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Ultra Pro 9-Pocket Silver Series Pages for Standard Size Cards

  • Ultra Pro 9-Pocket Silver Series Pages for Standard Size Cards
  • Ultra Pro 9-Pocket Silver Series Pages for Standard Size Cards
  • Ultra Pro 9-Pocket Silver Series Pages for Standard Size Cards

Ultra Pro 9-Pocket Silver Series Pages for Standard Size Cards

NZ$ 144.00 NZ$ 87.00 Save: NZ$ 57.00
NZ$ 87.00 NZ$ 144.00 You save: NZ$ 57.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

  • Tracked Shipping

  • Secure Payments

  • 10 Days Return

  • Hologram safe storage, no PVC and acid free product
  • High clarity, light-weight material
  • Pre-punched 3-holes
  • 100 pages per display box
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Customer Reviews

Get PLATINUM series, not this one - these are cheaply madeUltra-Pro normally makes good products but this is not one of them.The 9-pocket pages come in two types - the Silver series and Platinum series. Silver is in a blue box (100 count) and Platinum is n a black box (also 100 count). The Platinum is a few dollars more but the difference in quality is like night and day. The Silver series are very cheap, rip easily, are not as flat, very crinkled, not as clear (highly reflective of light) and do not hold the cards very well so they can fall out!The Silver series is utterly pointless and it shouldn't exist. They should only make Platinum because it is much higher quality. I don't think many people would mind spending a few more dollars for the big increase in protection offered by the Platinum series. When I bought a package of silver, I had to throw it all in the garbage (waste) because the sleeves were just terrible in comparison to Platinum. 1Fantastic product! Highly recommended!!I bought these to use for coupons. I am a daily coupon shopper, so I am constantly flipping back and forth thru these and haven't had a problem yet. They are very durable. I am constantly adding and removing coupons from the spaces and I haven't had any problems with ripping, tearing or separating. I done a lot of searching before I finally settled with buying these and I'm so glad I chose these to buy. I was afraid because of the price, which is cheaper than almost all of the other ones I looked at, that they would be cheaply made and not hold together long, but isn't the case at all. I highly recommend this product for other couponers and sports card collectors. You will not go wrong with the purchase of this product. And I received them in about 2 says of purchasing them. 100% satisified with this product. I intend on purchasing more and will definitely be buying this brand from this seller. 5Awesome Quality!!I got these because I needed more card holding pages for my Pok mon cards. I had decent quality ones before, and, for whatever reason thought these were the same as my previous ones, but these were sooooo much better quality. When they were all stacked together they had an almost blueish hue, so I was a bit concerned this might show on the cards as well. The plastic is very thick, but the cards appeared 10x more clear than they did in my old holding pages.Pros:- give HD appearance to cards- thick, high-quality plastic- smooth finishCons:- the box they come in is kind of awkward to open and not very ideal as a storage method- pretty stiff, which can make it a bit awkward to flip through the pages 5Fantastic buy!My boys were absolutely THRILLED when these arrived in our mailbox. These are of thick grade plastic, terrific quality, and although the price was relatively inexpensive, the quality was much better than those I have purchased at Target and Walmart stores. my boys frequent our local Dollar Tree and clean out their football and baseball card supply, and needed a safe, clean place for storing them and this was the perfect solution. They can fit two cards back to back in each pocket with no trouble, therefore, this box can contain 1,800 choice cards! Fantastic buy! 5Sturdy Plastic Pocket Page ProtectorsI purchased the Ultra Pro Silver Series pocket protectors for Pocket Letter swaps. Each of the 9 pockets hold a 2.5" x 3.5" card. The plastic is sturdy and the pockets do not easily tear when placing items inside. The plastic is roomy and durable. There is great re-enforcement on the spine of the pockets where the holes are pre-punched. The pages fit perfectly into 3 ring binders.My only complaint is that the box is somewhat flimsy. Once the box has been opened it is hard to manage all of the pages inside. This is not a big deal, as I was easily able to place the empty pockets into a binder for safe keeping, I just want others to be aware that the box is not for storage of the pages. 5Great price, durable, good card protectionMuch cheaper than other sellers /stores near me (at the time of purchase). Much higher quality than the thin weak sleeves we got at Walmart (10$ for 50, they were awful). These have the official seal on each, the box was plastic sealed, so it s definitely the real thing. I trust these for our Pok mon and Magic cards. 5It's the perfect thing for meIt's the perfect thing for me. It's made well for my purposes of storing away lots of cards. I got a lot of Magic: The Gathering cards and I haven't been playing it much lately so these pocket page protectors have come in handy and are great. I have been using these for a few months now and I still don't have any problems. They are not falling apart or anything. This product also makes it easier for me to view my cards so now I have an easier time taking out the ones I want and leave the rest. this product also makes it much easier to organize my cards so I can see how much I have of a particular card. I bought a coupe more sets of these pages so I have more on standby for when I get more cards. I recommend this product to anyone who is a card collector or plays a lot of card games but needs a way to store all of those cards. 5100 Pack - 50% Failure RateIf you want to get the Silvers instead of the Platinums, that's fine, but do NOT get the 100 Pack. They come sealed FROM Ultra-Pro, is SHOVELING PURE SH-- out of the door. Literally each set of 25 that was facing reversed; Forward 25, Reverse 25, Forward 25, Reverse 25, the bottom row of 3 was completely shot. Not like, it would easily tear apart; shot as in they weren't even sealed to tear apart.I paid $15 for 50 usable pages. I see why the 50 packs are more expensive than the 100, the 50s are sourced by a seller or Amazon, and they know that if they send you a pack of 25 that has ripped bottoms, you're just going to return them. Ultra-Pro shovels this crap off onto the sellers, who have to eat it or deal with returns, or to unsuspecting customers like myself, trying to save money.Do yourself a favor, either get the Platinums as others have suggested, or get a 25 or 50 (25 x2) that has been inspected by a seller; or that you can at least blame a seller for NOT inspecting, since they are all buying the sealed 100 packs from Ultra-Pro.Stay AWAY from the 100 packs to "save money". 1Thick, sturdy and protectiveI've bought other brands of cars protectors and they seem to be flimsy and a hassle to deal with. These on the other hand are thick (not to thick to be inconvenience) and very sturdy. I use these for coupons which by themselves do not have enough thickness to make the pages usable without falling out but these pages work perfectly. I haven't had any issues with ripping or tearing and they tend to withstand about any amount of abuse I put them through since I am constantly changing things around taking them out and more. I would highly recommend this brand if you are looking for durable card protector sleeves. 5Stores 1800 cards for $15.. I'll take it.Great for card storage on a budget. I've been using Ultra Pro since I was a kid when I first got into collecting sports cards, I know the difference between the platinum and silver and to me, it isn't that big of a deal. The pockets that hold the cards are a little looser than I remember but that maybe because they are silver series, but overall, they are a great value. Just keep your cards the right way so they don't potentially fall out. They fit fine in AmazonBasics 3-Ring Binder, 1.5 Inch - 4-Pack (Black), though they will probably out last the binders. 5
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