. 5THIS is the light to buy ***UPDATE*** These flashlights are incredible. I've used them heavily in the steel industry for 6 years now and they are one the most durable flashlights in this price range.A testament to it's longevity - Unbeknownst to me, this light fell out of my pocket while I was working on a piece of equipment at work. Crawled out of the hole I was crammed in and said machine began running again. Hours later I noticed my light was missing. Went back to the machine I was working on and saw it, with the light still on, sitting under the machine with cooling water drowning the flashlight. It had been this way for at least 4 hours. Waited for the machine to clear, went in and grabbed it and it worked without issue for years afterwards. Needless to say I was pretty impressed.Streamlight's warranty is also fantastic. I was having problems with the button working intermittently after about 4 years of rugged use. Went to Streamlight's website, filled out the warranty information and shipped it out to them. 1 1/2 weeks later I had it back with a new button and about 3 other new parts that did not need replaced (one including the entire aluminum head casing that retains the LED) but were taken care of anyway. No questions asked and return shipping was covered by Streamlight!I have only one NEGATIVE thing to say and it's about the plastic lens (that protects the LED) and it's subpar resistance to heat. I use it around high heat areas (400-1700 deg F) often and have had the lense shrink and crack (spider web) when exposed to these ranges of radiant heat. It only slightly effects brightness and beam concentration but is really only a aesthetic annoyance.Barring that this light is incredible. Would recommend to anyone, especially those who need a VERY durable light with a no-questions-asked warranty!***UPDATE*** It has been about 2 1/2 years since I wrote this review and this light still performs the same as it did the day I received it. Streamlight has truly done a fantastic job making not only manufacturing a dependable light but a DURABLE light. I'll be honest, I've used this as a hammer on more than one occasion when things got really hairy. Didn't phase it in the slightest! Still gets two thumbs up in my book 6 years later! 5
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