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Wedgees Eyeglass Retainers and Eyewear Holders (Black Sport)

  • Wedgees Eyeglass Retainers and Eyewear Holders (Black Sport)
  • Wedgees Eyeglass Retainers and Eyewear Holders (Black Sport)
  • Wedgees Eyeglass Retainers and Eyewear Holders (Black Sport)

Wedgees Eyeglass Retainers and Eyewear Holders (Black Sport)

NZ$ 108.00 NZ$ 64.80 Save: NZ$ 43.20
NZ$ 64.80 NZ$ 108.00 You save: NZ$ 43.20



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

  • Tracked Shipping

  • Secure Payments

  • 14 Days Return

  • Stops Eyeglass Slipping Instantly & Grips your glasses softly
  • NO Straps - NO Cords - NO Tubes, Fits discreetly behind ears
  • For All Ages & All Eyeware - Relieves Temple Arm Pressure
  • Secures Prescription, Safety & Sunglasses/Hot,Cold & Humid
  • Great for Sports, Gardening, Reading, Children or Any Activity
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Customer Reviews

I was not blessed with a nice nose so i struggle keeping my glasses in place This thing works! I was actually surprised it did! I recently got glasses and have to wear them all the time now. Perks of getting old! I was not blessed with a nice nose so i struggle keeping my glasses in place. I thought of doing research online and saw a video on youtube of a lady doing a demo of this product. I then bought it on Amazon on a whim. Yes, i was that desperate! I am so glad it worked! Now, my glasses stay on all day long without needing to readjust. The pads also helped with the pain behind my ear. I am so glad somebody thought of making this product! It was hard to put the wedges on. It will require patience. But, trust me, it fits! The product is not defective! I own one of those black thick frame glasses and it fits! I think it was designed that way so that the wedge will stay in place. Well worth the money you paid for! Shipping was fast too! Highly recommended! 5The Medical student's life saver Pure genius! I couldn't have come across this product at a better time. I am currently studying for my medical licensing exam, so I literally spend about 13 hrs a day looking at a computer and/or books, while looking down constantly to write notes. I was struggling, because I would get major headaches and eye fatigue due to the fact that my glasses would constantly slide down my oily nose, which lead to nose bridge irritation and not allowing me to see out of the optic center of my lens, where my prescription is the most accurate. I have a really bad prescription so the latter really matters. I didn't know what size to get, because I have the thick plastic fashion professor frames and the end of the temple arm is a little bigger than 3/8". I contacted the seller and they responded very quickly. I placed the order and they shipped it the next day. It took about 2.5 days, but it came a day before the estimated delivery date. I have my glasses on now and I don't even feel them. No sliding, no headaches, and no eye strain. This is a life changer for me. I can finally study and not be in constant pain. Also they have great customer service, because of my sizing dilemma and time sensitive issue they sent me a regular and a XL. So if your glasses are like mine you should not get the regular ones that fit a 1/4" arm, because they will not even be close to fitting. With little effort the XL size went on smoothly, just like your skinny jeans lol. I also decided to pay it forward since I had the extra regular pair. So I tip-toed into my parent's bedroom while they were sleeping and put them on my dad's glasses, like a Wedgee fairy, eww that just sounds wrong. Anyways, I know my dad will just love them. Since I get my oily skin and bad eyes from him..ha! I would recommend this product and I would buy it again! 5Just the thing! I have been using Wedgees Eyeglass Retainers since around mid-2017, and they have made my glasses so comfortable. I perspire easily, and my glasses would slip and drive me crazy. I also would feel pain and pressure behind my ears. Wedgees have made such a difference, I would recommend them if you have the same issues. I apply them differently than the way they are shown on the packaging, with the small end first and the hump pointing up. Then I push the hump slightly out toward my ears. This makes them even more effective and comfortable. I bought them in red, too when they were available. I find that if they get really wet, that they are easy to dry with just a little squeeze with a tissue. I love my Wedgees, they are really worth the money, they last a long time and they are really well made. One more thing, if you buy one, you get a second set for free! 5Great invention that works exactly as advertised. Fantastic invention that works exactly as advertised. I bought them to use with sunglasses while skiing, and they worked so well for that I have begun to use them on all my glasses including those I use to play tennis.I will echo and expand on a few things from other reviews. First, the seam is glued, and some individual WedGees tore while I was putting them on glasses with slightly larger tips on the temple-pieces. Just buy a couple of extras in case that happens to you; for the price, I don't expect perfection. Second, I saw some complaints about the fact they would need to be replaced because of a build-up of oils after several months. Again, for the price, who cares? Just order some more.Finally, using these will change slightly how you remove your glasses. If you, like me, essentially pull them straight off your face, you can wind up having the WedGee pulled off the temple-piece. If you instead tilt up the temple-piece before removing your glasses, this will never happen. 5The best of three products I tried... This product works very well and is the best of three solutions I tried to stop my plastic frame glasses from slipping.First I tried Nerdwax, which provided no more than a few hours of relief before needing a re-application, and even when freshly applied my glasses did not feel all that secure. Then I tried one of the many types of silicon flaps that attach to the end of the glasses arms and hold them in place by wrapping behind the ears. The flaps gave a very firm hold, almost too firm actually, and after a couple days I had pain behind my ears from them and marks on my nose from how tightly my glasses were held against my face.Wedgees worked immediately and they provide just the right amount of hold, without any ear pain. My wife likes them on her glasses too. A great solution!There are only two "negatives" that I can see for Wedgees, and they are minor ones. They slightly change the angle that your glasses sit on your face by raising the ear pieces about a quarter inch above where they would normally sit on your ears. Probably most people would not care about this. And, if you don't have hair to hide them, they are visible from behind. Again, no big deal for most I think. 5The silicone wedgees are better! Let me start by saying I was not pleased with the black foam fabric-like ones that I actually ordered (which is what this listing is for). They scratched the back of my ears and felt uncomfortable. The company very kindly sent an extra free pair which were the clear silicone type ones. Those are excellent. They do not scratch since the material is smoother. I was worried it would pull my hair since silicone materials tend to do that but so far that hasn t happened either.Both types actually do work to stop glasses slipping down, but the clear ones are just way more comfortable. I ll be ordering more of that kind. It may be a bit tough to squeeze them on frame handles that aren t thin but not impossible! 5Works exactly as advertised, unlike other products I was looking for a product to keep my glasses in place and prevent any sliding because the bridge of my nose does not fit well with many typical glasses especially a pair I currently own and like very much. Wedgees work exactly as advertised without any issues. I have owned and used a wedgees for over 3 years and purchased another pair because one slipped off when I fell asleep and could not find it (not because they broke!). I've tried other products that promise the same result but they do not work as effectively. Wedgees are comfortable and I hardly notice them for the majority of the day.I do sometimes do notice/feel them on my ears and skin but only after very long days at work but otherwise not really bothersome and no real complaints. Thank you! Such a great product, seriously. If you are skeptical, just try a pair and your doubts will likely be erased. 5Low Nose Bridge? You NEED these! I am so glad I found these. I am Asian and more Asians have low nose bridges and are unable to wear a lot of glasses styles. I started to feel bad about myself for feeling like I didn't have the "right nose" for fashionable glasses.Then out of frustration, I googled the question, "how to keep my glasses from sliding down my nose" and wedgees came up. It had a silly name and seemed like such a simple solution. I had watched a few reviews and some of their videos that mentioned that it's not about having a wrong nose, it's just about having the right accessory. Even when I would go to the glasses stores, if they didn't have "Asian fit" glasses I was shit out of luck. I would even see Caucasian mothers with adopted Asian children feel so distraught about the fact that a lot of glasses are not made for the Asian face and trying to explain that to their child. I want to go back to the store and tell them about these, because then they can wear any glasses they want. I have humongous frames because I like the nerd chic look and the wedgees fit really well over them, even though I thought the hole looked small, trust me, they will fit. The trick is to rock and wiggle the wedgee back and forth slowly until they are on all of the way. It only took me a minute to put them on if even. Sometimes watching some of their demo videos helps too if you're too confused, but I didn't need that. They are super comfy on as well. A huge must for me. I will continue to recommend these to everyone. 5Holy crap these actually work!!! Let me begin by saying I can't wear contacts and I can't workout without my glasses. I've been struggling to find an easy, non annoying way to keep my glasses on. I reached out to an online workout group and pretty much every response was "wear contacts or take your glasses off". Guess I look like an idiot because WHY DIDNT I THINK OF THAT PEOPLE?! I digress. I tried a headband, it didn't really work. I was going to order a strap, although I wasn't thrilled at that prospect. Then I just kept scrolling through Amazon and happened upon these. I thought "what the heck, for the price they are worth a try". I ordered a pair. Imagine my delight when the company sent me a second pair for free (and thankfully so because I've already lost a single one!).I AM SO HAPPY I COULD CRY! I can now make it through yoga and gym classes with out constantly trying to hold my glasses on. Do you know how much easier it is to workout with both hands free?! I honestly didn't have high hopes but I am beyond impressed. I made it through push ups, mountain climbers, and countless burpees today without ONCE needing to adjust my glasses. I didn't even think about them. It was honestly the best workout I've had in a while. 5Cheap, Comfortable and Effective! This is one of those rare products that just does exactly what it's supposed to do. I have been wearing my first pair of progressives, i.e. the first pair of glasses that I wear ALL THE TIME, for about two months now. My frames are Oakleys, so the arms are just straight and press against the side of my head instead of hooking over my ears at all. At first I was miserable. I got little infected abscesses at each of the four points where the glasses are in contact with my skin; one on either side of the bridge of my nose and one behind each ear. My glasses kept slipping down my nose and I was having to stop wearing them for days at a time to give my skin a chance to heal. Wedgees fixed all that. They keep my glasses firmly where they're supposed to be, so they're not rubbing at the bridge of my nose and otherwise irritating the %$#@ out of me. They also cushion the tips of the arms where they touch my head just behind each ear. Now I forget I'm wearing my glasses. I'm ordering some Rx sunglasses now and I'm getting some Wedgees for them too. Love 'em! 5
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