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Sugatsune SDS-C100/WHT Soft-down stay, Umber

  • Sugatsune SDS-C100/WHT Soft-down stay, Umber
  • Sugatsune SDS-C100/WHT Soft-down stay, Umber
  • Sugatsune SDS-C100/WHT Soft-down stay, Umber

Sugatsune SDS-C100/WHT Soft-down stay, Umber

NZ$ 156.00 NZ$ 93.60 Save: NZ$ 62.40
NZ$ 93.60 NZ$ 156.00 You save: NZ$ 62.40



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Lids lower gently
  • Support opens lids to a maximum angle of 105 degrees
  • Ideal for installing in tight places
  • Nickel plated steel arms.It is designed to operate at room temperature between 0 to 40 degree C
  • Compact design
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Customer Reviews

Effective Product (After Trial and Error) - This Review Might Help If Your Lid Slams Closed at the End of the Motion I read many of the reviews indicating that this product does not close the lid slowly throughout the entire motion. Since I experienced the same issue at first, but was able to resolve the problem with some trial and error, I wanted to share what I learned from my installation.Initially, I experienced the same problem complained of by others the product would close the lid slowly at first, but then slam it down at the end of the motion. I assumed my lid was too heavy and ordered a second hinge. However, after watching a couple of YouTube videos where other users installed a single hinge in similar applications (a toy box) that appeared to work as advertised, I realized that the problem was not the hinge or the weight of the lid, but the way I positioned it.On first installation, I placed the plastic rotating mechanism too far forward (toward the front of the box), and a bit too low. In this position, it would begin closing the lid very slowly until it was about half closed, but by the end of the motion the hinge would not provide enough resistance and the lid would slam shut. I learned that when the plastic rotating mechanism is placed very close to the back wall of the box (without infringing on its ability to fully rotate), and when it is placed high enough that the top of the plastic part of the arm is almost even with the top of the box when the arm is extended so the lid is in the open position, it is very effective at slowly and softly closing the lid throughout the entire range of motion. I note that, at least in my application, the manufacturer's picture showing the placement of the mechanism on this page depicts the proper height of the plastic mechanism, although I had to place it farther back (closer to the back wall) to get the full slow close effect. Once properly positioned, I think this is a very effective product (of course, I wish I didn t have to drill unnecessary holes in my toy box to figure this out). It also appears to be well engineered and constructed.The installation problems I originally encountered, similar to those of others, are likely the result of the incomprehensible instructions provided by the manufacturer. The other reviews are correct - the instructions are nothing more than an engineering schematic, and I suspect even some trained mechanical engineers would need to spend some reviewing them to understand what the manufacturer is attempting to convey. The instructions are useless to most laypersons.Fortunately, you really don t need the instructions to install this product, especially if you watch a couple of videos of the hinge in action and observe the placement by those users. So, if you find that your hinge does not work correctly throughout the full range of motion of the lid, I suggest changing its placement before you give up and decide that it is not effective (as I almost did). 4Do not buy!!! This hinge was terrible. If I could give it 0 stars I would. The paper directions are terrible so I did what others suggested and looked at their directions online. I followed the directions exactly and the soft close didn't work at all - it worked when I opened it (I could feel the pressure when opened) but there was nothing when I closed it. It slammed shut!! I even did what other reviewers did and moved it higher and closer to the back - still didn't work. I tried so many different ways that the wood looks like Swiss cheese! Terrible! I have no clue how these worked for other people. 1it was perfect. I agree with many customers that the directions/instructions on this product leave much to be desired. But I was determined to put the two soft closers on my blanket chest by myself if I could (64 year old grandmother). First, I focused on the instructions on the larger sheet of paper, not the small one. I found the hinge type of my blanket chest (mine was piano hinge) and then I followed the measurements as closely as possible. For me, they were shown as A, B, D, E and G. I found it easier to visualize where the two mounting plates were going to be attached - one to the side, and one to the lid - by inserting the "key" on the bendable arm into it's plate. Then I attached the side Mounting Plate, then the Arm Fixing Plate. The last thing I did was insert the set screw. The lid closed slowly with one arm, but faster than I wanted, but once I put the second arm on the other side, it was perfect. 5Difficult to follow directions. It works for the antique chest that I bought it for. I needed a safety close so the grandkids wouldn't get the door slamming down on them. However, it took a really long time to figure how to get it to fit accurately and multiple trials of putting it on and off. The directions are not clear at all! 3Five stars but still returned! I have a love/hate thing going with both the Sugatsune company and the hinges themselves.For starters, the instructions sent with these things are borderline useless because you need to have an engineering degree to understand them. Secondly, they are very un-intuitive as to how they should be mounted, and from what I can see many people had to mount/remount/re-remount/etc. Lastly, they're actually made very well and are solid hinges. I had to send mine back because Amazon somehow screwed up the listing because the hinges they sent me were the complete opposite of what I ordered - apparently they sent me drop-down hinges instead of the top-down hinges in the photos and description.This listing has since been fixed and now appears accurate, and I wound up buying the correct Sugatsune hinges and doing battle with them also. 5Works perfect for a toybox Does exactly what it is supposed to do! If you install it right, it closes very soft. Way better than the old school stanley lid stays. 5Very good product This is an excellent product that lives up to all the product claims in the sellers/manufacturers description. I'd recommend going to the Sugatsune (manufacturer) website and download the installation sheet, it comes with mounting templates. Also, it has more information based on the weight of the lid, to help you decide whether you will need 1 or 2 lid supports. This device may be installed on the left or right side of the lid. It is easy to install. The installation instructions lists three different sets of instructions depending the hinge type/location and lists mounting screw locating dimensions that may seem unreasonably precise to you. Do the best you can to get close to these dimensions and I'm sure everything will be OK. Soft Down Lid Support 5In my search for the best solution I ran across these stays in Amazon I am in the process of restoring an heirloom cedar chest the needed major repairs. I have used as much of the original material and hardware as possible. The original lid stay was missing and was likely damaged and removed over time. The missing lid stay resulted in some of the more significant damage to the chest, so I wanted to do it right this time. In my search for the best solution I ran across these stays in Amazon. They a tricky to install for the first time and the instructions are complicated, but the end results are awesome. These stays work beautifully and will last for many generations to come. As they say,"Quality is only expensive once"! 5If you are not mechanically inclined don't buy this! Try a tension hinge. The product instructions were obviously not written for someone from the USA or someone with only 20/20 vision. They were tiny. All instructions are in mm or cm, no inches or feet. The drawing require a degree in engineering to figure out how to install and not a simple home do it yourselfer. The instruction telling how to hook it up to the two stable plates are detailed, but the directions on where to put those plates are non-existent. It took us several attempts to figure out how it was suppose to go and how it worked. My 55 year old toy chest now has several new holes because we had to assemble this by trial and error. It should have taken about 20 minutes and instead we spent nearly 90 minutes working on figuring out where to place the plates. That being said, the hinge, once I got it installed, worked as described. 3Finger Saver This works exactly as advertised, so it's important to check the weight of the lid in order to estimate how many hinges you require. I purchased 3 hinges for two antique chests repurposed for toys. Prior to installation, the doors would slam shut with enough force to severely damage a young child's fingers. After installation they slowly close without any noise, even a turtle would have time to move!Four stars because as others have said, the directions aren't really helpful. I used the measurements that were listed, but the hinge arm prevented the door from fully closing the last 1/2". I removed the screws from the bottom end of the hinge and moved it forward and down about 1/2" allowing the hinge arm to fully extend; it worked perfectly.I will update if this product fails to perform. 4
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