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Totally Bamboo Drying Caddy, Brown

  • Totally Bamboo Drying Caddy, Brown
  • Totally Bamboo Drying Caddy, Brown
  • Totally Bamboo Drying Caddy, Brown
  • Totally Bamboo Drying Caddy, Brown
  • Totally Bamboo Drying Caddy, Brown
  • Totally Bamboo Drying Caddy, Brown
  • Totally Bamboo Drying Caddy, Brown

Totally Bamboo Drying Caddy, Brown

NZ$ 212.00 NZ$ 128.00 Save: NZ$ 84.00
NZ$ 128.00 NZ$ 212.00 You save: NZ$ 84.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Keep utensils, flatware and cutlery neat and organized after washing with this handy Utensil Drying Caddy; three separate chambers offer ample space for air drying and storage
  • Designed specifically for use with Totally Bamboo "Eco" Dish Drying Rack; sleek angular hook fits perfectly in place for best drying results while saving space
  • Works great as a standalone silverware organizer too; stable, flat-bottom design allows caddy to stand on countertop or table
  • Easy care: simply hand wash or wipe with a damp cloth; do not soak in water or wash in the dishwasher
  • Bamboo is better for the environment; Moso bamboo is an incredibly durable material and it is a renewable resource which grows quickly and doesnt require clear cutting, artificial irrigation or replanting.
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Customer Reviews

Green is Great however, the price needs to come down for consumers to buy it as well needs several improvements...Just got this item, it is clean, designed OK, however, wished it had a variety of designs available for small spaces. This product seemingly was designed organically based on someone s passion rather than an engineered product design.It is hard to fit it in a tight spot for in a small kitchen/ apartment but so far it hasn't chipped any of my china so I am sort of happy. It could use a design improvement preferably based on consumers suggestions . Its improvements should include redesigning the flaps in away that it could be elongated or folded back when not needed.The designer or team of designs needs to add a tray as well as a fork and knife stand for this product. For now, I gave it four stars as it is considered a Green Product made from Bamboo. Even though, I love shopping green, it was expensive for the quality of the space friendliness and capacity to hold. However, I it is working at the moment so let s hope I don't regret my rating too soon! 4If your worried about the size read this. You can alter it.This rack is gorgeous. I was a little worried about the bottom rack (the large bottom rack) fitting into the small space I have for it. But it turns out it is easily removed with no harm to to the looks and I'm able to use it now for smaller items and large utensils. The ONLY thing I would change about the rack is to make the small bottom rack at more of an angle so the glasses dry easier. I fixed that problem with a couple of wooden dowels that you cant even really see. I'm posting a few pictures so you can see how I changed it to fit my needs. It also fits my large plates perfectly and I am amazed at how much it will hold. I don't have a dishwasher so I fill it up every day. I've had several bamboo dish racks and this one is very much worth the money. 5Not a good product.Product listing is completely wrong. The size of the utensil holder listed is 8 x 5 x 3 3/8. Those are close to, not exactly, the external dimensions including the width of the hooks. The dimensions that I needed to make my choice are the internal dimensions so I can judge many utensils will fit. The two compartments are 4 1/8 x 3 3/8 x 2, a lot smaller than the dimensions noted.Secondly, and this is more problematic, the item is nicely sanded on the outside but rough and poorly finished on the inside surfaces. The inside is where it comes in contact with wet utensils so it will absorb more water due to the poorly finished surface. This normally leads to warping and faster mold growth.Had I known either one of these I would not have bought this product. 2Mold Garden...:(Summers are humid where I live and this rack turns into a mold garden. When I noticed this on my first one I tried scrubbing with vinegar and baking soda. Got some of it off but then the red mold turned into black mold. I trashed it and bought a second one and committed to cleaning it thoroughly once a week. Didn't matter - the black mold was worse and even spread to the drying mat I use.I love the bamboo and how sturdy it is. This rack fits perfectly on my counter. Just wish it didn't mold. 2Moldy mold.This drying rack utensil holder seemed like a great idea because it matched the bamboo drying rack I also purchased, but however unintentional, this item is designed to grow mold. I before I threw it out I saw that the mold had grown through the bottom wood piece so I was essentially setting the forks and spoons I would eat off of later to dry on a stylish looking petri dish. For the record, this is not a problem with the wooden drying racks, and I recommend anyone in my position to get a nice wire utensil rack, they will fit on the bamboo drying racks just fine. 1Bottom slats need to be deeperAfter our 25 year old dishwasher decided it needed a time out, I bought the Totally Bamboo Collapsible Bamboo Dish Drying rack and the matching flatware, cutlery utensil drying rack. I like the look of the utensil rack and how it hooks onto the dish rack, but the slats along the bottom sides need to be deeper. The handles of my cutlery slip right through the bottom rungs. Other than that, it is a nice looking and functional set, and they store easily when not in use, which is rare. 4Poor WorkmanshipThe bamboo parts are nicely manufactured but these parts are NOT properly assembled with the three metal hinges. The machining, gluing and finishing of the work parts was good, but, not only are they using the incorrect types of screw for the hinges, but the screws are of different sizes and many of them were loose. Really no excuse for this types of sloppy workmanship in the final assembly! 3The size is rightI wanted a compact dish rack to fit the 14.5-inch-wide space between my sink and refrigerator and still leave room at the front of the counter to set down items I'm pulling out of the fridge. There aren't a lot of options in this size (13.5 inches long), and I like that the rails are set into the crossbars only partway into their thickness, so that, unlike the 6-year-old bamboo model from Crate and Barrel I was replacing, rails can't pop out of their slots with weight and use over time. It's nice that I probably won't have to glue the rails of this one back in place on a regular basis.On the other hand, the lower crosspieces of the top section are merely glued to the supporting ends on the bottom side of the support, such that the weight of dishes may eventually separate the crosspiece from the end piece but it wouldn't be hard to drill a couple of holes and add small screws to avoid this potential problem.My main problem with this design is that the plate rails are set farther apart (5/8" gaps compared to 3/8" with the C&B model), too wide to comfortably catch the edges of many of my smaller dishes (and wasteful of space, as narrower gaps would have allowed a couple more rails). Even dinner plates lean slightly instead of standing upright.Also, the rack I was replacing had a flat bottom shelf, which was handy for silverware and utensils. This one doesn't have a place for such items I think you can buy a utensil basket separately, but I just set flatware and small items out to dry on the clean dishtowel I put under the rack every day to keep water off the counter. 4MOLD GATHERER!I originally was happy with this rack. It's beautiful to look at and pretty sturdy. It is rather BIG so if your counter space is limited I would think twice. It was also impossible to find a drain board big enough to fit underneath it. But my main problem is with MOLD. If you live in Arizona or New Mexico I'm sure it would not be a problem. But I live in a rather humid climate, especially in the summer, and after a few weeks of use I noticed some mold growing on it. I used white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and even a mild bleach solution to no avail. The mold persisted. Even after scrubbing the mold won't come off (see photo) and continues to get worse and worse. My assumption is that because the wood is porous, the mold just gets in there and won't come out. There are also a myriad of little crevices for it to find a home in. Now it's been longer than 30 days so I cannot get a refund. I'm not happy! It wasn't cheap so I'm out the money for this as well as the utensil holder which I also purchased and has the same (if not worse) problem. BUMMER! 2I like the design and sleeknessI purchase this to go with the Eco Rack though it won't hang. I just stand it beside the rack. I liked the sleekness of this one and thought the other was too thick/massive looking. I put spatulas and stuff that are pretty tall and it doesn't tip over. No problems with mold, but a word of warning that there aren't many drain holes in the bottom, may two per side, so currently a watch out.Edit: I guess the utensil rack and dish rack reviews are in one. So a change to 5-star as I love the dish rack. So far study and no mold. Easy to clean. Dishes can go on top with some pots and pans. Per attached pics off shaped and sized dishes can fit in the slats and stand up firmly.The bottom flat rack is great for smaller cuts, utensils that don't go in the utensil rack, and the pet bowl. No problems thus far with knives cutting up or marking the bamboo. I use a dish towel underneath. The lower racks are high enough to allow good ventilation and drainage onto the towel. All in all pleased. 5
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