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The Rose Garden

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  • The Rose Garden

The Rose Garden

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  • The Rose Garden
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Almost there...Love Kearsley. Winter Sea, Shadowy Horses, Named for the Dragon, etc., but I really had a tough time with this one. At the start, I couldn't get into it, but then the poignancy of the scenes with Mark, the sentimentality of Claire at the story's resolution, and Eva's mourning of Katrina really struck a chord with me. And while I felt that there might have been more rounding of Daniel's character, and a little more consistency in historical detail, I found the description of time and place and the development of Fergal pretty flawless. Yes, the little similarities between this one and Outlander that other reviewers have pointed out niggles me too - but in fairness, when this was published, Outlander was a cult classic...it's prominence now should not hold to account every novel dealing with the 18th century which happens to have a character named Claire. No, for me, the biggest problem with this story is giving it all up for Daniel, who we never really get a reason to fall in love with. Honestly? I'd have stuck with Oliver. 4Highly RecommendedThis was a fabulous read, and the only problem I had with it is that it had to end. I feel like I've been transported to the village and know exactly how to get to the hidden smugglers cave, down to the main road and to the cottage through the woods. The characters were so well developed that I longed to know each -except for the constable, who was a formidable adversary. Highly recommended! 5BeautifulTime travel is a tricky thing. A novel written around it can either be wonderful or completely fail. Thankfully, The Rose Garden falls into the wonderful category.After losing her sister, Eva heads back to the home where they had spent summers growing up. It is where Eva remembers Katrina being happiest, where she wants to spread her ashes. While there, she is faced with the fact that the house will never be the one she remembers because it is missing her sister. She also learns she has the ability to jump through time.She goes back to the home in 1715, when the owners were two brothers on the wrong side of the crown. They manage to stay just above the law, but there is always the risk of being caught and falling prey to the constable. The more time Eva spends with Daniel, the older brother, the more she starts to fall for him.She continues to jump back and forth, helping Mark and Susan set up the home so it can continue to operate in the future, all the while realizing that she doesn't belong at the house at that time anymore. The more she is in the present, the more her heart wants to go back.Kearsley paints a beautiful picture with her words. I have never been to Cornwall, and yet I could picture everything clearly in my mind. I could smell the see and feel the ground beneath my feet.I don't really know what to say about Daniel and Eva's romance because it was beyond words. It fell exactly how it should have been. They never knew how much time they would have together and so they made the most of it. Daniel did not expect Eva to conform to his society's standards when it was just the two of them, and Eva gave Daniel a reason to be happy. It was like reading about two puzzle pieces finally fitting together.The Rose Garden is a fantastic novel about love and what it means to be happy. It also reminds us that home is not always a place with four walls and a roof, it's about the feeling you have once you find it. 4Filled With Twists and SurprisesThis has to be the first book that I have read, finished, and wanted to start it all over again. Funny, I wasn't too sure about a time-travel love story since I don't like the questions that come with time travel...like the butterfly effect...all the what if's -- what if she changes something in the past that will cause a ripple in her time. Susanna manages to address some of those questions rather smoothly.I had nothing to worry about with the time traveling because it wasn't long before I couldn't put the book down. When I did, I found myself wondering how this would end for the main character Eva Ward. This is an old fashion romance set in modern day England in a Gothic paranormal story with a little mystery and lots of great characters.The unexpected twist at the end really got me. The clues were so subtle that I missed many of them until everything was told towards the end. That's when I thought that I needed to read it again. I can't believe Susanna had added all those clues and I did not pick up on them. Almost to the end when someone says something that finally turns on the lightbulb for me...but wait a minute...that means....aaa no that can't be!! Needless to say, I was really surprised by the twists and the ending. Excellent! I like Susanna Kearsley's writing style and the way she tells a story so I certainly plan to read more of her books. 5Wonderful Time Travel storyEva Ward returns to Cornwall to the place she and her family vacationed in long ago summers to spread her sister's ashes. Trelowarth is an old estate noted for its lush rose gardens, a legacy of the current owners' grandfather. Eva stays to help siblings Mark and Susan, the friends of her youth. She thinks it's stress when she starts hearing voices and sees apparitions, but soon finds that she is slipping into a past when Trelowarth was the home of smugglers Daniel and Jack Butler. She and Daniel establish a rapport, and maybe something more, but their relationship is hard to define when Eva keeps sliding back to her own time.If you like Diana Galbadon, you'll love The Rose Garden. Though it takes place in Cornwall, there is a connection to the Stuarts. But it's mostly a story about smuggling, the beauty of Cornwall, and the relationship between Eva and Daniel. Eva must balance her life in the present with her longing to be with Daniel.I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Fergal. He is Daniel's friend, an Irishman who 'adopts' Eva as his sister and the Murtagh of this story (though this isn't in any way a clone of Outlander).The writing is lovely. I did find it a little slow at the beginning, but once Eva meets Daniel, I couldn't put the book down. Another wonderful story by Ms. Kearsley. 5Beautiful time travel romanceMan, I love this book. I'm not sure why I even read it, since I attempted both The Winter Sea and The Firebird by the same author, but abandoned them after reading only the first few pages when I decided I didn't like the author's writing style. But in this case, third time was indeed the charm.The book fits mostly into a genre I totally love, in which a person in the present tries to solve a mystery that happened in the past, with a good dose of romance thrown into both the present and the past. This book is heavier on the romance and lighter on the mystery. Also, most books in this genre don't actually have the same main character in both the present and the past.Basically, if the premise looks like the sort of story you'd typically like, you can have faith that it was well-executed in this book. There's suspense, excitement, and love; and the writing is beautiful. 5Excellent time-slip novelAhh, love me a good time-slip novel, and Kearsley delivers like nobody else.Eva returns to Cornwall, to her friends there, to scatter the ashes of her beloved sister. She stays to help build a tearoom. Searching for a hook to lure tourists to this out-of-the-way place, she discovers the legend of a 'Grey Lady' who haunts the location and a couple of smugglers who once operated nearby. Throwing herself into the project, she is startled to find her surrounding dissolve into a mist and finds herself 300 years or so into the past. Unable to control her comings and goings, she is set off balance by her passing back and forth between the two times. Then there's Daniel, a most attractive smuggler in the past.Kearsley is a mistress of suspense and holds the reader in her hand. We want Eva to have her HEA, but how she manages it is a delightful surprise. I could barely put the book down it was that good. 4*Possible Spoilers* Beautiful book. A favourite.This was such a beautiful story, and im so sad that it's finished. I would've loved to know how Eva, Daniel, and Fergal lived out the remainder of their lives.I won't write much, as it's already been reviewed many times.I felt like the book started off quite dull, but as this is not my first kearsley book i plowed through. I didn't have to wait long though for the action to pick up. The love story between Daniel and Eva is so heart warmingly beautiful that i don't want it to end. I loved all the characters in this, from Claire, all the way to good ole Fergal.I am not a fan of time travel books, but still, if you're in doubt, just read this book. It will be in my heart for a long time. 5Don't cry because its over.Smile because it happened.I admit that the beginning of this book was very slow for me and boring at times.But when Ms.Kearsley gets you into it...its like going at warp 9. You can't stop.nor do you want to.I feel sorry for her losing her sister and all but I honestly didn't get super invested until she met Daniel.These past characters at first-and sort of still-I found to be more interesting and likeable. With the exception of Claire, the others-Mark,Susan,Oliver,Felicity-weren't terribly interesting.It was very remarkable to see how the unnatural love story of Eva/Daniel went on and progressed with her constantly disappearing. And more so, having to play the mute back in his time.Seeing as to how I finished only minutes ago..my brain is a little fuzzy. The pieces are still clicking into place.I'm afraid I'm not going into specifics with that phenomenon. You'll just have to read it.By the time you've finished you'll understand what I mean.Admittedly, I had a wee bit of fun trying to place the pieces together.Could Oliver be a descendant of Daniel?Who was the gray lady?Was Claire just an old lady who had started losing touch with reality?But I promise you, you will never expect it to end the way it truly does.Maybe you will. But that's a very minor chance.You will come to love a crabby cook from the 1700s with a thing for hard cider.You will come to both despise and fear a man of the law.Maybe you'll discover parallels between the times.Maybe you'll even discover a secret or two.With this I leave you with two questions.Can time really be changed by our actions or is everything written in stone?Can love truly conquer all?Okay,so perhaps three.Is time travel based on grief or sci fi technology?Anyways, I really loved this book and highly recommend it.Granted its not my favorite by this author.It is the second favorite.That coveted first place spot belongs to "The Winter Sea". I highly suggest you read it if you have not already. 5New to Susanna? DONT READ THIS FIRSTI ve read every one of Susanna Kearsley s books. Every one is 4-5 stars, with the exception of two: This would be one of them. No real emotional connection between any of the characters, little of the descriptive elements that Ms. Kearsley is known for, boring dialogue and the plot twist can t erase the feeling of drowning in mediocrity. I didn t care about the fates of any of the characters and, for the first time, found finishing a chore.if you re as big a fan as I, then yes...you have to read it. Just go into it with managed expectations. If you re considering this as a first author read, then I beg you to read Winter Sea, Shadowy Horses then Firebird. If not, you may not give Ms. Kearnsley another shot and that would truly be a loss. 1
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