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Westmark Stainless Steel Tri-Blade Vegetable Spiral Slicer Spiralizer

  • Westmark Stainless Steel Tri-Blade Vegetable Spiral Slicer Spiralizer
  • Westmark Stainless Steel Tri-Blade Vegetable Spiral Slicer Spiralizer
  • Westmark Stainless Steel Tri-Blade Vegetable Spiral Slicer Spiralizer
  • Westmark Stainless Steel Tri-Blade Vegetable Spiral Slicer Spiralizer
  • Westmark Stainless Steel Tri-Blade Vegetable Spiral Slicer Spiralizer
  • Westmark Stainless Steel Tri-Blade Vegetable Spiral Slicer Spiralizer
  • Westmark Stainless Steel Tri-Blade Vegetable Spiral Slicer Spiralizer
  • Westmark Stainless Steel Tri-Blade Vegetable Spiral Slicer Spiralizer

Westmark Stainless Steel Tri-Blade Vegetable Spiral Slicer Spiralizer

NZ$ 334.00 NZ$ 201.00 Save: NZ$ 133.00
NZ$ 201.00 NZ$ 334.00 You save: NZ$ 133.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • GERMAN ENGINEERED HIGH QUALITY KITCHENWARE: Westmarks Spiralizer is among the best in the world and is rated to be one of the best kitchenware brands available today.
  • MATERIAL: Each product is made using high quality stainless steel blades with an ABS base. Included are 4 rubber suction feet to ensure a tight and secure hold. Equipped with an ergonomic handle, Westmarks product is efficient and comfortable to use.
  • EASY AND READY TO USE: This easy to use product comes with three different blades for three different shapes to slice. Theres a blade for spirals, one for fine Julienne shapes, and another for coarse Julienne shapes. When youre not using a specific blade, simply store it away like a drawer on the spiralizer unit. Ideal for carrots, zucchinis, cucumbers, cabbages, apples, pears, potatoes, and much more!
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Simply use soap and water to clean the product.
  • 5 YEAR WARRANTY: Backed with a 5 year warranty, Westmark is completely confident that you will love their product or we will refund your money back, no questions asked!
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Customer Reviews

Need both hands to operateThe product is very light weight and it feels like it. The suction cup at the bottom does not stay "glued" to the counter top. I would not recommend this product for people with limited use of their second hand or arm as you will need one hand to crank the vegetable and the other hand to move the vegetable forward using the second, lower, "handle".2WHEEEEE! This is fun.Thank goodness I had bought some zucchinis to have ready. Made the spaghetti and topped it with shrimp creole. Delicious. The holder/handle slides way back and I able to put a whole zucchini at a time. I love the color, design, and disc storage slots. I made a Spanish Omelette using the wide ribbon slicer for the onions and the potatoes. I think it took less than a minute to spiral three onions. Six potatoes sliced quickly as well.I'm a bit suspicious about the number of reviewers who received free or heavily discounted Spiromats in exchange for their "unbiased" opinions yet Amazon shows them as Verified Purchases. Also, I've never seen so many reviews with (excellent) photos - makes me think they were posted by the same person. Still, this is a wonderful tool.I have the Inspiralized cookbook and my only complaint is that not all recipes have photos. Let me know of multi-photo cookbooks. Also, would like a recommendation for recipe book that would appeal to kids. Want to buy another Spiromator my daughter.5Love it!!Update: 2 years after regular use and it still works and looks like new! Great purchase :DI love it! My Westmark spiralizer arrived today and I used it with some sweet potatoes and jicama... the noodles came fantastic. I tried all the blades and they are amazing at producing exactly what I am looking for, well define shapes and easy to use. I like that the color is an off white almost like a light grey and the blade pieces are red. My experience with the white plastic items is that they get stained over time, so that's also one of the plus sides of the Westmark for me personally. I read the other reviews and FYI the product I got was made in Germany and it came without a manual... but no need for that, as the box has clear pictures about the results using each blade and there are plenty of videos and recipes online. I don't know about durability, but that's not the point of this review and I will totally recommended it.5It works much like an apple corer/peeler/slicer--just pop your fruit or veggie on ...I bought this after purchasing (and returning) a hand-held spiralizer. I recently sliced off a fingertip with a kitchen knife, and upon inspecting the handheld spiralizer, decided my remaining fingers simply were not safe that close to those sharp blades. This spiralizer, however, fits the bill. It works much like an apple corer/peeler/slicer--just pop your fruit or veggie on and crank the handle, and you get beautiful "noodles." My children actually fight over the spiralized carrots--I can't make them fast enough. I've been sauteeing the "noodles" with a little bit of salt & pepper, and also replacing pasta with zucchini. This is a fabulous tool for anyone trying to eat more plants. The blades are sharp, the suction cups work great. No complaints here!!!5Decent Spiral Slicer, but slightly disappointed...There are several spiral-type slicers on the market. Many of the others appear to be the same style, all made in China, just marketed under different names. The price also varies considerably between them. One thing I kept reading over and over is about many units breaking after a very short time. Yeah, I love to get a good deal too, but not if the product doesn't last. So I found this one - the Westmark. It was just around the cost of the most expensive "China style" ones, about 33.00. I also loved that fact that it was said to be German made.However, when I received the package, the box had a "Made in China" sticker placed over the German black-red-yellow symbol. This was a disappointment. My 13-year old son convinced me it really wasn't a big deal. The slicer seems well constructed from what I can see; though, I don't really have anything to compare it to - as this is our first go at spiral slicing. If I had seen some of the others I might appreciate it being better made, or not.We were eager to try it out last night. We made Shrimp-Bacon Scampi with Zucchini noodles - so good! My 8-year old daughter did the spiralizing, and she said it was fun. Then after dinner we were in the room butting together bunk beds and our boys 13 & 14-years waked in with a big bowl of sliced pears. They switched out the blades to uses the biggest setting. They were pretty good to. Our toddler liked them a lot, as they were easy for her to chew.Some people mentioned about no manual or instruction sheet. I don't feel it's needed - my kids figured it out pretty easy. If your ordering this you basically know what it does, it's not hard. and for cleaning it: First out of the box I washed it with hot soapy water. Then the times we used it I just rinsed it off. Some of the food fibers didn't quite rise out of the smallest blade, so I used out kitchen toothbrush very gently, and that came right out. We plan on cleaning it as soon as possible after each use. It's not something I'd say to throw in the sink for later, and definitely would not put in the dishwasher, ever!Overall we are pleased with this product, so far. Myself, I was pretty disappointed that it was made in China, or at least has an indication of that. I looked at Westmark's website last night and viewed their product catalog. Actually, most of their products are German Made; however, for this particular product the description does not indicate the black-red-yellow signal. It seems to be a German designed product, that was manufactured in China. Like I said, a little disappointing, and I feel slightly misled, but I'll probably move past that quickly. I just hope the parts on it don't end up breaking off. We need it to be quite sturdy because we have kids who like to help out in the kitchen often. I'll probably hang onto the box for a bit, and if it gives us any trouble or shows any sign of weakness, I'll contact Amazon. They have always been great about remediation.Here is the web link in case you'd like to check it out for yourself:[...]3CRITICAL THINGS THE SPIRALIZER REVIEWS DON"T MENTION 1. There is a 1/2 inch core that the spiralizer leaves. When you put something in it, you need to carefully center the item on the 1/2 inch metal core knife. That is the center around which you spin. Clear instructions and photos that showed this would be very helpful. You do have to figure out what to do with the cores.2. It takes a little time to figure out how to get this to work. I have still not be able to get it to work with cabbage (shown in the pictures).3. There are really sharp blades, and you should be really careful when you are putting pressure on various components when you are getting it to work.4. Instructructions would be really helpful. There were not instructions in my package.All the above said, the spiralized veggies are wonderful. 4Good addition to the kitchenThe spiralizer is definitely something to add to your kitchen gadget collection. Recently, I decided to go gluten free due to some health issues, so the spiralizer was a must need for my diet change. Needing an alternative to wheat noodles and processed foods in general, this gadget is capable of endless recipe possibilities!The functionality of the blades work very well. I would recommend to have a small bristle brush to clean the blades as they have little crevices that are hard to get into with an ordinary kitchen sponge. The bottom has suction cups that hold well on any dry surface. It can slip if the counter top is wet in any way. I have made countless recipes such as cucumber salad, beet, zucchini, yellow squash and rutabaga veggie noodles. All in all, it produces a great end product.There were two drawbacks, which are more of a design flaw than anything. Firstly, the spiralizer is very light weight, made of a heavy duty plastic material.While applying pressure inward and at the same time turning the crank with my right hand- I have to apply pressure with the palm of my left hand on top of the blade area or the veggie noodles come out too thin or barely at all. I feel if they designed it with a bit more weight to the bottom- some of this issue may be resolved. Also, some veggies such as cucumber for instance, leak juice all over the counter top and then the suction cups start to slip. Lastly, I have to place a large cutting board underneath because the noodles tend to go "all over the place." In other words, there is no directional piece of plastic on the outer side of the blade to give direction to the noodles as they come out- therefore they shoot sideways and occasionally make quite a mess depending on what veggie you are spiralizing.4Oodles of Zoodles and More in 30 seconds or less!Love, love, love this thing. I have been making oodles of zoodles and it couldn't be easier. Love the storage of the blades in the housing. It is very sturdy and works like a charm on everything I have tried so far: zucchini, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and cucumbers to date. I was most impressed by the way it cut through the hard sweet potato without even flinching. Recipe hint: use the flat blade to make sweet potato strings/chips and pan fry them in coconut oil with coarse sea salt - top on burgers or just eat for a snack. to die for!It is super quick and easy It took me about 30 seconds to spiralize a good sized sweet potato. Takes less than 30 seconds to get through some huge zucchini that I grew in my garden. The suction cup feet are strong on my smooth (granite) counter - your mileage may vary on other counter types.Clean up is a snap. It is fully immersable, so I just swish it (blades and housing) in soapy water in the sink. If bits of veg get stuck in the blades a quick swipe of the kitchen dish brush takes it off and then rinse. That's it! One of the best (and healthiest) and most cost effective gadgets in my kitchen.5Well ConstructedAfter reading reviews of many spiralizers having flimsy construction, I was guided by more positive reviews of this one. I have to agree, the construction feels solid and, although I have not had it very long, I have been really pleased but how easy it is to use. I was worried that there were no instructions enclosed but, especially after watching the video, I found it really simple and intuitive to use. Happy with my purchase and look forward to experimenting with my new kitchen toy.5I like Spiral Slicer Spiralizer a lotI like Spiral Slicer Spiralizer a lot. It will cut my veggies into spirals very well, and is way better than the hand twist thing that I was using before it fell apart. I like it and if I had to would buy another one in the blink of any eye, however, there a couple of things that I had to get use to. It is light weight and the suction cups on mine do not do a good job of holding it in place while using it. It definitely takes two hands to operate. Pressure has to be applied to the veggie once inserted and you are starting to turn the handle. This is somewhat inconvenient, but only a small thing to get use to. Clean up is a breeze, all the blades cut very well, it is fast, and I would definitely buy it again if I needed to. For the price and I think it is the best I have seen so far. Great tool for the kitchen.4Don't waste your time or money on this oneThis product is not made in Germany. It's made in China. There were no instructions in the box. It is made of cheap plastic. I returned it immediately. After continued research, I found that most are made junkie. There is a kitchenaid mixer attachment that looks well made. But, I found it after I ordered another Spiralizer from another company. It's probably no better but I am hoping for the best. It's too bad that one has to spend over $500.00 for a good stainless steel unit.1
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