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Uni-Ball 33921 Jetstream Ballpoint Pens, Bold Point (1.0mm), Black, 12 Count

  • Uni-Ball 33921 Jetstream Ballpoint Pens, Bold Point (1.0mm), Black, 12 Count
  • Uni-Ball 33921 Jetstream Ballpoint Pens, Bold Point (1.0mm), Black, 12 Count
  • Uni-Ball 33921 Jetstream Ballpoint Pens, Bold Point (1.0mm), Black, 12 Count
  • Uni-Ball 33921 Jetstream Ballpoint Pens, Bold Point (1.0mm), Black, 12 Count
  • Uni-Ball 33921 Jetstream Ballpoint Pens, Bold Point (1.0mm), Black, 12 Count

Uni-Ball 33921 Jetstream Ballpoint Pens, Bold Point (1.0mm), Black, 12 Count

NZ$ 150.00 NZ$ 90.00 Save: NZ$ 60.00
NZ$ 90.00 NZ$ 150.00 You save: NZ$ 60.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Delivers fast, clean writing that keeps up with your thoughts
  • Quick-drying ink helps minimize smudging--ideal for left handers
  • Embossed grip and stainless steel accents make a stylish statement
  • Features uni Super Ink that protects against water, fading, and fraud
  • Includes: 12 black ballpoint pens; 1.0mm bold point
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Customer Reviews

Awesome BallpointThis is my first experience with Jetstream ink and it is excellent. Very smooth, rarely skips (certain paper cause any pen to skip) and not much blobbing. A really great writing experience. The nice thing is how long the refills are, making it possible to remove the end plastic piece, trim to size and replace. If done carefully it can fit in pens that take Parker refills. I also found that no modification was required to fit this refill in the Pentel Tradio body, which normally takes Energel (another hybrid ink). In comparison to Energel, Jetstream is more 'oily' feeling (the smoothest ballpoint pen I've tried), while the Energel feels more 'wet' requiring even less pressure. I'm switching to Jetstream more often because it's more permanent / waterproof than Energel. 5Acceptable.I bought this pen because I ve read that it s supposedly the most left handed friendly pen. After doing several classes with it, I noticed that the ink does dry quickly and it doesn t smear like how some pens do when I write with my left hand. My problem with the pens is the ink does not flow consistently. If I were to draw a long line with the pen with even pressure, I d notice that some parts of the line are brighter than others. I haven t had the pen stop working on me (yet) but I ve noticed that with some of the letters or numbers I ve written, I d have to trace back over because half of the letter or number is hardly visible. It works fine for jotting down quick notes but I wouldn t use this pen for writing notes for something important like a final exam out of fear it might make some things hard to read because the pen only wrote 3/4 of what I was writing.Edit: The pens ended up no longer working shortly after I wrote the first part of this review. I d find a different brand of pen. 2Best fricken pen refill ever, and I mean that.Best pen refill ever! EVER!I have been using pens for over half a century and nothing has ever compared to this!I am a writer, and I do book signings, and write with a pen all day elsewhere too.I found many pens this refill fits, so I get the best of both worlds.I can use it in almost any pen made by the same company.I have introduced a lot of people to this pen and refill, and they thanked me.Put this in my favorite, most comfortable pen to use and I am in writing heaven!NO FATUGUE, effortless writing. This will spoil you into never using anything else! (Other refills seem like a drag and even a scratch by comparison)So, I get lots of them and use them up! 5My every day carry pen for 10+ years, awesome!This is my favorite pen of all time. I'd order more if my wife would let me :-) I always carry one in my pocket, and I love the fact that because of the cap (instead of a push-button), it will never open in my pocket and leak or stab me. I prefer the fine-point blue now, though I used to carry a 1mm-tipped black version for years. Writes well and dries fast on more stuff than you'd expect (not everything, but definitely better than most pens). I'm not left-handed but apparently lefties smudge ink a lot when writing and this one helps avoid that, but I just enjoy writing things and not having to worry about smudging like I would with a gel pen, though it writes about as smooth as one.It's definitely not the smoothest-writing pen ever and it's not perfect, but for the price it's excellent (I mean come on, it's under $5 each!). I've probably been carrying a version of this pen for over ten years as my "everyday carry" and I always keep at least a spare in my briefcase. I've gotten so good at not losing pens as I get older that I tend to run them try rather than lose them, which at least means my stash lasts a while! I'd say with light daily use one pen lasts me 6-9 months easily. You can see how much ink is left which is nice, and they're cheap enough I usually toss them when they run out (seems harder to find refills than new pens, though they are technically refillable).One plus to not carrying a very expensive pen is if I do lose one (or one "walks away"), it's not a big deal, but it's still nice enough that I take care of it and try not to lose them often.The funniest thing is that 95% of people I loan my pen to, have no idea how to open it! They usually try twisting it first, then pushing an end, and then eventually they usually figure out (or I mention) that you pull the cap off. It does click in a bit firmly and the look is a bit ambiguous when closed, so I kind of understand, but it's still funny. And if I pull the cap off and attach it to the other end (it has good balance with and without the cap sitting on the back end) for the person, they usually write on themselves before realizing I've opened it for them. You just can't win--but just in the loaning department, in all other ways you can definitely win with this pen!They appear to have stopped carrying this precise pen in office supply stores at least around me, which is why I've had to go online to find my stock. I have had a couple of coworkers who (independently) decided on this pen as their everyday carry as well which kind of surprised me, because most people have never heard of it (or don't care, most likely).That's way too much about a pen, but I have used it heavily for over 10 years, and I do enjoy typing on my mechanical keyboard even more that writing :-) 5Black cones, but you can swap them out with your old silver one.I just ordered these. These pens have a matte black end cap. Obviously these end caps aren't as remarkable as the silver cones, I also saw that they are prone to over screwing and slipping. Thankfully, they are interchangeable with the older silver cones so you can re-use your old silver cone.I been buying these pens in 3 packs over at my local office supply store, then one day I noticed that they sold refills for these pens. Since the pens themselves are generally well made, this was a great option since the pens hold up very well. After about a year of refilling my last 2 pens, the rubber on the end of the pen started to loosen and swell. I could no longer put the cap on the opposite end of the pen, so I ordered this 12 pack.As I stated before, these pens don't have the silver ends so that I really my only gripe with them. Having a supply of them will mean that I don't have to replace them for some time. These pens write beautifully, feel great in the hand, have a decent grip, and generally are built to last.As far as refills, search Amazon for SAN74396PP. If you buy SAN35972 by mistake, just swap the rubber stopper at the end of the refill.A bonus with the silver caps was that people thought that the pens were "twist to extend tip" type pens. This could be why they changed the color, but I always had a bit of a chuckle when people borrowed my pen and couldn't figure out the "trick". 4Good to the last dropEvery so often, Uni-ball changes the numbers on their refill packaging. If you buy refills that have a little black cap on the end, used for the non-retractable pens, you can remove the caps to use them for the retractable ones. And vice versa; save the black caps if you buy that kind, so you can use the refills for both kinds. I use both regular and retractable Jetstreams depending on where I'm using them. They're both equally great.It is very important to buy the brand-name refills from a reliable source. I once found a great bargain in different packaging, and the refills only worked halfway or not at all. The genuine refills will write until there is not one drop of ink left! 5They're fantastic pens at firstA few years ago, I had one of these pens. It had lasted me until this year, so I bought this four pack. Over the course of 2-3 months, I had gone through the entire pack. I hadn't even used them a lot. They're fantastic pens at first, but then after a week or two of using one pen, they just stop working. Perhaps I got a bad pack. I know that my previous one, which I had been using on and off for about two and a half years, then vigorously for the last half, had held up and was a great pen until I legitimately ran out of ink. But the new ones that I purchased from Amazon just stopped working, even when the ink was clearly visible when I took it out of the barrel. No matter how much I had just scribbled on paper, after wetting the tip, left it upside down for the ink to travel to the tip, 0 out of 4 pens resumed its ability.However, when they DO work, they're amazing. when you write, it feels light and smooth. It's not scratchy at all. Because it's so smooth, it doesn't hurt your hand. You do less work when writing, so when I used these pens for essays and tests, there was no strain.Maybe I got a faulty pack. I just wish they had lasted longer than 1-3 weeks each. 3Smoothest Flowing InkSummary: Definitely worth buying. I have used the black jetstream a few years. Bought the 4 pack to get more colors only to find 2 of them 4 are black, one is blue and one is red. I own dozens of fine point drawing pens like Pigma Microns and only a few rollerball pens.Pros: Jetsreams are the smoothest flowing compared to Pentel EnerGel-X 07 (2nd smoothest), Pilot FriXion Ball Slim .38 (erasable), and Pilot HI-TEC-C .25. Colors are bright except the Pentel EnerGel has a more vibrant cobalt-like blue under the pastel model. Caps fit tightly, almost too tight. No issues about falling off cap unless not properly secured. Smudges only slightly if using left hand. No worse than the Pigma Micron 01 which is not bad for a large tip 1.0 pen. Can clearly identify it by feel in the bottom of a bag/purse because of the raised model name.Cons: Still has seams from the mold that are not cleanly removed like the pen I bought several years ago. Looks a little cheap because of it. (See pics). Bumps used to hold cap could cause fatigue for those holding the pen higher above the tip. Blue and black pens have the same black barrels since only the caps show the color. Both inks look black in the see-thru windows. Can easily put the caps on the wrong pen. Only the red ink is obvious.Overall: Worth Buying since the downsides are small. 5Love these pens. Bold. And if you're a lefty, they don't smear!I've used these for years. They really are the best for lefties. Especially on, e.g., greeting cards (how many times have you smeared the writing and ended up wasted a $4+ card?). Also, since they have a cap instead of being retractable, they won't ink stain your trousers/skirt if you accidentally click them. 5Nice, economical pens and.....They work on Rite in the Rain paper! I originally bought these because I read that they don t smear and are good for left-handlers. I tried the Jetstream on a Rite in the Rain notebook and was very pleasantly surprised to see that the ink adhered to the paper and did not smear. Smoother than a standard ballpoint so it makes using them in these notebooks more of a pleasure. Good value as well. 5
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