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Waterpik Shower Head Flexible Neck 6-Mode Rainfall Rain Shower White, CF 201T

  • Waterpik Shower Head Flexible Neck 6-Mode Rainfall Rain Shower White, CF 201T
  • Waterpik Shower Head Flexible Neck 6-Mode Rainfall Rain Shower White, CF 201T
  • Waterpik Shower Head Flexible Neck 6-Mode Rainfall Rain Shower White, CF 201T
  • Waterpik Shower Head Flexible Neck 6-Mode Rainfall Rain Shower White, CF 201T
  • Waterpik Shower Head Flexible Neck 6-Mode Rainfall Rain Shower White, CF 201T
  • Waterpik Shower Head Flexible Neck 6-Mode Rainfall Rain Shower White, CF 201T
  • Waterpik Shower Head Flexible Neck 6-Mode Rainfall Rain Shower White, CF 201T
  • Waterpik Shower Head Flexible Neck 6-Mode Rainfall Rain Shower White, CF 201T

Waterpik Shower Head Flexible Neck 6-Mode Rainfall Rain Shower White, CF 201T

NZ$ 338.00 NZ$ 203.00 Save: NZ$ 135.00
NZ$ 203.00 NZ$ 338.00 You save: NZ$ 135.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 12 inch flexible shower neck to position the shower head wherever you want it
  • Both height and horizontal location are easy to adjust
  • Features oversized shower face, drenching rain shower spray for relaxation, concentrated PowerSpray for quick rinsing
  • Installs in minutes and includes easy clean, anti clog nozzles
  • Consumers #1 choice in replacement shower heads, lifetime manufacturer's warranty
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Customer Reviews

Creates great water pressure!I've owned two of these shower heads. The first one lasted about 5 years before getting this second one. It has absolutely awesome water pressure and if you keep it cleaned (hint, bend it down after each use) it will last years. It also provides a really nice broad shower stream and somehow keeps the pressure up great. There is something in the base that funnels the water ... it must be magic (or science) but either way it's great.Another tip for cleaning this, which is very easy thanks to the bendable line, is to mix in a spray bottle equal parts White Vinegar and blue Dawn dish soap (HAS to be the blue Dawn; don't even bother with anything else). Shake the bottle up real good and then spray the heck out of the shower head (and your entire shower if you want). Leave it on for like 8 hours and then just turn on the water and wipe it off with a sponge. Do this every 4-6 weeks and your shower head (and shower) will be sparkling clean without any bleach or lime away or any other crazy chemicals.5Be careful it breaks EasilyReceive the product in a timely manner. I was so excited I have been talking about it since I ordered it couldn t wait for it to come in. We had ordered an arm extension hoping that we could have at least 20 Plus inches away from the pipe. Sadly, I did not find out that this product cannot be put with an Arm extension Until I received it. The label was on the packaging. Feels so unfair! * Cue violins Five minutes after getting it out of the packaging I was adjusting the flexible neck and it fell apart. *Sigh I read the reviews that said to be careful because it s not as sturdy as it seems. I ll be sure to listen next time. I feel it could be an okay product. You just need to be careful while using it.3This is nice as far as a waterfall shower head goes (I've ...This is nice as far as a waterfall shower head goes (I've had many) but the bend arm is very firm and doesn't bend much. This would be great for tall people or if you like the water way above you. I personally like the water closer to me and with this arm you're unable to bend it down because the head itself doesn't move so when you bend the arm down the water is and no longer directly above you it sprays on an angle. It does have two settings to where it goes from waterfall to more of a jet which is a nice feature because it makes it easier to rinse your hair.3Lasted 13 MonthsProduct was decent while it lasted. Pretty good coverage and decent pressure. The narrow direct stream is nice. Neck broke after 13 months of near daily use while I was trying to adjust the angle. Snapped off the head easily and water proceeded to erupt out of the hose. Cheap plastic feel was noticed upon purchase. Joints should be manufactured from metal or a reinforced material. Value wasn t really there.2Nice flow from the head, terrible (not) flexible hose.The shower the head produces is great, both settings. I use one for body wash and the other for my hair.The head does feel a bit cheap/flimsy but works great so far. The single biggest problem is the (Non-) flexible neck. I tried to adjust it and it broke, one side flops down from the weight of the head and the other side is completely rigid. I'm very disappointed, it's only been a month. My wife is 8' shorter and we should be able to make slight adjustments without any concern... guess not.I had high hopes for this unit because the reviews here, and since we've owned the original Waterpik Flex for over ten years and it still works great to this day. Clearly Waterpik has gone with cheap overseas manufacturing and will suffer the consequence of losing their reputation for quality and reliability.3Not all that great but inexpensive I bought this after having the same one for a number of years. I received the first one and had to exchange it when the setting selector switch cover kept coming of. The replacement one I have had for a few months now. Not only does the cover still come off every so often, but the settings now won t fully engage one way or the other so water is constantly dripping out of the none selected sprayer all the time. Additionally, the threaded joints are leaking as well. The only reason I had to replace the old one was that the adjustable neck broke, but it was put through multiple moves and constant adjusting between me and my wife, but always worked well. Disappointed with the current model. 2I hope they make these forever.I installed one of these 15 years ago in my master bath. I got it because it was a good price. I would pay twice the amount for it now. I just bought a second one for the other bathroom, I think the price is the same as 15 years ago!At first you may think, hmmm plastic. Cheap. No. Plastic doesn t rust. If you get mineral deposits, you literally just wipe the rubber nozzles and the deposits come off.The large spray pattern is great and the gooseneck is long enough to get it up overhead on both my showers.First thing I did on both is remover the water restrictor. It was easier on the old one, but possible on the new one with some needle nose pliers and a corkscrew.I love these and they re so worth the price!!!5Installation was very quick and easy once we got the old one off This was purchased to replace our old shower head, same Waterpik brand. The product came packaged in typical Waterpik plastic with all the parts and instructions for installation. Installation was very quick and easy once we got the old one off. Its a larger head and needs to be positioned high towards the ceiling to get the waterfall effect. We loved our last one so much, I was looking for an exact replacement. This head looks exactly the same, however the pressure just isn't there. We were a little disappointed with that considering this was a new one. The old one had more pressure. There must be two different models maybe! Over the last several months of use, we have gotten used to the lower pressure on this head. Its a great design, and I enjoy having these two styles of water options. 4My better half's new boyfriend...My better half hates me for this. Ever since I installed it, she has almost been late for work each day, not wanting to come out of the steamy, hot shower. She drains the hot water tank. She's addicted. The water is just "too cozy," in her words. I'm afraid I've lost her for good. Dumped, for a showerhead!I was warned by her not to buy a handheld shower. 'Nuff said. Advice taken.As for the showerhead itself, the gadget geek/cheapskate/handyman in me had no trouble mounting it up, needing no tools to do so. Hand tightening it is enough to compress the soft rubber gasket to seal it properly. The gooseneck holds its position nicely in the shower. It is rarely ever moved, so I don't anticipate a problem, but I do wonder how it will fare a few years down the road. The only tricky part is switching the stream. It takes a bit of a push, whether the water is on or off, to switch the flow to the inner stream.Overall, it's a success. Me? I'm relegated to the basement shower. Which I actually prefer (hate showering in a tub). But the showerhead down there is one of those ancient shower massage models that quit massaging a decade ago, the massaging action now just a lame "fup fup fup" as it interferes with the water stream, while the rest of the showerhead spits off water in any other direction it sees fit to. Maybe I'm due for my own new showerhead? Stay tuned!5Garbage. Won't fit my pipe.It just turns and turns and goes nowhere - it simply will not screw on and hold, and if I kept trying it would strip the plastic threads inside the Waterpik. I've installed these things before with no problem and they've lasted years, so I know what I'm doing. Something is different about this one and the other one I bought here at the same time, Waterpik NML-603. They've got identical attachments and neither of them will attach. Yet the shower heads I removed to install these fit perfectly. The instructions warn you "do not use the flex arm" to screw on the nut - use only the nut. Well, the nut does not turn independently of the flex arm - the whole thing has to rotate as one piece. Still I held the nut only and turned - to no avail.It's the same with almost everything you buy these days - made in China, and the quality has plummeted, and now I'm sending back at least half of what I buy both on Amazon and in stores. A waste of my time, and a terrible waste of resources, because you know this piece of crap is going to the dump - I suppose in China.1WaterPik "Flexi" Shower-head #CF-201; --which arived well packaged and 'lightening'-fast.!!~Extricating the product from the wicked 100%/'edge-sealed' clear thick-plastic packaging was far more time-consuming (-5-minutes via scissors!), than the quick & easy bath-tub shower-outlet installation (-which only took 2-minutes)! They really need to improve their retail-packaging, -to make it far easier to open the package; --seems a series of integrally-formed 'snap-buttons' would suffice! I can imagine there is significant 'product-liability' involved in customers seriously injuring themselves tussling dangerously with a knife while trying to simply access the product! Accordingly, i felt compelled to reduce my rating to 4-stars owing this difficulty! The previous shower-head fixture was one of those chrome dual/articulated-joint devices that did not extend up high enough for my 6'3'-height, -which is a common problem that is helped by this WaterPik/shower-head #CF-201; --the size of the shower-head is quite large at about 7"-diameter!4Buy something else. Anything else.The neck isn't very long or flexible. At most you can realistically only change the direction a little bit. What they don't tell you is the whole thing is plastic and will crack if you apply any pressure. The spray is very weak and doesn't cover much area. But probably the worst part is the attachment end has a long straight cuff that has to slip over your shower arm. The treads start deep past the cuff, so it won't work if your shower arm is curved at the end as it is in most homes. So most of the "flexible" neck actually doesn't bend. It's bad design. I eventually replaced my curved shower arm with a straight arm, but only to find out that the cuff is just a little too narrow to fit over a standard diameter shower arm. I had to widen the inside of the cuff with some sandpaper to get it to slip over the new arm. Not worth the effort.2
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