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Tommee Tippee Baby Milk Powder and Formula Dispensers - Travel Storage Container, BPA-Free

  • Tommee Tippee Baby Milk Powder and Formula Dispensers - Travel Storage Container, BPA-Free
  • Tommee Tippee Baby Milk Powder and Formula Dispensers - Travel Storage Container, BPA-Free
  • Tommee Tippee Baby Milk Powder and Formula Dispensers - Travel Storage Container, BPA-Free

Tommee Tippee Baby Milk Powder and Formula Dispensers - Travel Storage Container, BPA-Free

NZ$ 110.00 NZ$ 66.00 Save: NZ$ 44.00
NZ$ 66.00 NZ$ 110.00 You save: NZ$ 44.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • In-bottle Formula Dispensers fit inside a 9flozbottle to save spacefor dailytrips outof the house and traveling
  • Measure up to 8 scoops ofdry formulain advance, then make the feedas needed
  • Mixing on demand eliminates the risk of the milk spoiling
  • Saves time, saves waste, safe and hygienic
  • Suitable for feeding even the youngest infants and always BPA free andphthalatefree
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Customer Reviews

Great space saver!Great little formula holders. Our little one has not been picky with bottles so we have both Tommee Tippee and Advent. These holders will not work inside of the Advent, but fit perfectly in both the TT colic 5oz bottles and the TT Natural 9oz bottles. No need to carry the formula container with you. Our Advent bottles have caps that will keep the formula from getting in the nipple for travel, but I will pack an extra one of these travel containers Incase we are out longer than expected and we can clean a bottle and make an extra meal. In the attached photos there are two scoops of Similac Pro-comfort. Enough to make a 4oz bottle and there is still room for more when she moves to the bigger bottles! 5Perfect with Kiinde pouch!These are PERFECT! and not just for TT brand. I mostly feed with the Kiinde system and although I have the funnel I needed something quicker and more streamlined. This solved that problem. The spout fits perfectly into the Kiinde pouch opening!!! 5LOVE THESE! We do not use Timmee Tippee bottlesLOVE THESE! We do not use Timmee Tippee bottles, but I was still looking for a way to pre-measure formula. I have my mother and husband as care takers for my daughter and it makes me feel better knowing she's getting the exact amount of formula she should in each bottle. I measure out the days bottles every morning. My husband refers to them as soldiers, and they are all lined up ready for the day! It also makes me better knowing that hands aren't dipping into the formula canister every feeding, and everything stays much more sanitary. It's a blessing when she's screaming because she is hungry and it's easy to just grab one of these and make a bottle quickly. Also helpful for nighttime feedings to bring one of these with a bottle of water and mix them quickly in her nursery for a quick nighttime feeding.I tried some of the other formula canisters that have 3 compartments, but found they weren't as easy to use, and it was harder to tell if all the formula was out for each bottle, especially because my mom doesn't have the best eyesight. 5Handy!I really like these. For the first several months of my daughter s life I was using Dr. Brown s formula mixing pitcher which I do recommend. It works great and makes a really smooth mixture with no bubbles. However you have to keep the formula cold obviously. She never minded cold milk. In fact it was probably refreshing considering she was born in July in Texas. We warmed it for the first month of her life but she didn t seem to care at all if it was cold. Then after the weather turned cool I didn t want to give her cold milk anymore, and I was tired of transporting cold milk in insulated containers and having to find a fridge to put it in when we went anywhere for several hours, and then inevitably forgetting a bottle or two.But I also have a daughter who goes from zero to starving in 2.2 seconds so I really didn t like the idea of listening to her scream while I went into the kitchen, got the can of formula out, measured out a scoop, and so on.With these handy things you have everything you need to make a bottle right there in the bottle itself. And you don t have to worry about transporting cold milk.Recently I decided to switch away from plastic and a friend gifted me some comotomo bottles. These dispensers are not compatible but I m keeping them for now because it s still so convenient to have the formula already measured out in individual dispensers. I just keep them separate and this way I don t have to do carefully wash the outside after I fill it since it won t be in contact with the water in the bottle.I am planning to buy Tommee Tippee glass bottles soon (they re pricey!) and I imagine these will work but I won t be keeping these indefinitely because they only come in plastic. (That s also the reason why I m taking off a star.) Unfortunately I will have to search for a silicone or glass alternative. 4Convenient travel option for protein powdersI did not purchase these to use for baby formula, but rather to transport a powdered protein based meal for myself. I really couldn't tell how much volume each dispenser actually would hold by the description given by the manufacturer, or even by the (helpful) reviews here on Amazon.So, the answer is, the amount each dispenser will hold with the funnel/spout/cap inverted is 4 tablespoons/2 ounces. With the funnel/spout/cap in the outward position, it holds slightly more.This said, if one is planning to use this when out and about, its better to just have it aiming out. I think it has the potential to be pretty messy when filled with a powder, if one has to undo the top and reverse the funnel into a pouring spout. There really isn't anything to grasp to onto to pull the lid off in order to switch the position. The lid is in two pieces, the funnel/spout part snaps securely into the top of the cup in either position, projecting in or out, and the cap fits onto the the spout part separately. The cap part is a snug fit, but it does not snap into place or screw on, so theoretically it could be dislodged a bit if tumbling around in a suitcase or something.I like them okay, they work for my purposes.UPDATE:Although I still like these, and think if you are purchasing for the purpose that they are designed for they'd be truly great--hence the five star rating--however, I found another formula dispenser that I like a whole lot better for my needs. The Munchkin Powdered Formula Dispenser Combo Pack turns out to be just perfect for me. The main dispenser is divided to hold and dispense three servings, and also included is a bonus single serving dispenser. The Munchkins dispensers hold about a quarter more volume too. I was actually just after the individual dispensers, but have made use of the larger three portion ones too. The combo pac is offered by Amazon as an "add on" item at a very good price. I paid $2.98 for the combo. Aesthetically they are more pleasing, but, beyond that, and more importantly, they're much more secure as far as spillage worries. These Tommee Tippee dispensers are ingenious in that they fit into the Tommee Tippee bottles, but, on their own, the cap that fits onto the funnel/spout part are at risk of coming off. Maybe they never would, but, I still am happier with the Munchkins dispenser.FYI I have a feeding tube due due to inability to swallow safely. I make my own food rather than using "medical" formula. (hooray for BlendTec :) blenders! ) However, being prepared to have a meal when away from home, but yet not wanting to lug too much extra around has been a challenge. After a lot of trial and error I've come up with a protein powder mix that works for me when I'm not home, and don't have access to refrigeration. I add a few more powdered ingredients (juices) to the protein powder, and keep some pre-measured to take along when running errands or out with friends. I have standard neck baby 8 oz baby bottles, and use Dr Brown's travel lids (I donate all the nipple/ring assembly to charity). For those of you looking for a completely leak-proof cap for baby bottles, you absolutely can't beat the Dr Brown's travel caps. They fit Medela, Nuby, Evenflo standard neck bottles. Probably all standard neck, these are just the brands I have. 5Easy transportGreat item for transporting formula. I use these for daycare so all they have to do is pour it in the bottle because it has the right amount placed in the cup. I gave it a 4 because the box says can hold up to 8 scoops. They have to mean 8oz Bc you can only get 4 scoops in and that's pushing it so they should correct the boxes Bc it is misleading. 4Lifesaver!I love these little things. When I bought them I didn't really understand them, but now we use them all the time. What I love about this is it fits right into the tommee tippiee bottles, so you don't have to carry anything bulky to transport your formula. You can put the water in the bottle and the formula in this, and then in the bottle to keep them separated until you are ready to feed. Then once you want to mix them the little too comes out and makes a small spout to pour the formula in without spilling it all over.It's great to just be able to take out a bottle and have everything you need without additional containers.For me this holds 3 scoops for formula (but that's about the max) 5Best formula dispensers on the market.This is the only product I've found that works really well for storing and transporting pre-measured formula. I have twins, and having formula ready to go on the road or in the middle of the night is essential to my getting any rest at all.We don't use Tommee Tippee bottles, but I have found these fit inside the Munchkin Latch bottles my one twin uses (not with water, though, that must be carried separately). They do not fit inside the MAM bottles my other twin uses. Despite this, they'er still the best solution we've found. Other formula containers are tricky to pour from or formula clings to the insides. They also tend to be bulky and hold multiple portions in one device, yet not hold enough portions for an entire night or a day out. I love that these let you take exactly the amount you need, no more or less, and the insides are very smooth, so the formula just slides out, little or none stays stuck to the inside.Every evening I fill the usual number of bottles per twin with water and an equivalent number of these with formula and line them up ready to go next to the bed. When a baby wakes, open the bottle, dump the formula in, and mix- it's ready in a minute or less. Such an improvement over trying to measure things half awake. They're also nice and small, so easy to tuck in the side pockets on the diaper bag (for the twin who uses MAM bottles or when they're empty).These are a great little invention and I recommend them for anyone who is formula feeding, especially multiples! 5Doesn't hold 8 scoops, but works very well!In both the product description and on the box, the product claims to hold 8 scoops of powdered milk. Now, maybe if you're dealing with true powdered milk this is true, but for formula it is not. I use Nutramigen, which has a slightly bigger scoop than normal Enfamil. These things will hold just 3 scoops, which makes 6 ounces of formula. Using the slightly smaller scoops of other formula, you might get 4, which would make 8 ounces. So perhaps it's just a typo and that is what they meant.Regardless, I use these when I am out and about. I don't use Tommee Tippee bottles, so I just throw them in my little insulated bag with a bottle of water. The caps stay on and the little dispensers pour easily. Pretty much all the powder comes out, without any sticking to the sides. Despite the fact they don't really hold as much as advertised, I like these dispensers, they take up much less room than traditional ones, and for the price, they cannot be beat. 4Buy these. They're worth every penny.Like an idiot, before I got these I carted a jar of formula around in my diaper bag. I often spilled formula trying to measure out scoops while juggling a baby. Now, I prep a couple bottles with these bad boys and always have them on hand and ready to assemble, without the hassle of trying to measure on-the-go. Sweet sweet victory!Plus, they're great for having bottles prepped for family or babysitters. 5
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