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Watts Premier WP500024 Standard Annual 7 Pack Replacement Filter Kit, White, 10.5" x 19.50" x 3" (WPRL-58)

  • Watts Premier WP500024 Standard Annual 7 Pack Replacement Filter Kit, White, 10.5" x 19.50" x 3" (WPRL-58)
  • Watts Premier WP500024 Standard Annual 7 Pack Replacement Filter Kit, White, 10.5" x 19.50" x 3" (WPRL-58)
  • Watts Premier WP500024 Standard Annual 7 Pack Replacement Filter Kit, White, 10.5" x 19.50" x 3" (WPRL-58)

Watts Premier WP500024 Standard Annual 7 Pack Replacement Filter Kit, White, 10.5" x 19.50" x 3" (WPRL-58)

NZ$ 232.00 NZ$ 140.00 Save: NZ$ 92.00
NZ$ 140.00 NZ$ 232.00 You save: NZ$ 92.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • RO WATER FILTERS: This 500024 Annual 7-Pack of filters is designed for use with Watts Premier's RO-TFM-5SV, WP-ST6DM, WP-5 and WP5-50 Reverse Osmosis Systems. Save money by purchasing a Years Supply of Filters in one kit rather than individually. This kit will work with any standard 10" filter housing.
  • RO FILTER KIT CONTENTS: Watts Premier Annual 7-Pack Filter kit includes Two - 5 Micron Sediment Filters (104017), Four - 5 Micron Carbon Pre-Filters (101009) Made of high quality activated carbon, One - 10" GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) Inline Post-Filter (560010).
  • REVERSE OSMOSIS WATER FILTER: Maintain your Watts Premier 5 or 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis Filtration System with this Annual 7-Pack Filter Kit to keep your home filled with crystal clear, high quality drinking water. It is more economical and the water replacement filters are NSF compliant.
  • EASY FILTER MAINTENANCE: Watts Premier only uses NSF Coconut Shell Activated Carbon in all Carbon Filters. In order to maintain your system in its top performance it is recommended to change out the Sediment and Carbon Pre-filters every 6 months, the GAC Inline Post-Filter should be changed out annually. This will ensure you have crystal clear, high quality and great tasting water!
  • RO FILTER PERFORMANCE: The Sediment Pre-Filter reduces dirt, silt and rust which affect the taste and appearance of your water. The Carbon Pre-Filter reduces chlorine taste and odors, also conditions the water before it is treated by the reverse osmosis membrane. The GAC Inline Post-Filter removes chemicals that give objectionable odors or tastes to water such as hydrogen sulfide (rotten eggs odor) or chlorine.
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Everything Needed For Yearlong Drinking WaterWe have been buying these for multiple years now, and have had no issues with their shipment and usage. They fit, they work. I won't call the installation the easiest, as I am a little older and not as flexible as year's past, but I do manage, and they provide the clean water we desire.5but am glad that I can get them cheaper hereI've been buying these filters from Watts directly for the last ten years or so, but am glad that I can get them cheaper here, with faster shipping. They've always done a good job making the funky tasting pipe water around here taste just the same as bottled water. However, they do need to be changed every six months or so, as the water will slowly start to pick up a bit of flavor as the carbon filters get used up, I suppose. Also, the white "prefilter" cartridge is poo brown after six months of filtering....I don't want to know why... but am glad that I didn't drink whatever it cleaned out of the water. If you have trouble getting the filter canisters open, the trick is to use a rubber strap wrench, as that makes it a piece of cake.5Cost effective replacemnt filters for Watts RO units, with one glaring omission - QC connector for inline filterThese are a perfect fit for any Watts 5-stage RO filters. The only reason I am knocking off a star is because the included inline carbon filter (5th stage) does not include quick connect connectors on the end. They include a screw type female connector on each end, but don't include any 3/8" QC connectors. I had to go out and buy my own connectors from HD. If your HD does not have them, just order the Hynix 3/8" filter on Amazon for $8 which comes with the re-usable QC connectors and use them.4Year after year I can depend on Watts!I ve installed the Watts RO filters for decades For my family friends and every time we move . So, I have changed lots of filter elements. I believe the Watts filters are the best available, Especially the carbon filters. I m very technical and have specified many filters for the Chemical industry. I look at the difference between activated carbon, carbon block, Carbon granules and like . Carbon block are the best for use with the RO element. Activated carbon is best for the polishing filter, i.e. The last one before the water tap. Different types of carbon can remove different toxins & poisons, and some remove different micron size particles. Some have the capacity for use as RO elements and others are for full flow like we use in our Veggie sink. The smaller micron elements take a higher pressure drop, thus lower flow. Be careful if you don t buy filter elements especially made for the reverse osmosis unit. No worries with this Watts selection. I was happy to see this double pack come on the market. Having spare elements is handy, and it reminds me when it s time to change them . I don t procrastinate to order new ones when I have a back up set available. This also allows me to wait for a sale.Watts replacements are a bit more expensive than others available. However I don t mind paying a little more for a consistently higher quality product. Don t be fooled just by price. One area of concern which led to four star instead of five star. Watts makes a bunch of different models. They use different types of carbon in different RO units. I don t know why they do this. Since the largest size carbon filter element can fit different models, I will use of the carbon block if a different carbon type is specified by Watts. Their technical department has told me that this is acceptable and I Have not run into any problems to date .4Does the job at half the price Great value for the money. I usually buy direct from Watts Premier at double the price. Saw these on AMZN and had to jump at the chance of saving dollars.Each filter is wrapped individually which helps as the package is good for 2 filter changes. No need to specially store the 2nd set in a clean, dust free environment for 6 months.I did note a few reviewers stating that these are not Watts Premier filters. In fact this is true, but not quite 100% true. Watts (which these filters are packaged as) are part of the Watts Water Technologies Group. This group includes Watts and Premier amongst others.Whoever they came for I am still happy with the value and quality. Just installed the second set today and feel that I could have still went longer on the first set.Will purchase more for sure. 5Watts Premier 7 pack 1 year 5 stage RO filter replacements. The real deal!!These fit the Watts Premier RO unit we purchased in March of 1998!! All seven arrived in Watts Premier original packaging as one unit. After opening the outer packaging, each filter had individual wrapping around them as well. All brand new, in excellent condition. My husband just put these in on Saturday, June 7 2014. They are exactly the same filters as those he removed that we had last purchased directly from Watts Premier. These are the real deal. Don't know what happened to some of the other customers who ordered before us and said they were not the real thing.We saved money here too as we used to spend this much to get just one filter change. Now we have enough for a whole year for the same price. Very happy. Will order this from Amazon from now on. Hope they continue to sell these! Water tastes just great too. After waiting 72 hours, no leakage or problems detected!!5Works As Advertised Folks,I installed this kit of filters along with the larger main filter in my under counter R.O. system. I also bought a water quality testing device here at Amazon. After installing the filters my water tested at the R.O. tap at only 50mg (excellent) compared to 175mg (bad) particles (per 1,000 gal?) at my kitchen tap. I'm going by memory here as its been a few months since I installed the filters and checked the water quality.Interesting, my two dogs don't want to drink the water from the kitchen tap. If I forget to give them fresh water from the R.O. tap. They just sit by their water dish and look at me then look back at the dish, than back at me again. Until I change the water in the dish to R.O. water.Get a R.O water system and a device to check its quality (approx $15) here on Amazon. Unless you don't drink water?Rascal 5Quite DisappointedThe Two 5-Micron Sediment Filters (104017) and the four 5-Micron Carbon Pre-Filters (101009) worked as expected. The one 10" GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) Inline Post-Filter (560010) restricted the water from coming out of the facet, just dripping out of the facet. Yes, the pressure in the tank was set as recommended by Watts.I didn't install the 10" GAC inline post-filter right away after I received it because I just replaced it the last time I replaced the other filters. I order the kit because the other filters were due for replacing. So, it was about six months after I received the filter then it was in need to replace. Only then I found out it was defected. I called the seller and she said she would work with me to get it resolved but then never heard from her again despite multiple attempts to reach her.I ended up order another 10" GAC inline filter directly from Watts and it worked after replacing just this GAC inline post-filter.3Amazing value!I'm amazed at what you get in the package. Added up individually, these items would cost almost $60.00! I have had an RO system for over 7 years and this is the best deal for replacement filters that I have found anywhere. As another reviewer stated, not even the Watts website has prices this low for these items. That's the good part. The not so good is two things: One is that both of the sediment filters were slightly dented upon arrival. No big deal though, and that won't affect their functionality. Another slight problem is that the post carbon filter doesn't have the 1/4" quick connect fittings that my 4 stage RO system setup has. No big deal, as another reviewer suggested, I went to the hardware store and bought two adapters to add to the filter- don't forget to use teflon tape! These adapters convert threaded fittings to quick connect and cost six dollars for both and can be removed from the filter later to be reused again on the new post carbon filter.After installing the new filters I tasted the water and I can't tell if it's different from the old filters I was using. It does taste good though, like before.I'm rating this product 5 stars for the great deal. I would take away one star for the packing of the product prior to shipping, but this is too good of a deal and is worth the risk of some damage in shipping.Update: Sept. 2011: The filters are still doing great and I'm still super happy with this purchase. I just hope this deal lasts...5Great quality waterWas able to replace all of my components of my 10 year old filter system. Not super easy but doable. My 5 year old RO filter had better TDS number than my new RO Filter, 12 vs. 37. Recommend testing TDS before replacing the RO filter but regularly change the carbon and particulate filters because only a laboratory can test if those are working properly, unlike a RO filter. Much better than buying and hauling bottled water to your home.4Good price, good product.I purchased this filter kit for my Watts Premier WP5-50 RO unit. The package's shrink wrap was broken (I guess) in shipping, but each of the canister type filters had individual shrink wrap so I have no worry about dirt contamination. The final 'polishing' filter was not shrink wrapped, but it had end caps so I have no worry there.Just so this is 'clear', a RO membrane is not included. This is a kit for sediment and carbon filter replacement only, NOT the RO membrane. Still a good price.The final filter (indeed a 10 inch one) had a sticker on it, with some specs = (Watts Premier, Model RIL-10a, flow 0.5gpm, capacity 1000gal, NSF certified, pressure 25-100psi, temp 32-100f, and flow direction arrow) also the package had a 'Made in USA' flag logo on it.Just for fun, I purchased a replacement polishing filter for my WP5-50 RO unit at the 'Watts Premier' web site. It had a sticker that read only 'Made in Taiwan' They look to be the same filter with different manufacturers. The Taiwan Watts filter did include the end 'screw in' fittings that may not be needed but are nice to have. Enjoy.Ken5Excellent value with no compromiseHave been using these filters for years. They will spoil you to most water anywhere else you might have a glass.I recommend installing the actual filtration system near your refrigerator and bypassing its water filter.Our refrigerators filter calls for replacement every 6 months at $80 each. This filter pack has enough filters for two complete filter changes and only require replacement once a year depending on use. Not to mention the filters in most refrigerator are a joke in comparison.We also have a tee off of the filtered water line that supplies water to our plumed in coffee machine.Easy set up of initial filter system and a 10-minute filter replacement make this a must have.And thanks to the pecans shell polishing filter it has just the slightest hint of a sweetness witch you will miss anytime you are away from home.5
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