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uni-ball ONYX Rollerball Pen, Micro Point (0.5mm), Black, 12 Count

  • uni-ball ONYX Rollerball Pen, Micro Point (0.5mm), Black, 12 Count
  • uni-ball ONYX Rollerball Pen, Micro Point (0.5mm), Black, 12 Count
  • uni-ball ONYX Rollerball Pen, Micro Point (0.5mm), Black, 12 Count
  • uni-ball ONYX Rollerball Pen, Micro Point (0.5mm), Black, 12 Count
  • uni-ball ONYX Rollerball Pen, Micro Point (0.5mm), Black, 12 Count
  • uni-ball ONYX Rollerball Pen, Micro Point (0.5mm), Black, 12 Count
  • uni-ball ONYX Rollerball Pen, Micro Point (0.5mm), Black, 12 Count

uni-ball ONYX Rollerball Pen, Micro Point (0.5mm), Black, 12 Count

NZ$ 110.00 NZ$ 66.00 Save: NZ$ 44.00
NZ$ 66.00 NZ$ 110.00 You save: NZ$ 44.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Dependably smooth, free-flowing writing paired with a cost-conscious design
  • Made from 80% post-consumer recycled electronics
  • Features uni Super Ink which protects against water, fading and fraud
  • Strong 0.5mm metal tip for sharp, precise marks
  • Includes: 12 black uni-ball roller pens, 0.5mm micro point
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Customer Reviews

I really like themI got the regular .5 mm uniball roller pens and these Onyx ones also. 8 out of 10 times these write smoothly, but they do hiccup sometimes and get uneven with limited ink flow at times. I counter this by shaking the pen vigorously, which seems to work. The onyx ones tend to work slightly better than the regular ones, at times. Both are great to hold in the hand. Lightweight yet nice looking. I will repurchase these. 5When it rains, it shines.EDIT: I think I figured out my problem. The cheap spiral notebooks from Walmart appear to have low quality paper. Using paper from 150-sheet packs (brighter, whiter paper. Less glossy) results in beautiful, fulfilling script. Updated to 5/5 stars. I'm tempted to -1 star for leaking, but I'll let it be. The picture scorns the product enough in that regard.I really want to like these pens. Moments after using one for the first time it was fading out badly. So I tried another...and another...and so on. Eventually I got to one that worked great. The next day, it was fading, also. So I gave it a little shake and was met with a bubble of ink that popped all over my fingers and the paper I was writing on. Well then...won't do that again..Three times now I have retrieved a pen from my backpack and met a similar unpleasant surprise. I guess they shake in my backpack when I ride my motorcycle to school. But here's the kicker: when shaken up and bleeding all over the place the ink flows beautifully and I can write with the most consistent, pleasant hooks and curves in cursive script. I wish more than anything they would work like that consistently...I'm going to keep trying because these pens are still much better than the horrid Pentel 0.7mm R.S.V.P, which constantly leak from the tip and bleed through paper. At least uni-ball ink is more forgiving and even smearing a soaking streak of ink across paper doesn't bleed through. I've started using pencil grips in hopes of somehow finding the best of both worlds, no leaking and perfect, consistent ink streams. Alas, my trials have yet to prove successful. 5Changed for the worseI use a paper notebook daily and have used the Onyx Micro for over 20 years. The pens in the latest order have a leaf with the words ECO on them and something has changed - I no longer get a fine line when writing. The pen might be the same for someone who uses a single sheet of paper, but for someone writing on a pad, and pressing firmly, the new design gives a much wider line than before. The ECO is on the batch ordered last year at this time and those pens were still giving a fine line. These are made by the Mitsubishi Pencil Company. 2Great feel, simple pen, lines look sharp, ink is excellent, but sticky ball syndrome makes for a rough writeThese write generally well and have a simple, slender, feel. The ink is sharp, penetrating, and very black -- signature Uni-ball.I last wrote with the Onyx about 20 years ago in school and really liked them. The feel is the same, but the pen has gone downhill. Some of them don't write very fast. It feels like the ball sticks when writing fast or drawing a line. You'll end up with about 2-3 blank or partial letters on a line when you're writing fast (accompanied by that raspy dragging feel). About 1 in 2 have this problem. For slower writers they're fine, but this used to be a fast flowing pen for serious writing and drawing.If you've ever dropped a nice pen on concrete right on the tip, and dinged up the ball/seat to where it writes ok sometimes but is never the same -- that's how these write.I've only tried this one box, hence the two stars instead of one. 2My favorite pens everMy favorite pens ever.Maybe it is just me, but I think this pen has a very smooth flow as you write. There are never times when too much ink is released leaving clumps or wet spots that can smear. I really appreciate how fine the tip is too. They make your writing look professional and elegant while still being a very affordable pen (a pen with which students can abscond and not leave you feeling too frustrated about your consistent hemorrhaging of good pens). 5Great pens. We've purchased the black micro Uni-ball Onyx ...Great pens. We've purchased the black micro Uni-ball Onyx pens for office use for years and intended to get the same but in blue for a special project. I mistakenly got the fine point instead and everyone has commented on how much they like them. Smooth writing. Nice blue color. Color id on both ends of the pen for easy identification in the pen cup. Reasonably priced too. We'll get more! 5Cheap handfeel, spotty writing, cuts the paperI thought Uniball was my favorite pen brand, but these must be a cheaper version-- they just feel cheap in the hand. Too skinny, point is too sharp and cuts the paper, line is thin and skips. I moved a handful to the car for emergencies, but find myself throwing them out often when I discover they don't work (and that when they are nearly brand new!) 1Sadly disappointedI was so excited to get these pens; I m a bit of a pen snob and will only use gel ink. I remember being a fan of these pens in high school and was really disappointed to have a hard time getting the ink to flow. I m left handed and always end up with ink on my hand... gel helps eliminate this problem. I was sad that these weren t the same from high school. Choppy to write with. Gave them to my husband who is right handed & he hasn t had an issue with them. 3DisappointedI really wanted to like these pens but they run low at times and sometimes they're have a very liquidy consistency. They bleed through the paper if you press too hard and hardly show if you don't press enough. Maybe I got a bad batch? I've been using Uniball for years so I'll probably buy another pack at Staples instead of Amazon next time. 2I have been using these pens for 20 plus years!I first encountered these pens in the 1990s when I was working in the mailroom for a large credit card company. I was surprised to find they were still being made. They are waterproof and fade proof. I use them for journal-ling. They are very fine pointed and write small. Ink flow is fast. I keep a few at my desk at work, a few in my bag with my journal, a few in the car, and the rest at home. Time to order some more! 5
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