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WubbaNub Infant Pacifier - Baby Penguin

  • WubbaNub Infant Pacifier - Baby Penguin
  • WubbaNub Infant Pacifier - Baby Penguin
  • WubbaNub Infant Pacifier - Baby Penguin
  • WubbaNub Infant Pacifier - Baby Penguin
  • WubbaNub Infant Pacifier - Baby Penguin
  • WubbaNub Infant Pacifier - Baby Penguin

WubbaNub Infant Pacifier - Baby Penguin

NZ$ 130.00 NZ$ 78.00 Save: NZ$ 52.00
NZ$ 78.00 NZ$ 130.00 You save: NZ$ 52.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • WubbaNub Brand- The Original Pacifier/Plush Animal combination
  • Durable one piece construction is both functional and stylish. Patented design makes it easy for baby to grasp
  • Distributed in hospitals, NICU and well-baby units nationwide
  • Made with medical-grade silicone pacifier. Latex free, BPA, PVC and Phthalate free
  • Recommended for newborns through six months. (Not suggested for babies with teeth or in teething stage)
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Customer Reviews

Not weighted anymoreIt s been about 8 years since I have bought a wubbanub. My oldest took them but my other two kids would not. Just had my 4th and for his latch the soothie/wubbanub style works better. Anyways the first thing both my husband and I noticed after ordering a few of these is they aren t weighted anymore which to me seems silly because the stuffed animals now are too light and they sit funny. The old ones use to have pellets in their paws which helped smaller babies keep the pacifier in. Not sure why they changed these but I am disappointed.3You must have this for baby!!!!!!!Oh my! I thought this thing wasn t worth a damn, I was so wrong. This little pacifer is the best hands down item ever! My daughter has trouble keeping a pacifier in her mouth because it s not a breast or a bottle (no milk, no interest). She likes the pacifier but needs help keeping it in her mouth (less than 7wks old). Well that becomes difficult when she needs to sleep at 2am but I need to hold her pacifier because she spits it out or wiggles in frustration and my swaddling gets destroyed and that no longer holds it in place either. The stuffed animal very cleverly is able to be positioned easily and had more weight (mind you still extremely light), just enough to keep the pacifier in her mouth easier and not suffocate.I m finally getting sleep and baby is happy. I now have 4 different stuffed animal WubbaNubs all extremely easy to clean- use a mesh bag and place them in laundry. I use normal wash and even tumble dry.This is a staple you don t leave home without, and will be a baby shower gift that keeps on giving.5Most Functional Pacie- Great for Breastfed Babies!!These are great! The stuffed animals attached to the pacie make them so functional! Not only are the cute, sweet and comforting, the animal helps them stay in place for newborns that haven't quite figured out their hands yet. They also make them easy to find! I love the fact that WubbaNub has teamed up with Soothie bc they are one of the best pacie's for breastfed babies (causing less nipple confusion)! Totally recommend, we have bought several!5They workThese things work too well. We had 2 kids that didn't have them and they weaned themselves off of their pacifier at 7 months no problems. We had 2 kids that use these, one we had to have a big ceremonious goodbye to the pacifier, which consisted of cutting the pacifier off of the animal and letting him sleep with just the stuffed animal part. The other is 18 months and can't sleep well without the Wubbanub. Other pacifiers will get him to sleep, but he wakes up after a while if it's not his "duck" which is a penguin, but I'll cut him some slack.Actual product feature points:It does keep the pacifier from rolling away. They can find it at night when they wake up without me having to go in there and pull their bed apart to find it for them and lull them back to sleep. It's also easier to find because it's bigger and doesn't roll. You do have to wash it often because kids are gross. I'd buy 2 in case one gets lost, because heaven help me if you can't find it by bedtime!5... for a long time because it kind of seemed like a cheesy (and sort of expensive) thing that so ...i hesitated on buying a wubbanub for a long time because it kind of seemed like a cheesy (and sort of expensive) thing that so many people have and i didn't want to buy into it. but truth is, it does help my baby (from about 3 months on) hold onto her pacifier herself and she has a better rate of getting back inside her mouth on her own. now at 4 and a half months, we use it all the time and she likes holding onto it. also, the penquin is REALLY cute! we were already using soothies so that was a nice touch. it is a little weird to me that the instructions say to wash the animal in the clothes washer and that the pacifier can be put in a dishwasher or sterilized when the pieces are sewn together? we end up just washing the pacifier part in the sink and not worrying much about the animal...5Cute and very helpful for soothingWe have MANY "wubbas" as they are lovingly called in our house. After my daughter responded so well to the soothie pacifier, someone gave us a Wubba Nub. A revolution began! When they are infants, this toy keeps the pacifier in place and becomes a lovey for the child. Cannot recommend these enough (although I do think they are overpriced for what they are).I give it 4 starts due to the quality. It could be slightly better. I wash the wubbas periodically (wash on gentle with air dry) and they have fallen apart (the pacifier not the toy). The plastic on the pacifier cracks eventually and you have to get a new one for safety reasons.4adorable and great for not losing your pacifierMy 3.5 month old daughter has a giraffe Wubbanub too. She loves to hold (and lately suck on) the stuffed animals as well as the Soothie part. She used to babble to them, but I haven't heard her do that in the last few weeks. A really nice thing about the pacifier's attachment is that it is stiff, so she can maneuver the pacifier into her mouth by herself using the stuffie at least some of the time (at night, sorry, doesn't work that way). Last weekend, I attached the Wubbanub that lives in her car seat to a tether to attach to her umbrella stroller (that one's the giraffe, but the penguin and giraffe are equally tetherable), making it delightfully difficult to lose.The main problem, as many people have pointed out, is the fact that you can't switch out the pacifier, for cleaning or for a different size, or anything else. But if you want to get another brand that does switch out...most of them do not have a stiff pacifier attachment, rendering baby getting pacifier into her mouth by herself more problematic. For this reason when I bought her a third pacifier stuffie, I got a different brand that still attaches pretty stiff but can switch out pacifiers.5Wubbanubs FTW!Easy to clean! Would just toss him in the washing machine and dryer with the baby's other cloths and would smell great again and be clean! And my son chewed on the flat edges as teething began, very comforting and soothing for him. He never did any other passifires, and I think these were the reason. Very happy we never had addiction to the passifier issues! He chose these over the regulars every time, and eventually they became more of a toy vs something to suck/chew. Must have!5Eh... it s fineI read rave reviews about these things, but my baby really doesn t care about it. In fact if the baby is crying and I ask for a pacifier, my husband will jokingly offer me this one to which I ll respond no, a real pacifier . Our baby is two months so he sometimes holds the penguin and can almost catch it as it falls out of his mouth, but other than that he this is really just a less useful pacifier. I think the soothie really doesn t work for him; I wish we could attach the animal to one of his MAM pacifiers. Also it s laughable that the company gives your separate cleaning instructions for two things that are sewn together.3So cute and practical Confession - I did not ask for Wubbanubs for my baby shower. I hadn't even heard of them. Fast forward four months later to about two weeks postpartum. I am about to lose it after losing what might have been my son's tenth pacifier of the morning (the clips just weren't cutting it). I call my friend in desperation and she quickly sends me a Wubbanub in the mail. And that started our love story with Wubbanubs. They are these adorable stuffed animals (just big enough for teeny baby hands) with pacifiers on the end. They are almost impossible to lose, are easy to clean, and double as a comforting toy if baby isn't into the Paci. Totally worth picking up one or two for your little one!!!! 5Lifesaver for babies that can't seem to keep the pacifer in by themselves.This thing was a total game changer for me and my baby! I was on the fence about getting one, but on a whim I bought it, and now I regret waiting so long!My infant couldnt keep her soothie pacifier in on her own. The second I took my hand off of it, it would go flying out of her mouth, and then she would cry. This helped keep it in her mouth. I have no idea why, but this made it so much easier for her to keep it in. Now after 3 month, she is very attached to her wubbanub. She is almost 6 months and plays with her penguin and giraffe all the time. I thought she would pull the pacifier out more because of the animal attached, but for whatever reason, she doesnt. She hold onto the plush part, but this has absolutely helped her keep the pacifier in when before she couldn't.Wish I bought it sooner!5Guys...this saved every ounce of sanity ever. I used to be childless. I used to laugh at the toy "stapled" to the paci and ask myself WHY? But I have seen the light now. This paci stuffed animal combination saved my marriage and my sanity. My 2 month old could hold it and all of a sudden we were sleeping again. It didn't get lost with all the other pacis under the drib as she got older. I can't say enough for this silly idea that is actually brilliant. I will always get this for gifts for baby showers and tell them how important the wubbanub is in those first few months of life. 5What I REALLY love about them is every night My 8 month old daughter loves the WubbaNubs! Before, I was just purchasing the regular pacifier and we lost dozens of them. The Wubbanubs are much easier to keep track of and I am proud to say I havent lost a single one! Also, they are big enough that my daughter can find them and put them in her mouth on her own. What I REALLY love about them is every night, I place two of them in her crib at night so if she wakes up and cant fall back asleep, she just finds one, puts it in her mouth, and goes back to bed! Hello full night of sleep! lol 5
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