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Weston 4 Piece Accessory Kit for Tomato Press and Sauce Maker ,Silver

  • Weston 4 Piece Accessory Kit for Tomato Press and Sauce Maker ,Silver
  • Weston 4 Piece Accessory Kit for Tomato Press and Sauce Maker ,Silver
  • Weston 4 Piece Accessory Kit for Tomato Press and Sauce Maker ,Silver
  • Weston 4 Piece Accessory Kit for Tomato Press and Sauce Maker ,Silver
  • Weston 4 Piece Accessory Kit for Tomato Press and Sauce Maker ,Silver
  • Weston 4 Piece Accessory Kit for Tomato Press and Sauce Maker ,Silver
  • Weston 4 Piece Accessory Kit for Tomato Press and Sauce Maker ,Silver

Weston 4 Piece Accessory Kit for Tomato Press and Sauce Maker ,Silver

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Accessory Kit for use with Westons Tomato Press & Sauce Maker (07-0801)
  • With this set, you can turn almost any soft fruit or vegetable into purees, sauces, or salsas
  • Easily removes seeds from berries
  • Purees squash, potatoes or yams
  • Make juice and jelly from scratch
  • The kit includes :
  • Salsa Screen 6mm/1/4 inch
  • Berry Screen 1mm/3/64 inches
  • Pumpkin & Squash Screen 3mm/1/8 inches
  • Grape Spiral (5 inches long
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Customer Reviews

I went cheap and it turned out as expected. It was a major mess, there are too many parts, cleanup was not easy and it didn t do what I expected on tomatoes and Concord grapes. We grown a lot of our own food and it s always disappointing to have skins and pulp not be processed into something edible rather than ending up in the compost pile. I wanted to keep everything from the grapes except the seeds but even with the 07-0858 Accessory Kit the holes either passed the seeds through or were too small and clogged with the pulp. I was hoping to process tomatoes and it just ended up being a total mess and it leaked terribly. Perhaps on a very small scale this might be more effective but when you have a lot of items to process it s just not worth it and even on a large cookie sheet it was still hard to contain the mess. I gave it one last try with strawberries and it was the same sloppy mess and a loss of pulp. In essence, it s a juicer that doesn t do as good a job in juicing as a juicer does. I ll likely not use it again and have ordered a Blendtec Blender and, so far, excellent results and no mess but we ll see how that works on tomatoes. It did not separate the seeds from the pulp so it was a failure on that claim. The auger pushes material through the sleeve forces everything to the end, rather than dispensing along the sides as it turns, so at the very end that s where everything except the juice ended up and it bogged down. Filling that hopper with tomatoes like in the picture doesn t work either and you either need to cut them smaller or start mashing down on them hard to get them to fit into the auger grooves. It did not make the canning of tomatoes any easier and it was back to the old process. Apparently, based on the reviews, experiences do vary but since it wasn t helpful for the two items I specifically purchased it for I m not trying it on anything else. It was about 25-bucks plus the same amount again for the accessory kit it wasn t all that painful but it also took me years to justify buying my KitchenAid Professional Stand Mixer and after doing so going cheap and expecting exceptional results usually ends up as an exercise in futility. If all you want is juice this will do it. 3works well, messy to clean up, need your own collection devices. it works. its hard to clean up after, especially the screen. i find running water on it while scraping it with a spoon works. cut the tomatoes up (washed of course). make them golf ball size and push it through. it makes an odd click sound, i'm guessing that's the weld. put a pot under the side half, a bowl on the other. i set up, processed and cleaned up a large basket of them in about 30-40min. pass the slop that comes out through the machine about 3-4 more times to get every bit out of it. you'll start with a large bowl of tomatoes, and end up with a pocket full of seeds and skins.clean up is messy though, as the goo is everywhere in the machine. and stuff gets behind the impeller.the suction cup is large, sticks well. it doesn't come with any collection stuff, you need that. remember to add a bit of vegetable oil to the O ring so it doesn't leak. you don't need to get the motor version of this. doing this is very fast and easy. much easier if you had a friend cutting the things up. 5Love it. I had a food strainer similar to this one for many many years. It always leaked but I still used it. Finally after about 30yrs decided it was time for a new one. I read many of the reviews that said this one leaked also, but I took my chances and ordered it. It only leaks if the food you put through it is to hot and when the food is pushed to hard through it, which it does indicate that in the instruction booklet. I love this machine. It is much easier to assemble than my other machine. The only thing that I see there maybe being a problem with is the clear plastic cup that is on the end of the strainer there the skins come through it really hard to put on and take off and because of it being plastic I think there is a potential for it to break so I am being very careful with that. Otherwise I love it. I made several quarts of tomato juice, v-8 juice and apple sauce with it this year. For the price it is perfect. I looked at many other machines for the same purpose that were a lot more expensive and thought maybe I should go with one of those, but I think I made the right decision with this machine. 5Late, scratched and missing a part Now unfortunately my initial review is to be about what I got out of the box instead of the actual product. It came a day late which normally wouldn t be a problem, except I have a few bushel maters in my kitchen. So with great excitement I open the box and immediately notice the hopper has scratches on the inside. Then as I unpack more I see scratches on the clear plastic part that the waste comes out of. So disappointed. Then as I m trying to figure how it goes together and checking all my parts, I see that I m missing something that plastic that goes with the handle. Ughhh.I call amazon and after dealing with a gal who seemed lost and initiated a return of the accessory kit (that I got last week) instead of the actual strainer, my replacement will be here in 2 days. Hopefully my maters last that long. I will see if I can still try it out without the handle piece tonight. I also purchased a motor so it may still work with that. Will update. For now it has to get 3 stars. 3Purchase with bulk quantities of paper towels... I bought this strainer in the hope that it would be a real time-saver when processing tomatoes. Instead, it made the process longer and more complicated.As other reviewers have noted, the unit tends to leak juice/puree near the crank. In my experience, the word "leak" was an understatement. At times it gushed tomato juice/puree near the crank.While the assembly is fairly easy, disassembly after use was extremely messy.Some pieces, such as the waste funnel, seem rather flimsy. It would most likely break after multiple uses. But I will not have to worry about that...after one use I decided I will not put myself through this again. Overall, it created such a massive mess that the time I spent cleaning up negated any time saved by avoiding the traditional blanching & peeling method. 1It's so fast and easy. In fact We have used this with apples and tomatoes so far. It made it a hundred times easier and faster than how we had been doing applesauce. Previously I would wash, peel, cut, cook, and blend apples into sauce. I ended up with tendinitis last year, after processing gallons and gallons of apples. I went in search of an easier method for this year, and discovered this! Now I wash, slice, and lightly cook the apples. Once they are softened we run them through the mill; skins, seeds, bugs and all. Then we run the pulp through once more to get any last bits out, but that second run can be skipped. We have had no leaking. This cut down on the work so much! It's so fast and easy. In fact, my six and four year old ran the strainer the whole time the last batch, no problem. 5Great for applesauce! I upgraded to this from the Foley mill based upon the suggestion of a friend. I have a lot of apples on my property and got tired using the Foley mill to make apple sauce. It was too labor and time intensive. This thing has been great. I can fit the whole dutch oven full of apples into the hopper up top, and it's incredibly easy to process.I've had no issues with the suction lock on my countertop, and the peels and all that come out are easy to capture and then put back in at least one more time. It does take more time to clean than the Foley, but not by much. Now, instead of making 1 batch of apple sauce, I want to get a lot of it ready at once to process.My one complaint is that I do fear a bit for the durability of it. The clear plastic extension where the peels come out is a bit hard to snap on and off. The red stomper is light, but it's hollow so I worry about if I ever will crush it. But we'll see. I've done about 5 gallons of sauce already and had no issues.Someday I'll get the other screens and try out those too. 5Leaks /Plastic wears off I bought this to make raspberry jam. It leaked (see pictures) at the neck of the food chute and I had to keep switching out paper towels to catch all the juice and protect the counter. Also, the auger is made of plastic and I noticed after using the strainer once to make two batches of jam that the plastic started to grate off. I'm hoping that the screen caught any plastic shavings. I bought a replacement auger so I could make more jam. The auger and screen attached to the unit with a spring. I was unable to reassemble them (either with the new auger or the old auger) so I couldn't not use the strainer at all. (And the spring did not look damaged.) The plunger is pretty cheap and very pliable and I wasn't convinced it was food grade, so I didn't use it. The one thing that did work very well was the berry screen (sold separately). It did an excellent job of removing the seeds from the raspberries. 2IF YOU LOVE TO CAN TOMATOES OR ANYTHING ELSE SOFT, YOU'VE GOT TO HAVE THIS! Sorry if this gets long, but I'm going to do a thorough review, address problems others have written of, and provide a few helpful hints, if I can.I'm 67, have been canning for almost 50 years. Being old-school, I've always blanched my tomatoes, peeled, cored, seeded with a sieve/pestle, spending hours at these chores and making a total mess of my kitchen. This appliance takes care of all that in one easy step.Assembly: Read the directions more than once and look at the diagrams. It's easy if you follow the directions and use a little intuition and common sense. Be sure you've attached the Screen correctly, and don't forget to tighten the Screen Thumbscrew. There's no hole to put it into; it's a pressure fit. Several people have complained about leakage. I didn't have any even the first time I used it. They may have forgotten to tighten the Screw or insert the Screen Gasket. That's important.Stabilize the appliance: You have options of Suction or C-clamp. I began with the Suction, and if you use that, remember to dampen the suction with a little water. It'll adhere better to your surface. I did have a little problem with the suction, but it's easy to reapply, even in mid-use. I was doing this on my kitchen table, so engaged the Suction and added the C-clamp, which won't mar your table top because it never touches it. The two together kept the appliance rock solid.Use: Fill the Hopper with your quartered tomatoes. It holds a lot, and use the Stomper to direction them down to the Spiral auger. Some reviews found the stomper flimsy. I think it's just right. Yes, it's plastic, but it lets you feel what you're doing. One review says the spiral auger (which is plastic) edges were becoming rough, and the reviewer was afraid of bits of plastic breaking off and going into the pot.Hint: You can feel it if the stomper comes in contact with the auger, which may have been the problem. Lift the stomper out and send more tomato down the hopper.Hint: The spiral auger forces the tomatoes against the screen, and as the screen holes are small to contain the seeds to be pushed into the waste bowl, the screen can become slightly clogged with tomato meat. This is a good thing! It means all that goodness is going where it should. If you feel the appliance is bogging down, reach your hand in and scrape the mash on the outside of the screen off and onto the Chute. You can't hurt yourself. The screen doesn't move.Everyone advises putting the skins/seeds in the waste bowl through the appliance again. I did so, but only one time through. What came out as waste the second time was almost dry.Cleanup: Not a problem. At least I didn't think so, as it didn't include wiping down walls!Hint: When you're through, keep turning the crank for a minute. There's still waste in the spiral auger, and you want to get as much as possible out before you disassemble the appliance. There'll still be stuff you have to clean out, but that's inevitable with any appliance. Rinse the pieces off and wash in soapy water.Observation: Some reviewers don't feel this would be dishwasher safe. I didn't try it, as my dishwasher was busy sterilizing jars. Personally, I feel it would be safe for the dishwasher. The metal frame only needs wiping off, but I wouldn't hesitate to put the plastic pieces on the top shelf of my dishwasher. If you're in doubt, take them out at the end of the wash cycle, before the dry cycle begins, but I don't think even that's necessary.A great many reviews consider the Waste Funnel to be flimsy. It is the most fragile of all the pieces, but I don't see that as a problem. Be gentle with it. It does go on and come off with a bit of difficulty. Don't drop it. If it does crack, or even break, I'm sure it's a low-cost replacement, or use some clear packing tape or even duct tape to fix it. After all, it doesn't have anything to do with the actual use of the appliance, which, I'm certain, could be used without it.Overall, I'm in love with this product! It does everything it's said to do, and is sturdy enough I'm fairly sure it'll last longer than I will.Last thought: I was a bit hesitant to buy this because of the price. I mean, for that price, how good could it be? Don't be discouraged by the low price. This is a quality appliance! 5Auger will NOT fit due to MASSIVE gap from retention spring This is the first Weston product we have purchased that we are completely unhappy with; the vacuum sealer works very well and for a company that has a reputation for a decent product, this one is completely off the mark. Purchased this utterly worthless piece of equipment along with the additional sleeves to process tomatoes and immediately after putting it together we noticed a LARGE gap between the back of the auger and spring which does not allow food to catch and move down the sleeve against the auger and processing the food. Assuming we assembled something wrong or did not follow directions properly, we searched YouTube for videos to reference. The attached photos are literally from screenshots of unboxing and instructional videos which shows the EXACT same thing we saw when the tomato press was put together. As for cleaning, it seems to be very easy to clean; but this would be due to the fact that NOTHING was able to go through the machine warranting it to need cleaning.Will return this IMMEDIATELY.DO. NOT. BUY. You have been warned. 1
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