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World's Best Feather Soft Microfiber Neck Pillow, Navy

  • World's Best Feather Soft Microfiber Neck Pillow, Navy
  • World's Best Feather Soft Microfiber Neck Pillow, Navy
  • World's Best Feather Soft Microfiber Neck Pillow, Navy
  • World's Best Feather Soft Microfiber Neck Pillow, Navy
  • World's Best Feather Soft Microfiber Neck Pillow, Navy

World's Best Feather Soft Microfiber Neck Pillow, Navy

NZ$ 186.00 NZ$ 112.00 Save: NZ$ 74.00
NZ$ 112.00 NZ$ 186.00 You save: NZ$ 74.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • ECO-FRIENDLY. At Wolf Manufacturing, we strive to preserve our planet for the next generation of travelers. By using recycled fibers for our neck pillow filling and minimal packaging thats made from 100% recycled paper, we can help play our part in protecting the environment.
  • PREMIUM COMFORT. Our luxurious crystal fleece neck pillow cover and feather soft fiber filling will keep you cozy no matter where your travels take you. Unlike micro-beads, our fiber-filled travel neck pillow offers support that will keep your head, neck, and shoulders from feeling fatigued.
  • EASY TO CLEAN. Simply toss the entire neck pillow into the washing machine on a warm cycle, and tumble dry on low heat.
  • SNAP CLOSURE. Convenient snap closure to keep your travel pillow securely in place around your neck. When not in use, you can attach the neck pillow to your carry-on, backpack, or luggage to keep from misplacing it while on-the-go.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC. We use hypoallergenic materials for the shell and filling on our pillows to ensure you dont have to worry about allergens that a traditional down filled pillow can harbor.
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Customer Reviews

Dont buy...look for microbead ones, lighter and soft. This is huge, very heavy and extremly hard around your neck. Bought two, returning both. Have 4 microbead ones for car, 2 more for travel, soft and durable. These Feather soft are so not soft. 1This pillow is almost perfect. It's super squishy and comfortable This pillow is almost perfect. It's super squishy and comfortable. It is advertised as having a removable, washable cover. This is deceiving. The cover is removable, but the stuffing is not solid. I was afraid that is I removed the "stuffing" I would not be able to get it back in without it being lumpy.My solution is to wipe it down with a disinfectant wipe.I am disappointed that I cannot throw the cover in the wash, but not enough to send it back. 4So firm it hurts, caused jaw painThis thing is just painfully firm. I bought it to use when I got a helix piercing (I sleep with my left ear in the hole on one side every night and my right ear just on a regular pillow when I roll.) While the discomfort has helped me a lot with not sleeping on my piercing at all since it disrupts my sleep so much, I ve not gotten a decent night s sleep in 2 months. I strongly recommend buying it if you want to train yourself to not roll in your sleep with physical pain if you do roll. I ve gone from moving a lot in my sleep to being stiff as a board from the threat of having to sleep on this thing.As a travel pillow, it sucks. I don t even use it anymore to travel when I have no other options. Literally just letting your head dangle with no support hurts less. I can t imagine any hard surface being less comfortable.Additionally, this pillow has severely increased my jaw pain on the side I sleep on it. It hurts even when I use it as intended with my neck in the pillow. Honestly, I think even if you don t have a history of TMJ, using this thing daily could certainly give you that history of TMJ. Say goodbye to eating large burgers or sandwiches if you use this regularly.The microfiber cover is soft to the touch, but you cannot remove it to wash since it s just stuffed with loose, hair-like fibers. Idk how to go about washing this thing.Tldr; get any other travel pillow unless you like pain.1It feels great with a good stuffing insideI bought this for a long plane trip. It feels great with a good stuffing inside. I love the fact that it is machine washable! That is a must for me. It also has snaps to either keep it around your neck or connected to your bag/luggage/etc. The color and pattern were also very nice! I gave it 4 instead of 5 only because I am pretty petite and have a small head and it was a little large for my liking.4Pillow not comfortable!Positives first: pillow seems well made; cover is soft; leopard print is attractive.Negatives: pillow is too fat for me; it does not go all the way around my short neck; it tips my head forward at a most uncomfortable angle.For me this purchase was very disappointing. It just wasn t comfortable!3I love this little pillow so much I now have 3~I love this little pillow so much I now have 3~! Completely solved my 'pillow' issues and never wake with a stiff neck. I use mine for sleep rather than travel. With degenerative arthritis my neck is always in pain and do not sleep well. This pillow holds your head just right whether laying on your side or back giving you the perfect support ALL night! Now I keep one by the couch and a spare to share when guests visit.5Bought it for traveling and am glad I invested in one Bought it for traveling and am glad I invested in one. It is very cushiony so I don't really have a lot of space to lean on it (if that makes sense). Good for airplanes and long car trips to help ease neck pain. The only thing I wish they did was put the stuffing in its own case so I can wash the outer layer. I opened the zipper and the stuffing was just right there. But other than that, its cheap and gets the job done! 4Not ComfortableNot comfortable at all. I took it on a business trip, hoping that I could stay comfortable during the flight. However, this is seriously uncomfortable, too soft, and also just adjustable to travel with you. It is supposed to be soft, provides the comfort of softness with the feathers but nothing seriously was better to just the headrest on the plane.1So Comfy This little pillow is great! Its nice and "plump" and the material is very nice and soft. I didn't notice it in the pictures or description, but it has a nice little snap button fastener at the bottom of it so you can clip it around bags and luggage for travel which is a nice little feature. We will definitely be buying another one of these! 5TOO TIGHT ~~~ Don't get this unless you want to be strangled by your neck cushion! I just got this, took it out of the box never dreaming of how it could be messed up, put it on, and too tight. I am a very petite woman, small boned, and it is SNUG. How anyone else that is larger (which is most of the population) could be comfortable in it is beyond me.Anyway, I do not recommend this based on my wearing it for 5 minutes. As soon as I put it on I wanted to tear it off. 1Comfortable neck pillow if you enjoy firm pillows.This is a well made neck pillow. I really like it but I am hoping after more use it will become more comfortable as it is still quite stiff. I am going to wash it today and maybe it will loosen up. If you enjoy firm pillows this is the one for you. I would still recommend it but I honestly just currently place behind my head for comfort , not around my neck. I also have a somewhat long thin neck so it might not work comfortably around a large neck. Ships on time/ quickly. Great price point too.4Great neck pillow! Comfortable, supportive neck pillow. It was a little too firm for me BUT not a problem.....easily unzipped & removed some of the filler & made it perfect! Nice material & the burgundy color perfect match for my chair! 5Love the color! It's a beautiful bright turquoise. Yes there is no inner bag, but that's allowed me to pull some of the stuffing out and get it to the size I needed it to be. I've only used it in the car and for that it's very comfortable. It's definitely tighter than I was expecting around your neck and I have quite a small neck. I used to have one of these from Walmart and it was looser around, so this might not work if you have a wider than normal neck. Otherwise it's great! 5Wonderful pillow.I purchased this neck pillow to replace a microbead one that had fallen apart.It is firm without bing uncomfortable [I can fall asleep easily while wearing this] and the snaps keep it from shifting when i move me head or position. This would make a great gift with anyone who has neck pains/sore neck.The pillow came wrapped in a separate plastic bag which was also a plus.5Not really washableThe description of this product says that the cover is machine washable. I went to wash it and unzipped the zipper, only to find that it's filled with a brown fibrous batting that has no casing. I guess the cover is removable, if you want to stuff it again yourself.I also found the back-of-the-neck portion too thick to comfortably use. The "cover" is nice though1... opens up right to the stuffing allowing you to easily remove as much as you'd likeNot sure why people are complaining that it's too firm- there's a zipper in the back that opens up right to the stuffing allowing you to easily remove as much as you'd like. Great pillow!5It's Not The Best Neck PillowI have osteoarthritis in my neck, and many years ago picked up a neck pillow at a rest stop while on a road trip from Colorado to NH. I loved this pillow and used it not only on road trips, but anytime I sat in my recliner. As soon as it started to show signs of wear, i began the search for a new one. I now have a collection of neck pillows that just don't cut it! Tried one more time with the World's best neck pillow. I guess maybe I have a short neck, cause the ends of the U shaped pillow rub my jaw and hold my head at an uncomfortable angle. It is okay if you just put it behind your head, but doesn't work as a neck pillow if you have a short neck.3
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