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Swanson NA202 Metric Speed Square Layout Tool (Aluminum)

  • Swanson NA202 Metric Speed Square Layout Tool (Aluminum)
  • Swanson NA202 Metric Speed Square Layout Tool (Aluminum)
  • Swanson NA202 Metric Speed Square Layout Tool (Aluminum)
  • Swanson NA202 Metric Speed Square Layout Tool (Aluminum)

Swanson NA202 Metric Speed Square Layout Tool (Aluminum)

NZ$ 132.00 NZ$ 80.00 Save: NZ$ 52.00
NZ$ 80.00 NZ$ 132.00 You save: NZ$ 52.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Made of high-grade aluminum alloy with matte finish to prevent glare
  • Two metric and degree scales for common and hip-valley rafters
  • Traditional one-number method for rafter layout
  • 0.5 cm speed notches facilitate scribing lines
  • Made in the U.S.A.
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Customer Reviews

Perfect size, and good for metric needs.Great quality and great size. The metric version (for some unexplained reason...) is sized somewhere in the middle between the SAE versions. This is a great size IMHO. It is not as cumbersome as the 12" version but bigger than the small version so that it can support larger cuts. Great quality of course and the little booklet offers insight on tricks to use it with.5High quality very sturdy! I bought this square for my father. He lives in South Africa so wanted a metric one. Looked at all the big hardware stores and non of them stocked metric speed squares. He has since used it a number of times and is very very happy with it. 5It's now just a speed square.I didn't really like the stair gauge feature after I finally figured out how to put it together. The instructions were terrible. Had to go on youtube and watch a video to assemble it. After I used the stair gauge once, I reverted back to my framing square with brass stair gauges.. Guess old habits die hard.2Bigger than expected!! I like the fact that this is metric, but it was bigger than expected. I wish they made this in the standard size. The quality is still outstanding, so four stars. 4Sort of a Carpenters speed squarePerfectly Squared and finally something that is sized for real wood. The little plastic ones are ok if you are just framing 2x4 but this one can do much larger panels and has nice marking slots for carrying a line through the wood. Feels substantial in your hand and no damage from being tossed around my garage unlike the plastic ones that chip. Markings are easy read and the little book that comes with it is a nice bonus for laying out steps.5Swanson speed square: is it good enough for you?It was quite difficult to find it in the metric system, but now I've got it! I'm not in the roof business, I've just wanted this specific speed square (from Swanson) to use it with the circular saw (as a ruler for cutting lumber) and to scribe cutting lines on different materials (wood, aluminium, iron...). I wanted Swanson because is a very respectable name and, even more than that, because is made in the U.S.A., and, while not being American, I'm doing my best to support the American economy. I was not wrong buying it, is of a very good quality and precisely 90 degrees. I'm really happy with this purchase, partly thanks to Amazon because of finding it in the metric system. And, by the way, yes, I would recommend it also to the others as a top quality tool.5Reliable and practical. I bought this tool as a gift. Previously, I used a bit of a square and was able to appreciate the convenience of work. Very reliable product. I count on long work with such a convenient assistant. The delivery service worked very quickly. Thank you very much. 5Greatest Swanson yetThis is by far Swanson s best square. The add on part which assists in measuring out of square carpentry is genius. It allows to measure for compensation, which is great when fabricating/making stairs in old houses. I ve also used when making cabinets with slightly warped wood.5Just OKA bit of a disappointment for something made in the USA. I had to buy paint and fill the markings to make them visible -might not affect those with good eyesight. Finish was kind of rough too. Not worth the price (for me) + International shipping and customs duties. Maybe I should have bought one of the lookalikes. However still a useful tool, a bit larger that I would have liked, but I knew what I was buying. I own a 165 year old house and bought this as insurance. However the old rafters which have been painted with cashew nut shell oil every few years look like they will last another 100 years.3This speed square is absolutely great! I thought Capro and Bahco squares were the ... This speed square is absolutely great! I thought Capro and Bahco squares were the best, but then I bought this one. I felt a cultural shock! The blue book coming with the square says it is the best square available. And I believe, that is true. The only thing I did not understand is why they did not fill the figures and lines with some dye, they would become even more visible then. Maybe I will do it myself. Maybe not. But still - the best square I've seen :) 5GREAT METRIC TOOL FOR US YANKS!!!! this all metric speed square is great as we become more global in all our affairs it is great to have metric tools that are in conjunction with the rest of the world,having said this I just wish it were the same size as the original sped squares as they fit in your apron/nail bag having said this I still rate it 5 stars they (Swanson that is even includes a metric rafter table book) which is extremely helpful!!! 5Bait and switchI bought this square because the pictures on amazon show that it is a solid scribe from the corner all the way to the tip. As you can see in the first photo I uploaded.However they sent me a square with a huge chunk missing right on the corner that they label a pivot. Well I ll tell you I have had different model speed square with the same stupid thing and it is entirely useless. It is good for absolutely nothing and I have never used the pivot notch in 15 years. It only messes up your mark when you need to make a nice fine mark on the edge of a board, for example something like cabinets or shelves. I have always hated that friggin notch and was so dang excited to see Swanson actually makes one without that dumb notch. So I ordered it without hesitation. I was so pumped to finally get a good square without a f in pivot notch.Soooo..... I get the package today and happily open it. And look what did they send? A friggin square that is missing a HUGE chunk from the corner. It messes up your line every time you make a mark. It has never served a useful purpose to anybody EVER! They baited me with pictures of a square without a pivot notch and sent me one with one. The second picture is the square they sent me.I know some will say what s the big deal. Well try doing making precise marks on the edge of a board using this square and you ll find out. A person shouldn t have to have multiple squares to get a job done. I thinks Swanson has the best squares but the notch just wrecks it. That s why I give it 3 stars. Otherwise it would be a 5 star plus.3Not flat. I can't believe it Not flat. I can't believe it 1This is an awesome tool! Had a few cheap befor which was ... This is an awesome tool !Had a few cheap befor which was not accurate and destroyed my hard work.This is made from a mold of aluminium.Built to last ! Acuurate ! It will last a lifetime ! You will enjoy using it.Made by people who CAN BE PROUD OF WHAT THEY MANUFACTURE! 5Great Square, Good size!Great square to use, however the one I received looks like it's been abused with lots or scratches and dents on the edges and surface. However it is true and straight so no complains. I used a 600 grit sandpaper to smooth out the surfaces as I do not want it to scratch the surface.Overall very happy with the product but not the purchase because of the dents and scratches.4A light polish makes the numbers much easier to readTested for squareness: Passed! Good size, and the only speed square I could find in metric (I live in non-USA).Surface is quite rough from the casting process, making the numbers difficult to read, gave it a light sanding with fine steel wool and now it shines, and the numbers are much easier to read.5So far I have cut 6 stringers, but only made 2 :)It worked for me laying out some long stair stringers. As others have mentioned the tool is thick and not the most precise. Markings are only to 1/8". There are three problems i had with this for stair layout. 1.) The corner has a little rounded bump, 2.) you have to adjust the nuts on the bottom making it hard to get it adjusted where you need it, 3.) The markings are irrelevant for stair layout, you just have to adjust it, draw lines, and measure until you get the lines where you need it. This is because the nuts are on the inside of the square. Do not make the mistake of thinking you can use the markings or even measure where the nut is to the end of the tool, there is 3/4 to 1 inch difference between that and the actual length of your mark.If I had to do it over again I would just use a regular steel square with stair guages.3
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