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Trodat Printy Economy Date Stamp, Self-Inking, Stamp Impression Size: 3/8 x 1-1/4 Inches, Black (E4820)

  • Trodat Printy Economy Date Stamp, Self-Inking, Stamp Impression Size: 3/8 x 1-1/4 Inches, Black (E4820)
  • Trodat Printy Economy Date Stamp, Self-Inking, Stamp Impression Size: 3/8 x 1-1/4 Inches, Black (E4820)
  • Trodat Printy Economy Date Stamp, Self-Inking, Stamp Impression Size: 3/8 x 1-1/4 Inches, Black (E4820)
  • Trodat Printy Economy Date Stamp, Self-Inking, Stamp Impression Size: 3/8 x 1-1/4 Inches, Black (E4820)
  • Trodat Printy Economy Date Stamp, Self-Inking, Stamp Impression Size: 3/8 x 1-1/4 Inches, Black (E4820)

Trodat Printy Economy Date Stamp, Self-Inking, Stamp Impression Size: 3/8 x 1-1/4 Inches, Black (E4820)

NZ$ 106.00 NZ$ 64.00 Save: NZ$ 42.00
NZ$ 64.00 NZ$ 106.00 You save: NZ$ 42.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Secure Payments

  • 14 Days Return

  • Self-inking date stamp with at least 10 years of dates
  • Thousands of high quality impressions before changing the ink pad
  • Self-inking stamp with rapid, repeat impressions
  • See-through base allows for accurate stamping every time
  • Easy to change replacement ink pads available on Amazon
  • Climate neutral product with up to 70% post-consumer recycled content
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Customer Reviews

lasts for a long time (I hope)This goes to year 2020. It seems very sturdy so I have no reason to think it won't (unless the ink dries up). The directions indicate you should use an aftermarket ink and re-ink the pad--they want you to buy a new ink cartridge. If it comes to this, I'll buy a bottle of ink and give it a go. My previous stamper lasted 4+ years with no ink color deterioration, so I hope it won't come to this. The previous version I had only went 5 years, and when I grabbed it (in Feb 2014) I realized the last year was 2013. Darn it.I docked it a star for lack of directions. Took me about 15 minutes to figure out how to install the ink cartridge. You do this as follows:1) Remove the cover plate over the ink pad2) There are 2 clip looking things on the side. I couldn't figure out what they were supposed to do or how to insert, and then the first one broke off, so I decided that was a good idea and broke off the second one.3) Gently push on the stamper so the date part is about 1/2 way down (essentially horizontal)4) Slide the ink cartridge into the slot (ink side towards the date)5) Kind of rock it back and forth to make sure it is in the light gray part of the stamper and the black part (that you push down on) easily slides over it.If you are new to these, the way you set the date is to depress the stamper so you can see the date through the bottom. Don't press so hard that it hits the ink pad at the top. Rotate the little wheels to get the correct date (it reads backwards). I always do a test stamp as I've occasionally reversed the numbers and ended up with something like Mar 91 2014 (instead of Mar 19 2014). 4Easy to change the date, works greatEasy enough to use - does what it should. Some reviewers had trouble changing the date but they may not have discovered that you can press down and then press the two red buttons, which will lock it in position so that you can easily change the date. Couldn't be simpler. You do have to slide the ink pad in when you get it - again, not very difficult. 5Does what it should. No complaints so far. Easy to assemble.I was worried when I ordered this mainly because of the negative reviews but realized they were unfounded. This stamp was incredibly easy to assemble if you can even call simply sliding the ink cartridge as "assemble". It might be a bit of an annoyance to not get a detailed explanation on how to put in the ink but really, it doesn't take a genius to figure it out. The pictures on the box was sufficient enough. Simply pull out the rectangular cover of the cartridge then slide it in, ink side down (again, common sense since the rubber part with the dates can only touch the ink when it's faced this way). Just push it all the way in until the small tabs on the side snap off, and done. If you can't press the stamp down all the way, it means the ink cartridge isn't pushed all the way as it should be and simply push it in further until it's perfectly flush on the other side.I figured all this out in less than a minute and I've never even owned a stamp like this before. Which brings me to my current possible issue. I don't know much about ink pads and the technology behind it (if it even has any) but I figured those manual stamps you can usually find in craft stores have ink pads with covers so it doesn't dry up. I don't know if the ink pad on this one will up dry faster because it's always exposed or not but I hope that's not the case.Also, I'm not quite sure what the significance is for the stamped date on the box. Mine says "17 Nov 2026" but my stamp goes from 2018 to 2028 and the format is in Month/Day/Year so it doesn't really relate to the example on the box at all.I'll update my review some time in the future and see how long this one cartridge will last. But for now, 5/5 for this self-inking stamp! Easy to use, portable (might put it in its own separate bag to avoid other things catching ink), and stamps very well. I highly recommend this product! 5... that I run as my handwriting is not the best and writing the same thing over and over slows ... I needed a date stamp for imprinting the date on certificates for a competition that I run as my handwriting is not the best and writing the same thing over and over slows the event down. The one I got has:Pros:- Dates all the way from 2016 to 2027!- nice rollers to turn the elements without getting ink on your hands- it prints in the order of Month, day and then year- comes with a separate ink cartridge, which I guess means I can change it when the original one wears out.- for days, where there is a single digit, you can replace the other digit withCons:- the instruction on how to put the ink cartridge was not very clear, I inserted it and it did get seated but there were little tabs to the side of the cartridge that broke off (see the attached video review), but it does not impact the functionality in any manner. I will worry about how to get the ink cartridge out when it finally wears out.- fiddling with the stamp after I recorded the review, I did get some ink on my hand, but no big deal.- great value for the price :)Totally recommend. 5Exactly what I was looking for!I love this thing!I had been looking for a stamp just like this one to make my journals look a little more organized, and this was perfect, especially for the price! Originally, I was looking for a stamp that wrote out the entire month ("January" instead of "JAN") but I decided that this would do just fine. The years on mine go waaaaay up to 2028, so I'm super content with that.Nothing about this stamp is super complicated, but it is a little frustrating that when you use a number/month/year for the first time, it takes maybe 10-30 minutes before it's coated in ink enough to use. It's really weird and wasn't a problem I was expecting to have, but I still love this frickin' little thing. 5Good size, Poor PrintingTwo tone, blue and red ink Great! Good Size...Great! Printing... Extremely Poor :(Does not matter what the date is, the first day digit does not print unless you hold it in a certain position and if you are lucky.Unless my unit is defective, I would not recommend.Disappointed. 1It works perfectly (instructions are on the box)I bought this stamp to date stamp all my son's homework and drawings he brings home every day (am I a hoarder?? lol). It's just like the ones we use at the office. The ink cartridge does not come pre-installed, so all you do is remove the top off the black ink cartridge, hold down the date stamp and slide in the ink cartridge in the slit and the little tabs on the sides fall out automatically. It works perfectly and I'm very happy with my purchase.On a side note, I was reading the reviews on this date stamp prior to purchasing it and why some people were giving such low ratings, and it seems like the reasons being given for the low reviews were the fault of the user and not the product itself. I work in an office and use these little suckers (along with gazillion other stamps) all day long, so it's second nature to know how to replace the ink cartridge and/or change the dates. But I can see that for someone who is not familiar with a self-inking stamp would have major questions on how to use it. For those that need help, Youtube is perfect because there is a how-to video on everything and anything. 5Budget date stamp for the weekly paper pusher that gets the job doneI wish the ink was less smeary on plastics, but otherwise am pleased overall. Setting the date is a simple matter of turning it upside down, actuating the spring mechanism and dialing in the appropriate year, month and day on the tumblers. You must be capable of deciphering backward numerals, of course. The replaceable ink supply was literally a snap to install and arrived sealed to maximize its shelf life. I wouldn't expect this inexpensive unit to stand up to heavy, industrial usage, but for the household bill payer or short-term fudiciary this device ought to be more than suitable for years of service. 4Works just fine for casual usersI bought this for home use, so some of the phrases won't be used, but many will be. Most casual users will find this more than adequate. Works fine, but a bit of a learning curve to keep ink off of you. Some reviewers took issue with the location of phrases on the dial, but I was OK with that. For me, the bigger adjustment was keeping the ink off your hands when dialing the phrase you want. You have to depress the pad, and then dial the phrase. It is a two-hand operation, and if you slip - which might happen early on as the unit is a little stiff out of the box - you're likely to get some ink on the hands. So have some wipes and towels handy.Stamps are clear and I had no issues with alignment. If it had a crank dial for the phrases I would give it five stars. It's still good and I still recommend it for casual users. Heavy users will want something a bit more substantial. 4Awesome little stamper!Very small and easy to use. I was hesitant to order due to past reviews but it was exactly what I was looking for and decided to order anyway. Now I'm glad I did! Its small but very easy to use. It has 4 little rubber circles at the bottom that keep it from sliding around and you can clearly see where you're going to stamp. The ink pad did not come in the stamper but it was very easy to use. Anyone who has ever used a similar stamper or has common sense can assemble this stamper in seconds. You can literally take it out of the box and assemble it within 30 seconds. I would definitely recommend this item. 5
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