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Wusthof 2 Stage Sharpener With 6-Inch By 8-Inch Bar Board

  • Wusthof 2 Stage Sharpener With 6-Inch By 8-Inch Bar Board

Wusthof 2 Stage Sharpener With 6-Inch By 8-Inch Bar Board

NZ$ 164.00 NZ$ 99.00 Save: NZ$ 65.00
NZ$ 99.00 NZ$ 164.00 You save: NZ$ 65.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Set includes 2 stage sharpener and 6 inch by 8 inch bar board
  • Sharpener will sharpen and hone knives
  • Sharpener has a nonslip base for a safe operation
  • Hardwood cutting board is durable and a handy size
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Customer Reviews

Sharpness Matters This kitchen knife sharpener exceeded my expectations. I have a set of german kitchen knives that I purchased in 1999. I have used them all these years and even the supplied honing stick was not really helping keep an edge on them. I figured it was time to buy a new knife set, but I decided to try this sharpener out first. My knives are now razor sharp- just like new! I simply pulled the blades through the course groove several times and then honed them in with the fine groove. I actually had a pile of metal shavings on the counter because my knives were so dull. I can cut a tomato again without squishing it or having to pierce it first with the point. No special skill required to use this sharpener and get a razor edge. 5For my REALLY dull Henckel knives it took 15 passes on the coarse ... For clarity on using it: Someone posted to push gently, I pushed so gently it didn't do anything! So push until you can feel it cutting. Hold the knife at 90 degrees, perpendicular to the table and start at the handle end of the knife. For my REALLY dull Henckel knives it took 15 passes on the coarse part and 5 times on the fine section and they came out beautifully. As I worked, I wiped the knife blade often with my fingers and turned the sharpener upside down and tapped it on the counter to get the shavings out. I could rub my finger against the blade to see when it was sharp, extremely different from when I started. I hadn't sharpened the blade in over a year with lots of use. Once I knew what I was doing, it works wonderfully. Very good product. 5Photoshopped. While this product probably will work fine, the cutting board is much smaller than depicted in the picture. The long width of the cutting board is physically shorter than the sharpener. I gave this one star because I find deceptive advertising on Amazon unacceptable. 1Find a better method for sharpening your knife. I have a brand new Wusthof knife that I needed a sharpener for, after using this sharpener a few times and following the directions I can t get it back to the sharpness I prefer. I contacted customer service and they didn t help. 1Poor quality manufacturing keeps this product from getting 5 stars I am fairly careful about keeping my kitchen knives sharp; up to now, I have used a set of standard sharpening stones. For the price, this sharpener is functional and puts a serviceable edge on a kitchen knife. There is one major problem with the Wusthof sharpener--the tops of the two carbide pieces (the "coarse" slot) are not flush with the plastic, so that you have to insert the blade very carefully between them to avoid banging the knife blade on the horizontal top of the carbide bit. This does not make the sharpener useless, but it does make it significantly slower and less convenient than if the thing were properly designed/assembled. I'm afraid Wusthof has compromised their legendary high quality in the process of outsourcing their manufacturing to China. Rather than returning this item, I will probably try to "fix" it by adding some epoxy or something, but I really shouln't have to do that. 3Solid sharpener for PEtech edge Wusthof knives Solid sharpener for Wusthof standard kitchen knives (e.g., Grand Prix II, Classic, Classic Ikon), gets them nice and sharp again. Not sure how long it will last. As far as I can tell it supports 1 angle, namely the PEtec Edge with 14 in angle per side... so if you try to sharpen a different brand or a non-PEtec edge Wusthof blade (e.g., Suntoku, Gourmet) you're going to be unhappy, since you'll start to introduce a new angle to the blade.Unless you want to sit and hand sharpen for a long time, wearing down the sharpener and the blade, I highly recommend you do research on your blades before buying a sharpener, or get an electric one that'll just through sheer force re-edge your blades to whatever angle the electric sharpener supports :)Also worth noting it doesn't work with serrated blades, though that's in the description 4Not for me! First, let me say that I am a custom knife maker by trade. I've been making custom knives for some 35 plus years. So my expectations may be slightly different than the average consumer. That said, I bought this hoping it would make it easier for my wife to keep a sharp knife without waiting for me to do it. In other words, so I don't spend hours honing knives that will be used as a pizza cutter.That out of the way, to the pros. The tool is well made, has good weight, and doesn't skid on hard surfaces. It is what it says it is.As for the cons, the carbide slot is not a honing tool. It's a scraper. Which...would be handy if you have a really dull knife or one with a different angle on the blade and need to reestablish it to the angle of the Wusthof system's ceramic finishing slot. Problem is, it will take WEEKS to do that using light enough strokes so that it doesn't gouge the edge of the blade. And if you use enough pressure to remove material quickly, it rolls the edge or "burrs" it, which leaves it wavy like a piece of paper pulled through scissors. If you understand what I mean? The result is a gouged and uneven edge that feels sharp, but breaks off at the first real resistance and leaves the knife blunt. And that's no matter how much you pull it through the ceramic slot. It actually just makes it worse.Just some guidance from someone who has spent THOUSANDS of hours honing fine knives. Get good stones and learn to do it by hand OR buy one of those systems that sets the angle for you and do it right. Cause angle and texture are everything in a sharp tool. The closer to 45 degrees total (15-20 degrees per side) the edge is, the more pressure it takes to cut something, but the edge will last much longer. The closer to 20 degrees total (10-15 degrees per side), the less pressure required to cut, but it dulls quicker doing the same work. Makes sense, right? So for knives of questionable quality steel, a steeper angle approaching 40 degrees may not cut as easily, but it will last longer.Also, the finer the finishing media used for the final hone, the longer the edge will last. With cheap knives that you're gonna have to sharpen a lot, not that important since it's extra time. But if you have good cutlery, it's worth the extra time to put a finish hone on the blade. It's gonna hold the edge longer and make the chore easier. 2An excellent sharpener, for as long as it lasts An excellent sharpener, for as long as it lasts. My first lasted about a year. Maybe that's all one should expect from a $20 sharpener. If you look at it from the perspective of all the money and time saved, perhaps, from not having to take your knives to a professional knife sharpener, then $20 once a year is worth it. An actual sharpening stone will certainly last longer, but you need the skill to use it. Alack and alas, I do not. So $20 a year I suppose it is. A first world problem, for certain. :-> 4All Most Professional Grade This is the second Wusthof knife sharpener I have owned. The first one was a gift. I love this sharpener. It sharpens my knives very sharp and it's so easy to use. I like the course and fine blades it has to do a more consistent job. After I have finished sharpening all my knives, I take a soft cloth and wipe all blades off just to get sharpening dust off them. I also blow out the dust on the Wusthof blades. You will love how this handy sharpener sharpens all your knives. 5Messed up my Wusthof knives All of my kitchen knives are made by Wusthof. They make fine knives. So you'd automatically assume that they'd only put their name on a fine quality sharpener, right? That's what I thought. After several months of use, I ended up putting gouges in the edge of my knives.I had to take my knives to a professional to correct the damage. He told me that this type of sharpener is the worst you can buy (He should know. He's been professionally sharpening knives for over thirty years). For an inexpensive in-home sharpening system, he recommended the Spyderco Sharpmaker. I bought one. And I like it. 1
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