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Texan Nut Sheller 00001 The Texan York Sheller-Nut Cracker

  • Texan Nut Sheller 00001 The Texan York Sheller-Nut Cracker
  • Texan Nut Sheller 00001 The Texan York Sheller-Nut Cracker
  • Texan Nut Sheller 00001 The Texan York Sheller-Nut Cracker
  • Texan Nut Sheller 00001 The Texan York Sheller-Nut Cracker

Texan Nut Sheller 00001 The Texan York Sheller-Nut Cracker

NZ$ 126.00 NZ$ 75.60 Save: NZ$ 50.40
NZ$ 75.60 NZ$ 126.00 You save: NZ$ 50.40



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • SIMPLICITY: The simplest tool for a job is the best. Meet the Texan York Nut Sheller, a nut sheller that exudes simplicity
  • PERFORMANCE & DURABILITY: Tempered steel built for a specific purpose without any embellishments or unnecessary extras
  • EASY OPEN DESIGN: The design enables you to crack most nuts with ease with a process made much simpler than with most conventional crackers
  • LITTLE FORCE NEEDED: A simple applying of pressure will do the job without the need for a power socket
  • ELEGANCE: The Texan York Nut Sheller fulfills your needs - simply and elegantly
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Customer Reviews

Never used any better!This thing is a beast! It snips through our native Texan & cultivated ("improved"?) pecans with ease, and I do NOT have strong hands! I seriously can't wait for the next warm day, envisioning a glass of something cold, warm sun on my poor winter-white legs, and a bucket of pecans at my feet and a big bowl in my lap. This invention is seriously "sliced bread" territory. I almost detracted a star for the "made in China" designation, but at the end of the day, just couldn't do it. It's a fantastic product.5It yields far better results for me than the lever actuated ram-style shellerThe product works exceptionally well. The included instructions leave little to be desired which can lead to initial frustration because it is not intuitive to use. However, once you get the hang of it, it couldn't be easier.After Googling a how-to, and a little practice, I've become quite adept at its usage. It yields far better results for me than the lever actuated ram-style sheller. With the Texan York Sheller I'm able to consistently extract whole pecan halves, whereas the ram-style has a tendency to crush the nut. The smaller size of the Texan York requires less storage space than the bulkier ram-style, with its lengthy wood base upon which the ram is mounted. The Texan York effortlessly handles variations in the sizes of the pecans except for small ones. Anything more than a slight variation in nut size requires an adjustment in the ram-style sheller.5***An Amazing Nut Sheller***I have Lupus and Stage 4 Cirrhosis, with that I have severe joint pain, joint swelling, weakness and fatigue. I bought the Texan Nut Sheller and have been able to sit and shell pecans without any pain the next day or swelling in my joints. The Texan Nut Sheller is very EASY to use and does not take a lot of force to crack the shell. However, it did take me an hour of shelling to get my groove down in order to shell the perfect whole pecan. I was so impressed with this pecan sheller, I ordered 2 more with the replacement blades for Christmas gifts.I also purchased the Reed Rocket, but I was not able to move the next day because my wrist, elbow and shoulder joints were so inflamed. Lastly, I bought the Texas Inertia Sheller that is used with rubber bands; unfortunately, I was not strong enough to pull the lever back to crack the pecan and the heavy weight fell onto my foot. It was so loud, my fur-babies were a nervous wreck.The Texan Nut Sheller was more than 1/2 the price of these shellers but in my opinion 100x better. If you re thinking about trying any of these pecan shellers, DO NOT waste your money on the more expensive ones, get the Texan Nut Sheller, I promise you won t be disappointed.5Best nut cracker everNever had a pecan tree until we moved 1 year ago. Needed a nutcracker so did my research and found the Texan nut sheller. This thing is awesome! 1st time using it and I shelled about 1/3 Whole pecans and 2/3 half (with a few that didn't make it... had to eat those!) Just look at the results! Id recommend this nutcracker to anyone!5Broken itemI ordered a couple of these items, while I was using it it broke. I thought it was pretty strong and sturdy but it broke. I want a refund or replacement. This is unacceptable.1ISO: The Perfect Pecan Cracker....and this is not the one. First and foremost, this is a dangerous instrument. It could easily take off the end of a finger. Use with caution!KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.This comes with no instructions and I don t understand what it meant on the package as easy as flipping the blue cap. This mechanism will not work well for small nuts. The gap between cutters is as wide as 1/4 inch. The handle comes together at the end and will pinch your hand if held too far back and the angle of the blades seemed adequate on the one I received. The biggest drawback is that it takes longer to crack the pecans when you have to trim all four sides. This is the fourth cracker I have purchased this season. So far my favorite was made by precision Manufacturing out of Waco, Texas (no longer available) but it has to be mounted and I am searching for one more portable.I gave this a two because of the safety issues and the time involved to trim nuts. Other than that, it can do a nice job.2Higher percent of pecan halves by a third than other leading nutcrackerI shell a lot of pecans a year (bushels). My primary nutcracker is the Dukes lever pecan and nut cracker and wanted to try another sheller. Here are the results in a head to head test of both products.Shelling time for 10 oz of pecan nut meats - virtually the same (within a minute)Quantity of halves - 6.2 ounces for Dukes, 8.5 ounces for the The Texan York Sheller.Easy of use Dukes by a slim margin.Cost - Texan York better priceLongevity - undetermined (Duke has been going strong for years though). I did have to add some blue loctite to the pivot screw and top blade screws on the Texan York as all three worked loose over a short time. Not sure how long the blades will remain sharp -but I see that as a potential expense at some point.All in all a very good Sheller especially if quantity of pecan halves is important to you.5Good tool. Tough pecans.Arrived promptly. I thought it came with 4 picks too but it did not. I must have confused it with another nut cracker I had considered. Anyway, over the weekend I collected about 5 lbs of pecans. Was very excited to start cracking and shelling them. Even looked on utube hoping I could figure out how to get them out whole. I have to say this nut sheller is very strong well-made and the blades are knife sharp. I can t fault the thing for anything but with my strong woman s hands the shells were stronger than me. The pecans came from an old tree. In Ohio. Most pecan shells aren t that strong I m guessing. But it s a tough nut to crack. Kind of like some of my relatives. I digress. So anyway I heard Whole Foods are carrying already shelled pecans! Wonder if I could trade mine in for those. They re organic. And it s PECAN. Not pee-can! Those are the jars I found (ohnevermind)5Finally, shelling pecans isn't a nightmare!We love to eat pecans that we pick up in the local park, but shelling our haul has always resulted in intensely sore fingers and pecan smithereens. Once we figured out how to use this sheller (using a YouTube video as someone else suggested), we were on a roll. Shelling pecans is now easy, and most of the time we end up with whole (well, half--you know what I mean) pieces rather than broken bits.In case you don't feel like hunting for the video, the short version of how to use this sheller:1. Use the sheller's teeth to snip off the top and bottom of the pecan shell.2. Turn the pecan so the long portion is aligned with the sheller's teeth and nip off a side of the pecan shell. Don't crack off too much, or you'll be cutting into the meat.3. Continue nipping off little bits of the pecan shell all the way around until the pecan is peeled.4. Crack the nutmeat open to remove the wood from the middle (unless you can slide it out, in which case you're more talented than I).The basic idea is that you cut off the ends, then slowly work around the body, taking off a little at a time. It takes a little finesse to learn how much you can take off without cutting into the pecan itself, but once you figure it out, you can go pretty quickly.5Definitely recommendI never used these before and was hesitant to buy but they definitely do the job. I bought 10 lbs. of pecans last fall and my old nut cracker wasn t going to cut it. These did a very good job once I got the hang of it. Approximately 3/4ths came out in with the halves intact. I found if you snip off the ends, then gently crack all over the remaining shell, I got good, consistent results.5
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